3 Hot Tips On How To Introduce Food and Toys in the Bedroom

by Guest

on 6 Feb 2023

Sex toys and chocolate are always going to be the front-runners for best Valentine's gifts in our eyes. Luckily, our mates over at Bad Brownie think the same. They've got some extra special brownie boxes going out this year and one of our Lovehoney sexperts, Sarah Mulindwa chatted about how to incorporate these two love powerhouses into the bedroom.


Here's what the B.B.O.T.A (Baddest Brownies Of Them All) had to say:

As more than a third (36%) of Brits plan to buy their partners chocolate treats (mainly Bad Brownie of course!) and 13% plan to gift their loved one a sex toy, we spoke with Sarah Mulindwa, Sex & Relationship expert at Lovehoney who has shared her top tips on how couples can introduce food and toys to the bedroom this year to spice things up!

"Introducing sex toys or food to the bedroom both serve the same purpose, and that is to explore new ways to get close with a sexual partner and give pleasure to one another. Sharing food, eating off one another, or doing blind taste testing all act to raise sexual tension between two or more partners, ultimately building up to a more intense orgasm."


1. Keep It Simple and Make It Something You Both Enjoy

Brownies and cakes are a great place to start, as they can be bite-sized and the sweetness will stimulate the tastebuds for everyone involved. Other food that you can easily eat off one another – such as whipped cream – is another great starting point.

2. Communicate: Open Conversation is Key

Tell your partner what you like, what you don’t and what you’re curious to try. Whether it’s how you want them to feed you or that you want to introduce a sex toy to the bedroom, remember no one can read minds. Words can be a powerful tool which in this case can border on sexy talk, elevating the experience even further.

3. Be Safe

Clean all sex toys between use and be careful where food products end up on your body; make sure to avoid getting food in or around any sensitive areas that could trigger an imbalance in PH levels - this means that food should be kept away from the vaginal opening and the urethra, and nothing should be inserted internally. Stick to the surface of the skin and outer parts of the body only, and you should be great.

P.S. be aware of allergies.

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Originally published on 6 Feb 2023. Updated on 7 Feb 2023