AU 19 of the Best Sex Positions To Try

by Kaya Martin

on 19 Nov 2022

Life is short. Do you really want to spend it rotating through the same three positions before giving up to watch something on TV? Yeah, we didn’t think so! Here’s a little inspiration on how to mix it up in the bedroom.


It’s true what they say: we’re creatures of habit. When we find something that gets the job done, in the bedroom or elsewhere, it can be tempting to run it back and keep replaying it over and over. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Uh, WRONG. When it comes to better sex, a little switch-up can go a long way. Playfulness is a huge turn-on, especially for those in long-term relationships who are looking to keep things interesting. Trying new things with a partner has been shown to increase vulnerability and intimacy, bringing you closer together in more ways than one.

Think of it like a classic go-to recipe. Sure, everybody loves spaghetti. But do you really want to eat spaghetti every single night for the rest of your life? Probably not! Maybe you want to try a little pulled pork, a sloppy joe, a Boston cream pie…

The point is, you’ll never know how pleasurable something can be until you give it a go. Plus, all different sex positions have their own unique benefits. There are lazy Sunday morning positions, quickie in the bathroom positions, and positions that kick up the kink to the next level.

As always, consent is key (so don’t just go sliding it in the other hole without asking first). But if you’re looking to add a dash of spontaneous spice to your sex life and don’t already have a pack of Lovehoney Position of the Week cards, here is our curated selection of the best sex positions for frisky business and over-the-top orgasms.



If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned missionary, this position should be first on your list for some fool-proof full frontal. The receiving partner lays on their back with their legs spread wide while the giving partner kneels beneath them, grabbing onto their legs for extra support. This allows the giving partner to control the depth and speed. For the receiving partner, having their legs sky-high will increase stimulation as it causes blood flow to move into those juicy erogenous zones. Slip on a vibrating cock ring and trust us - there’s no going back.

Pigs in a Blanket POTW-Pigs-in-Blankets-1000x-2020


When your movie-night cuddling gets a little handsy, this intimate position will have you feeling ultra-cosy. Slide it in in the spoon position, allowing for a slow and sensual session with plenty of neck kissing, titty grabbing, and clitoral hand stuff. If you’re feeling it, the receiving partner can tilt to lay on top of the penetrating partner while they pump from underneath.

X Hits the Spot


Intertwine your bodies in all of the right ways. One partner lies on their back while the other straddles them facing the opposite direction, your bodies making the shape of - you guessed it - an ‘X’. Because of the direction, this is a top-tier choice if either you or your partner has a thing for feet - dress them up with sexy stilettos, or give the toes a little tickle. It also doesn’t matter what you’re rocking with downstairs as anyone can find pleasure in this versatile position.



This position brings the romance while allowing for deep penetration. You’re going to need your concentration, so this maybe isn’t the one to try after a few glasses of wine. The penetrating partner sits on a chair and the receiving partner sits on top, facing them. Holding on tight, the person on top slowly lifts their legs, draping them over their partner’s shoulders and the back of the chair. Because the receiving partner’s body is so compressed, it’ll feel exxxtra tight. If you want to make it even tighter, slip in a butt plug.

Space Hopper

POTW- Space Hopper

Grab those cowboy hats! Show your partner who’s boss by giving them the ride of their life. All the penetrating partner needs to do is lay back and enjoy the view while their partner, facing away, straddles their penis or strap. Bounce on that thang from your knees, or if you’re feeling confident, stand up for a more intense ride (and an ultimate thigh workout). For a little more oomf, the partner on top can use a bullet vibrator for a double whammy of G-spot and clitoral pleasure.

Sit ‘n’ Splash


After a long day, there’s honestly nothing better than a hot bubble bath with the one you love. Except maybe a little rub-a-dub-dub in the tub! Leaning against the edge, the penetrating partner puts it in while the other party sits on their lap for a laid-back lay. From behind, they have full access to their partner’s body for all ticking, pinching and caressing needs. If you want to get even more wet and wild, feel free to add waterproof sex toy into the mix.

The Door Jammer


Sex it up circus-style with this fun and innovative position. First, you’ll need to grab yourself a sex swing and get it set up in your doorframe. Pro tip: Make sure you take your time with it and do it right, because an accident can really ruin the mood. Once your partner is all strapped in, spread their legs and go to town. If submission is your thing, hop in the swing and you’ll be at the mercy of all the delicious pounding your partner choses. Just make sure the room mates are out (or extremely open-minded), because this one tends to get loud.

Lusty Lean

POTW-Lusty Lean

Take it even deeper with this leg-tastic take on a classic. Starting in missionary, the partner on the bottom can swing their legs over the partner-on-top’s shoulders for either slow and sensual or fast and forceful action. This is also one of the top sex positions for trying a little backdoor blitz. Make sure it’s nice and slippery with a few dollops of the LoveHoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant, and slide it in real slow. You can watch your partner’s facial expressions as you do so to make sure they’re enjoying themselves and turn you on even further.



