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Uni is a time to live, learn and grow and that goes for your sex life, too. Our student hub has everything you need to educate yourself and explore your body safely as well as a juicy UNiDAYS student discount to boot.

Being a student is spenny, so pinch those pennies where possible while enjoying explosive orgasms with the Lovehoney student discount. Simply sign up or log into your UNiDAYS account, register your student status and we’ll apply the 20% off.

Our student selection?

Stuck on what to buy? We've picked out our most popular buys that have student-friendly features, so your housemates (and your wallet) won’t hate us.

Easy on the wallet

Our selection makes sure you’re soaking up all kinds of stimulation sans shopping guilt. And when used with our student discount, they help you save even more.

Whisper quiet

In a shared house? Our almost-silent sex toys release powerful pleasure without a peep. The only thing you’ll need to control is the sounds of your happy ending.

Give bondage a go

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and experimenting with different kinds of play, you might enjoy the sensations that bondage brings. Our beginner bondage toys will get you started.

Most shopped by students

Join the Lovehoney alumni – our sex toys have proven to be the biggest hits among Uni-goers, appearing in our students’ shopping baskets most often, so you’re bound to love them, too.

Our top recommendations

Get Clued Up with our Student e-book

Our e-book contains a library full of advice and tips on all things related to sex and masturbation a, including consent, contraception, body confidence, foreplay, solo play, oral and of course sex toys.

Need to cram? Here’s our top 9 takeaways:

  1. Consent: for sex to be as enjoyable as possible for you and the person you’re doing it with, both of you have to be 100% happy with what’s happening and completely aware of the decisions you’re making.
  2. Contraception: for all-round peace of mind, condoms are perhaps the most popular choice because they’re around 98% effective, and the only form of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Body confidence: no one feels 100% confident with 100% of their body 100% of the time. But it’s not your body that’s the problem: it’s the way you perceive it. Some tips to get started: pay less attention to social media, wear what makes you feel good, focus on your health, avoid negativity and learn to love yourself.
  4. Non-penetrative sex: this type of play is perfect for foreplay, masturbation and those who find penetration painful. In place of penetration, you can try kissing, touching, stroking, nipple play, oral, dirty talk or rimming.
  5. Solo play: masturbation is key to getting to know your own body. Make sure to take your time, use lots of lube, explore your erogenous zones, try different positions and props and even pleasuring yourself in front of a partner.
  6. Oral: oral play can be super fun, but because we’re putting mouths onto genitals there are a few ground rules to know before getting down to it. Our chapter on this covers tips for the giver and receiver, so we’d recommend the full read.
  7. Penetrative sex: penetrative sex can be overwhelming, but we’d recommend choosing a position you’re most comfortable with, try incorporating toys, warm up and use a good water-based lube.
  8. Anal sex: the butt can be a great place to play, but the nature of the area requires some prep. Always be sure to use a condom, use plenty of anal lube, start small – like a finger or beginner’s anal toy – and go slow.
  9. Sex toys: before loading up your shopping basket, ask yourself some questions: What do I want it to do? Where do I want to use it? What size or material is best for me? This will help you decide on the best weapon of choice.

Of course, this is a crash course, so if you want to make sure you’re doing everything safely and to the best of your knowledge, download our Uni e-book for the full detail.

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Our blog is jam-packed with posts written by students for students who share their stories, give advice and recommend the best sex toys to help you muddle through and make sense of life and sex at Uni. Check out a few of them below. Want to write for the Lovehoney blog? We’re always on the lookout for new students to contribute. If you’re interested, get in contact and let’s see what we can do.
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