What does your lingerie say about your sex life?

by Nadia

on 1 Nov 2022

Clothes talk - and your lingerie has been busy gossiping about the kind of sex you’re into. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you!


Do you love open-cup and crotchless underwear?

You love your body and you're not afraid to show it. Your sexy lingerie not only highlights your curves, but also reveals your most intimate assets. Whether it's naked nipples, bare breasts or an open crotch, you love to seduce your partner and drive them wild just by flaunting what you've got. Things are bound to heat up with you in the bedroom and you enjoy taking the lead.

Dare to Bare

Do you fancy a bit of satin and lace?

You're the epitome of romance and enjoy a bit of playfulness. You love to be seduced and want to enjoy lovemaking. Slow sex is right up your street and you appreciate it when your lover spoils you rotten. You're always up for a sensual massage, extended foreplay, and whispering sweet nothings.

A Touch of Luxury

Do you have a weakness for wet-look?

You are self-confident and radiate raw sex appeal. You know exactly what you want in bed and you make sure you get what you want. You like a partner who is your equal and likes to be ravished by you, but who also takes the lead from time to time. You communicate your desires clearly and enjoy sex in all its diversity. You love to experiment and hate nothing more than routine between the sheets.

Turn Up the Turn On

Are you crazy for costumes?

Playful and varied, that’s how you like nights with your lover to be. You have plenty of imagination and live out your dreams whenever you have the chance. You want a partner who is happy to play along with your fantasies so that you can live out your lustful desires together. You love matching your roleplay outfit to your fantasies to help you live out your kinky dreams. Once you've put on your sexy costume, nothing can hold you back.

Live Your Fantasies

Do you have a passion for pearl thongs and vibrating knickers?

You don't just care about what happens once you're in bed, oh no. You love the anticipation. You like to fantasise about what awaits you and prepare yourself accordingly. You like wearing a cheeky pearl thong or vibrating knickers to get you in the mood throughout the day. Your thoughts turn to your lover and you picture in detail how your evening will play out while the beads or vibrations of your sexy underwear stimulate your hot spots as you go about your day.

Enjoy the Thrill


Written by Nadia. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Nadia has been writing about all things sexy (and crafty) for Lovehoney since 2015. When she's not thinking about sex, she knits socks because, according to a study, warm feet increase the chances of having an orgasm.

Originally published on 1 Nov 2022. Updated on 1 Nov 2022