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    Anal play: it's super-popular with all genders because, well, everyone has a butt! Not to mention it can be a great way of discovering a new way to enjoy sexual pleasure and sensational orgasms.

    But knowing which anal sex toy to buy can be difficult, particularly when there are so many available.

    In this weeks sex tip video, Annabelle tells you the key differences between some of the most popular types of butt plug, to help you choose which anal plug is best for you.

    Got a question? Make sure you pop it in the comments below.

    Position of the week: Voyeur's Delight

    This Is What It Would Look Like If Your Favourite Works of Literature Were Erotica

    Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover.

    Sex with My Husband's Anatomically Correct Robot.

    Whatever the title of your favourite erotica, we can agree that there truly is something out there for everyone - and yes, that last one really is a thing.

    But imagine if Homer had turned his hand to writing bonkbusters instead of epic poetry? Or Charles Dickens suddenly had a revelation about what rhymes with 'cities'?

    In this extensive (and irreverant) list of 30 literary favourites, we look at the titles that our best-loved authors could have used had their prose taken a turn for the kinkier.

    Does Using a Sex Toy Count as Cheating?

    When writing this blog, I found myself stuck in a rut as I stubbornly held on to my own answer to this question, which is “no, absolutely not”.

    But I wanted to explore it further, as I know plenty of others who’ve had experiences different to my own.

    So, I asked some friends.

    Every single one of them said “no, but…” and continued on with a story of an ex who felt inadequate whenever they used a sex toy, so they hid it from their partner.

    This made me realise that the question has a tonne of variables, and is a lot more complex than how it first appears.

    Position of the week: Hot Seat


    Televisions may have been using remote controls since the 1950s, but remote controls for sex toys are relatively - and excitingly! - new.

    Even now, we've come a long way from where we started, with toys such as app-controlled love eggs that can be operated from anywhere in the world. Thanks, Internet!

    But what is it that makes remote control vibrators such an enticing part of today's high-tech sex toy world?

    Read on to find reasons you need one in your life, and discover which is the best remote toy for you.

    How to Explore and Enjoy Double Penetration

    Double penetration (DP) describes the simultaneous penetration of the body at two points.

    It is also used to describe a scenario where two people use the same toy at the same time, like a double-ended dildo.

    Not just for adult performers or lesbian couples, double penetration can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Some people enjoy the feeling of several orifices being penetrated at once.

    Simultaneous stimulation of the bum, the mouth and the vagina (if you have one) can make for mind-blowing sex if it's done correctly.

    Other couples want to experience what it's like to use the same toy together, which can be intimate and arousing at all once.

    You may enjoy double penetration for no clearly defined reason at all, and that's totally cool as well.

    There's no need to justify your sexual pleasure to anyone.

    Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

    Did you know that if you write a sex toy review for Lovehoney, you could win a whopping £100 voucher to spend on the Lovehoney site? Each month we choose our top user-uploaded review to win this fantastic prize.

    During the month of romance, our winner Spoonerism was seduced by the ever popular Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator.

    Congratulations spoonerism, you found a firm favourite and won review of the month – WINNING!

    "I am pleased to say that my clit gives the Desire bullet 5 stars... and then some." 
    Read the full review.

    We also award 2,000 Lovehoney points to some amazing runners up. Read on to hear about some hot date action from one of these winners...

    Position of the week: The Corkscrew

    6 Reasons to Spend More Time on Foreplay

    Even if we don’t like to admit it, lots of people still think of foreplay as the process leading up to the ‘main event’ of penetration – and the male orgasm. Foreplay is considered expendable, a luxury that can be enjoyed on a lazy Sunday afternoon but is often omitted during a weekday quickie.

    Not only is this attitude towards foreplay old-fashioned, but it’s also overly heteronormative. There’s nothing wrong with a quickie, but I think it’s time that we acknowledge the importance of foreplay and stop considering it ‘lesser’ than penetrative sex.

    As a big believer in the importance of foreplay, here are my 6 reasons why we should all be focusing less on the big O and more on the big F.

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