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How To Communicate Your Desires

Tight-lipped about your sexual desires? You’re not the only one. Despite the majority of us being sexually active, it seems we can be a little reluctant to talk through what happens (or what doesn’t happen) in the bedroom.

Results from this survey, suggest that using sex toys, bondage and BDSM, multiple partner sex and watching porn are all amongst the top ten fantasies we struggle to talk about with our partners. Two out of five of us are hesitant to spill the beans when something turns us off, and on average, men are twice as likely to worry about their partner’s reaction when discussing their own sexual fantasies.

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The Perfect Pairing this Valentine’s: I SAW IT FIRST & Lovehoney

This Valentine’s, we’ve teamed up with I SAW IT FIRST to talk all things self love; because after all, it has been said that falling in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness .

From Chunky knits and the very best comfort our fleece-lined pyjamas can offer; this season, we’ve wrapped ourselves in the warmth and familiarity of our winter wardrobe favourites and with good reason why.

For almost two years we’ve been stuck in the hum-drums of our WFH life, a seriously impacted social schedule and the (not so) occasional Netflix binge.

Every subscription available on the market, you name it, we’ve taken it! Sky Cinema, Disney+, Spotify Premium and luxury door stop deliveries to refill our cosmetic bags.

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Galentine’s Day Special: Cringe Confessions!

Here’s a blast from the past for you - 90s and 00s girl magazines, and the iconic CRINGE confession pages. If you weren’t sending love on Bebo, or living your fashion designer dreams on Dollzmania, or texting codes to dubious subscription companies to get a new polyphonic ringtone, chances are you were flicking through the teen bible of Mizz Magazine.

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The story of Valentines; a celebration of sex and love

The Christmas baubles and festive garlands are packed away, and the shelves jam-packed with button-eyed teddy bears, red roses and more heart embossed cards than we can cut trees for. It can only mean one thing - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

As we flock to the shops to stock up on romantic gestures and love-laden surprises, we find ourselves mesmerised by the celebration of lust - but why is it we’re so besotted with lacy lingerie and sweet chocolate promises?

Good question. At Lovehoney, we don’t believe in waiting for one special occasion to express your love, but if there is a time to go all out with raunchy gifts and novelty buys, it might as well be now. Elephant G-String, anyone?

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