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birds and bees student game

The Birds and The Bees Hunt

So you need a bit of help? Let us be the Robin to your Batman.

We understand some of the hidden items may be a mystery to you if you’re new to all this. So we’ve listed below, all of the products you need to find in the picture, what they actually do, and their official names.

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Apparently There are 12 Female Orgasms - And This Is How To Have Them All

Lovehoney Student Sex Advice

If you had asked me how many different types of orgasms there were when I was 19, I probably would have said “…there are different types?”.

Sadly, like many young women, the only type of orgasm I knew about back then was the kind I was habitually faking.

But then I bought my first sex toy, and started being more vocal about what I needed in bed, and, because of this, I’ve learnt that there are at least 12 distinct types of orgasms that women can have.

I’ve not had all of them yet, mind you. But to paraphrase my good friend 50 Cent, this year my plan is to get off or die trying.

If you, too, are curious about this kind of 'Dirty Dozen', then just keep reading to find out what they are, and how you can have them.

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