The Best Sex Positions to Try, According to Your Star Sign

by Chelle

on 4 Apr 2023

Should your sex position wish list ever be determined by your horoscope? Absolutely!


Whether you’re a firm believer in astrology or not, it’s been said that our zodiac signs can identify some of our most defining personality traits – and that includes what we may like to try in the bedroom.

Ever wondered if your affinity for cowgirl or your penchant for spooning has any correspondence to your star sign? It could well be the case! Scroll down to find out our best recommended sex positions for your horoscope, then head to the bedroom to find out if it was written in the stars all along…



Give adventurous, athletic Aries a bite of this Forbidden Fruit and they’ll thank you for it later. A fun and free-spirited sign, Aries takes a brave and impulsive approach to exploring their sexuality and is generally eager to jump in head first to seek out sensational sexual experiences. This position relies on strength, passion and chemistry, as Aries is tested to flex their yogic skills in order to enjoy the magnificent reward of their partner’s forbidden fruit.



If anyone loves a sexual encounter that offers the space for intimate connection, it’s the touchy-feely Taurus. Ruled by the planet of love, Taurus wants for nothing more than to show their feelings and desire for their partner through acts of physical touch. Cuddle Up is the perfect sex position here, as intercourse starts and ends with a deeply romantic embrace. Try adding in some toys to add an element of excitement.


POTW-Yin-and-yang-1000x-2020 (1)

Gemini, the experimental lover who just thrives on versatility inside (and outside) of the bedroom. Gemini is not afraid to push traditional stereotypes when it comes down to sex. Instead, they are driven by spontaneity and surprise and can be considered impulsive lovers who are keen to explore their fantasies through their sexual appetite. Yin and Yang offers all-over arousal for those who are pleasure-hungry for intense stimulation.



With a slight change to angle and depth, Click and Connect can provide varying waves of thrills and pleasure with super-targeted G-spot or P-spot stimulation. A position that lets both lovers get up close and personal all while giving plenty of scope to experiment with toys and touch, this sex position is one that almost everyone can enjoy, but Cancer will particularly like how safe and sensual it feels to make love this way.



Let lusty Leo take the lead, and you’ll reap the rewards tenfold. That’s because those who fall within this Zodiac window just love to be star of the show. Passionate, fiery and eager to please and pleasure their lovers, Leo’s are often confident enough to dominate with their sexual performance. The Arachnid lets both lovers enjoy full-body contact and lots of loving eye-glances. To experiment with light bondage play, try incorporating a blindfold for heightened arousal.



Calling all Virgos, if a sex position was made just for you, it’s Intersexion. Virgo is one of the strongest pleasure-centric signs of the Zodiac, and as such, Virgo most enjoys intercourse where there is minimal distraction. For this star-sign, it’s all about giving and receiving pleasure in equal amounts. Whether it’s fast and furious or slow and sensual, Intersexion is ideal for languid sex and outrageously powerful orgasms, where the focus can be entirely on pleasuring each other.



Libra, profoundly communicative and expressive, Libra appreciates mutual connection, respect and pleasure and this is demonstrated in most of their erotic encounters. In general, Libra will enjoy sex and intimacy the most if they are also connected to their lover on a more spiritual level, outside of the realms of just physical touch. Come Together doesn’t allow for one partner to take all the glory and pleasure, but instead, is a mutually satisfying sex position both lovers can enjoy to the maximum.



Open the door for Scorpio to introduce you to the night of your life. This super-intense sign of the Zodiac is all about pushing the boundaries of their sexuality in a bid to experience intense and transformative pleasure. They are hungry for sensational sex and passionate love-making experiences but will make their lover’s satisfaction a top priority. Open Doors gives easy access to those elusive erogenous zones and offers lots of opportunity for experimenting with toys, touch and of course - visual pleasure.



Sagittarius lives for an adventure. Thrill seekers by nature, spontaneity is at the heart of Sagittarius’ every move. They are playful and inquisitive, so it’s not surprising at all that Sagittarius is keen to try out new sex positions and is willing to explore their sexuality with an open-minded approach. The Pelvic Pike is a fantastic sex position that not only lends itself to deeply intense penetration but also gives the opportunity for two lovers to embrace their fiery, romantic bond.



Trade positions, switch up the pace and be free to experiment with Mirror Mirror – an exciting oral sex position that will particularly appeal to pleasure-giving Capricorn. Affectionate, practical and consistent, Capricorn always comes to the bedroom bringing their A-game and nothing less. Sensuality dominates this star-sign’s love agenda as they focus on skillfully bringing their partner to experience explosive orgasms. To show your appreciation, treat your go-getter Capricorn to a touch of edging play and they’ll love you for it.


POTW- The Voyeur

In general, Aquarius is driven by emotion. They make for some of the very best lovers because they feel so deeply and this is often shown in those more intimate moments they share with a partner. Variety is the spice of life for Aquarius, some days they’ll hanker for slow and sensual intercourse, and other times, they’ll surprise you with impromptu dirty-talk or a quick and lustful late-night liaison. The Voyeur takes all the effort out of intimacy while letting you soak in the visual display of pleasure-inducing encounter.



Sensual, sensitive, romantic – Pisces rules with passion when it comes to sex and intimacy. A sign that seeks unison and connection within their relationships and during love-making too, Pisces will thrive when the atmosphere is set for intimate bonding. Spooning and Missionary are both great for full-body contact, but pleasure-hungry Pisces can get bored easily which is where Crossed Lovers offers a touch of variety, deep penetration and brand new sensations to keep this star-sign feeling excited (and satisfied) the whole way through.


Written by Chelle. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Chelle is a multi-published adult author who believes great sex starts with having the confidence to explore your fantasies in the bedroom.
A bondage and kink enthusiast, Chelle is also an advocate for BDSM education, and when she’s not writing blogs for Lovehoney, you'll find her planning for her next erotica novel.

Originally published on 4 Apr 2023. Updated on 4 Apr 2023