Satisfy their thirst with this powerful position. The one partner sits on the other partner’s face for full-throttle oral stimulation. A little bit bossy, this one can take a BDSM-turn pretty quick, if that’s your thing. Use some furry handcuffs to lock them to the headboard, and amp the steamy talk up to level 10 (they won’t be able to respond, because their mouth will be busy with other ventures). If you’re in the mood, lean back to give them a little hand stuff, but only if they deserve it.

On Your Marks


Okay, we get it - you love doggy. And that’s fine! But try out this subtle variation and you won’t go back. If you’re the one who’s typically receiving, give your partner a sexy surprise by standing on your feet instead of resting on your knees. This gives you more control of the speed and the depth and allows you to bounce up and down on that shaft like the power bottom you are.

Looking Glass


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the hottest position of them all? If you’re into mutual masturbation, it could be this one! Sitting face to face with legs interlocking, both partners pleasure themselves while keeping their eyes on each other. Keep it au natural, or indulge with a dildo or a stroker. It’s just like watching porn in real life, plus you have the option to reach over and touch your partner any time you choose. If you fancy yourself a voyeur, could it really get any better?

Hold On Tight

POTW Hold on tight 1000x1000

Whether you’ve found yourself in a erotic situation outside or in the bedroom or you’re just looking for a not-so-traditional way to get frisky, this position is one to remember. The receiving partner holds onto their partner’s neck and wraps their legs around their waist while they hold on for extra support. Keep in mind that this one takes some strength and stamina - be careful not to drop your partner, or all the fun may come to an abrupt stop. If your legs are feeling wobbly, press them against a wall or rest them against a table or sink.

Best Seat in the House


You’ll be sitting pretty with this sexy and low-key position. The penetrating partner sits back on a couch, a chair or the edge of a bed, which the receiving partner hops on their lap. The person on the bottom can use their legs pump for a little extra bounce. No matter if you’re slanging a strap-on or a ding dong, or if it’s hitting the front door or the back door, you’re in for a treat. And if your regular furniture just isn’t cutting it, the Bondage Boutiuque Sex Position Enhancer Chair certainly will.

Double Duty


Take run-of-the-mill rimming and give it a hot twist. Like doggystyle but for oral, the receiving partner is on all fours and the giving partner comes from behind, tantalising and/or punishing their partner in any way they see fit. This position is practically begging for a BDSM element. Restrain your partner using the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar, then try out a flogger or any other toy that tickles your fancy.

Tight Squeeze

POTW Tight Squeeze 1000x1000

Those who are known for being a little too speedy with their spunk may want to consider this intricate move. The penetrating partner sits, leaning back, while the receiving partner straddles them, also leaning back and using their arms to stay propper up. They then use their legs to get an up-and-down motion going. If the person on the bottom seems too close to cumming, the partner on top can use their hand to make a tight ring around their cock, delaying orgasm. Better yet, slide on a cock ring for long-lasting, lusty play.

The Elevator


Step up your sucky-sucky time with this sensual standing position. What makes this position different from your everyday stand-and-slurp situation is the person receiving the oral rests one leg over the shoulder of the person who is giving, so they are balancing on one leg (alternative name: fellatio flamingo). If it makes it easier, the standing partner can rest their leg against a wall or whatever else is around. This gives the person on the bottom an all-access pass to their partner's nether regions and looks unbearably hot for the person on the top. Add a few squirts of flavoured lube and eat your heart out.

The Deep Dive


Perhaps one of the most different sex positions on this list, the Deep Dive is not for the faint of heart. Although it can be tricky to get the hang of, it’s well worth it as the intense angle allows for hardcore penetration that won’t be easily forgotten (plus the practice is half of the fun!). The receiving partner arches their body back with their pelvis facing upwards while the penetrator squats above them. For the freaky and flexible among us, this is one that will really take you by surprise.



Without a doubt, this is one of the best sex positions for spontaneous hot-and-heavy moments (AKA sneaky quickies). Push your partner up against a surface, slide those panties to the side, and go to town. If you’re trying to keep quiet and you don’t happen to have a ball gag at your disposal, use your hand to cover their mouth, or have them suck on your fingers. The partner at the back has all the power - use it wisely.



It’s a backbend and a guaranteed orgasm all rolled up into one. The receiving partner leans back on their forearms with their pelvis pushed upwards (fun fact: in yoga, this is called bridge pose), while the giving partner enters between their legs and gives it their all. The angle is absolutely perfect for hitting that G or P spot, and the clit is right there on display for the giving partner to touch or hold a bullet vibe up to. Maintaining a backbend for a long time can be tricky, so if the receiving partner starts seeing stars, make sure you switch it up.

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Kaya Martin

Written by Kaya Martin.

Originally published on 19 Nov 2022. Updated on 19 Nov 2022