How to Buy One Size Lingerie

If you're left jaded by the world of female undergarments (and not even our Guide to Lingerie Styles could help), then there's an easy solution you can try: the wonderful world of the One Size garment.

Lingerie shopping is tricky at the best of times. If you've tried and failed to find the perfect lingerie gift for your partner before, it can be tempting to write-off the whole experience. One Size lingerie is designed to fit and flatter most figures, making One Size items as close to a dead cert as you can get.

Video: How to Choose One Size Sexy Lingerie

One size lingerie might seem like an impossible ask - how can it fit so many sizes? But our experts have put together this video to help you spot what to look for in your One Size lingerie purchases.

Why Buy One Size Lingerie?

Are you looking for an easy solution for the tricky fitting challenges that can make buying lingerie online so challenging? We know how endlessly frustrating it is when the postman arrives with your decadent new outfit only to find it doesn’t fit properly. That’s why One Size lingerie is the answer to your prayers.

No more making a wild guess as to what size you’ll be, no more getting out the measuring tape to compare to a size chart, no more disappointment when your new lingerie doesn’t fit. One Size lingerie makes all those problems a thing of the past and you’re going to look fabulous in your pick of our sexy range.

First, have a squiz at our Guide to Lingerie Styles to get up to speed on all the styles we offer.

Structured styles

  • Corset
  • Bustier
  • Basque
  • Merry Widow
  • Catsuit
  • Mini Dress

Unstructured styles

  • Babydoll
  • Flyaway
  • Chemise
  • Body
  • Cut-out Body
  • Teddy

Once you’ve worked out the style that suits your body type and your lust-o-metre, come back here and find out how to seal the One Size deal.

Buy One Size Lingerie For Your Lover

Confused about the best garment size to buy for your sweetheart? Want to get her a lingerie gift she will adore and you’ll go nuts for? Look no further - Lovehoney to the rescue.

But first, check out our helpful guide, How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women. It’s stacked with tips to guide the most bashful boys down the right track. Once you’re up to speed on colour, fabric and style, size is the only remaining question.

What One Size Means

Lovehoney is about sexual happiness, so we’ve made buying One Size lingerie as easy as we can. All our One Size lingerie is designed to fit and flatter most figures in a Regular range from size 8 - 16, and a Plus range from 18 - 24. One Size products come as close to possible to fuss-free shopping.

How to Buy One Size

Are you a Regular Size?

Are you a gorgeous girl size 8 - 16? All of our One Size lingerie product pages display this size chart. Note the size description is ‘One Size’.

How to tell if your lingerie is One Size

As per the above example charts, just check the LH size column description - it will tell you if the product is One Size or One Size Queen.

Model photo

Every Lovehoney lingerie product is shown on a real-world model. Check her out - no one’s looking. Are your sexy curves like hers? Has she got a divine pair of puppies like yours? Is she lucky enough to have your bodacious booty? Seeing is believing, so when you find a model shaped like you and you get a warm feeling in your love oven, you buy with confidence.

Model size description

We describe every model’s size and measurements, and note if she’s wearing a One Size or a One Size Queen, like so:

‘Model is an UK size 14 and 5'4" tall with a 14DD bust. She is wearing One Size Queen.’

Compare your size to hers and your sizing worries are over.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, check out our customer reviews because they’re always worth a read. See what our customers think about our One Size lingerie. They often offer specific feedback that can help inform your choice.

Treat yourself

Now you can go straight to our huge collection of One Size Lingerie and buy something that tickles your fancy - or any other part of your magnificent self.

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