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How To Have Incredible Oral Sex

Go down, give head, lick out, suck off, give a mouth job, give a blow job - however you refer to cunnilingus (on her) and fellatio (on him), oral sex is one of the most satisfying and intimate sexual acts you can perform on, or receive from, your partner.

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Top 6 Oral Sex Positions

So you've tried and tested different techniques, but what happens if you want to mix it up a little and enter dizzying new heights of oral pleasure? Fear not, here we have our pick of the Top 6 Oral Sex Positions to ensure your tongues are waxing orgasmic lyrical down under, whatever the weather.

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Top 6 Foreplay Positions

Achieving mind-blowing orgasms has little to do with having a porn star skillset. No, no, no. The answer lies in foreplay, and investing your time and energy in learning about what makes each other tick, and what kind of emotional and physical stimulation is needed to become aroused.

I've picked out my top 6 fave foreplay positions that are designed to help you and your partner connect, get the blood flowing to all the right places, and of course, the juices flowing.

And remember, foreplay doesn't always have to lead to sex. Having it as the main event can often be just as satisfying, and then some.

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