It's Official:
We're a Nation
of Doggy Lovers

If the world-famous dog show doesn't prove it, then Lovehoney's Great British Sex Poll will...

A few weeks ago, we undertook the monumental task of finding out Britain's favourite way to bonk. We listed the ten most popular posts from our Position of the Week series and asked people to vote for their fave in a poll, and it might come as no surprise that doggy came out on top (ironically).

Over 2000 people voted, and you can see the full results below.

Fast forward to 2024 and you can find us outside the world's favourite dog show sharing the news that We Are A Nation of Doggy Lovers.

Britain's favourite sex position is... Doggy Style!

Doggy style sex position

We already know Britain is a nation of dog lovers, and now we can confirm that we're a nation of Doggy lovers, too! Doggy style was the clear winner with 38% of the vote.

Here's what Lovehoney forum members had to say about why they voted for Doggy Style:

"The view"

"For him it’s the view, for her it’s the depth and feel of the position. We often use a wand, pebble or clitoral vibrator of some sort..." - G_and_S

"Concentrate on sensation"

"I like the feeling of being bent over and taken from behind. I feel less self conscious and therefore can completely concentrate on the sensation, and let myself go, and I like the feel of the movement of my boobs." - GoGirl12

"Dominated yet empowered"

"It hits all the right spots for me, makes me feel deliciously dominated, yet empowered. We use the Mantric wand, WeVibe Chorus and a vibrating cock ring. He might sometimes wear a vibrating prostate massager if he wants to come faster." - mrssaffa

Your runner-up is.... Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex position

We'll be honest and say that we'd stuck a fiver on this one to be the winner, and 28% of voters agreed. It may be Cowgirl by name, but we reckon this is a top dollar position for two cowboys as well... and with the addition of a strap-on, two cowgirls. In fact, anyone can join this rodeo.

Here's why Lovehoney forum members voted Cowgirl:

"Hits my G-spot"

"Cowgirl hits my G-spot and gives me the most overwhelming orgasms as well as hubby being able to play with my breasts. I always stimulate my clitoris with my fingers in this position too and he loves to watch that." - steviefun

"Yeeeehas to perfection"

"I could get down as low as I could while making him go as high as he could and we got the yeeeeha’s to perfection neigh bother. There’s just something about being in control sexually..." - Amunique

"Get to see her breasts"

"I love the view on both Cowgirl and Doggy. I either have my wife on top and get to see her breasts or from behind and I see her bum. Both positions leave hands free to roam. We use toys in both of these and our favourites are rabbit ears, the Mon Ami Rose or a wand vibrator." - Bonzo2020

Missionary takes third place

Missionary sex position

It's a classic position for a reason... and 12% of voters said it was also their top position. But why? For starters it's achievable by most people regardless of which parts they've got downstairs.

Here are some additional thoughts from our Lovehoney forum members:

"So versatile"

"For more slower, sensual sessions missionary is our fave, because we can kiss, hold each other etc and it still hits. It’s so versatile and can be kinked up to max levels if the mood so arrives." - mrssaffa

"The closeness"

"My favourite is missionary and variations of it, I love the closeness, the skin contact, I love to watch his face." - JoCat

Mission for more

Want to make more of Missionary (or indeed any position)? Browse our range of Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers and discover a whole new world of positional possibilities.

"The liberator sex position wedge which since being purchased has enhanced our sex life immensely and increased pleasure incredibly!" - adge58

And the rest of the best...

4th. The Mermaid (6% of the vote)

5th. Crossed Lovers (5%)

6th. Bend & Deliver / 69 (4%)

7th. Lock 'n' Rock (3%)

8th. Open Sesame (1%)

9th. Deep G Diving (1%)

10th. The Voyeur (1%)

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