Annabelle Knight Portrait cropped

Annabelle Knight

Sex & Relationship Expert

Annabelle Knight is a sex, relationship, dating and body language expert, a bestselling author, sex toy expert and celebrity relationship coach. She is qualified in life coaching, couples counselling and psychosexual therapy. She regularly appears on television, in the press, and on-air to offer her expertise and guidance on a range of topics and currently is resident sex and relationship expert for Lovehoney.

She has her own range of sex toys, is a published author and is ITV’s flirt expert for Love Island. Previously, Annabelle co-hosted the popular podcast 'Sex and Other Stuff', and presented Channel 5's 'The Good Girl's Guide to Kinky Sex'. She is also the body language expert for 'It's Ready to Mingle' on ITV and current sex expert on e4's new dating show, 'Kinky Daters'. Annabelle covers everything from lust, to love, and anything in between.

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