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Position of the Week: Sunday Brunch

Nothing beats a nice bit of Sunday Brunch, especially when what’s on the menu is bursting with pleasurable possibilities. Find your best spot for dining and get into position as one partner devours the other while enjoying a spectacular view and build-up to an explosive finish.

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Position of the Week: Saddle Up

Holy smoke! We know some of you like a challenge when it comes to bedroom gymnastics, and Saddle Up is most definitely that. Fantastic if you’re bored with your sex life and want to show off your strength, flexibility and stamina – there are also some pleasurable perks to be enjoyed in this position.

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Position of the Week: Yin and Yang

If stimulation of your external hot spots is a must for explosive sensations, then Yin and Yang is the position for you. Slide your bodies into a scissor-like position and rub, thrust or tease your way to that special place.

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Position of the Week: Nose Dive

Go headfirst and deliver a show-stopping display of tongue skills and bedroom gymnastics. Perfect for no-holds-barred cunnilingus or rimming while you work on your core muscles and balance. Who knew working out could be so much fun?

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Position of the Week: The Pleasure Train

Lock those carriages together and hop on board the best ride in town, aka The Pleasure Train. The perfect mode of transport to achieve deliciously deep penetration and horn blowing-worthy sensations, the rear entry position can be enjoyed as part of vaginal or anal sex.

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