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3 Hot Tips On How To Introduce Food and Toys in the Bedroom

Sex toys and chocolate are always going to be the front-runners for best Valentine's gifts in our eyes. Luckily, our mates over at Bad Brownie think the same. They've got some extra special brownie boxes going out this year and one of our Lovehoney sexperts, Sarah Mulindwa chatted about how to incorporate these two love powerhouses into the bedroom.

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Menopause & Sex Toys

Believe it or not, we’re still busting myths and unearthing facts about the menopause. We know so much, and yet so little too, but one thing we can be almost certain about is that for many of us, the menopause can impact our sex lives.

Go back a few hundred years ago, and as people approached the menopause and began to find sex and intimacy, well, a little uncomfortable? There wasn’t really much that could be done.

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