#STOPDELETINGUS – Lovehoney's Response & What You Need to Know

In the last couple of weeks, Meta has banned or suspended a significant number of sex-positive and kink accounts on Instagram, including the likes of Slut Social and even the Sex Workers Union account. This has prompted the ‘Stop Deleting Us’ campaign, set up by creators to protest against the measures.

Here’s all you need to know about what’s been happening, and Lovehoney’s response.

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The Menopause & You

You might think that the menopause means the end of a stellar sex life, or maybe it’s the opposite – and you believe that when your menstrual cycle stops, your libido will rocket, opening the door for more frequent and spontaneous intimacy. For many, the reality settles some place between the two, but what exactly is the menopause, and how does this transition affect us and our sex lives?

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Sharing the love (and everything you need to know about poly pleasure)

The idea of a polyamorous relationship isn’t for everyone. The standard social-acceptable route to a long-lasting relationship often ensues a period of dating, before finding the one then settling into a faithfully monogamous relationship.

While this has long been the traditional expected love scenario, times are swiftly changing and as we’ve become more open about our intimate connections, it seems we’re getting more adventurous about poly relationships too.

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10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of


It's probably not a question that's likely to appear on University Challenge anytime soon but most people, when asked, could name a few fetishes.

Foot fetishes are usually what springs to mind, followed by activities like bondage and S&M.

But what is counts as a fetish? Well, a fetish is a type of sexual desire where gratification is linked to an object, type of clothing or part of the body.

Thanks to the awesome power of the internet, and society becoming increasingly sex-positive, we know more about kinks and fetishes than we ever have before.

That's why Lovehoney had to conduct some serious sexual research to find you these 10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of!

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This Week on YouTube: How to Use Anal Beads

Butt stuff. It's huge. We love it. But if you're new to the world of backdoor exploration, how do you begin?

Two words: anal beads.

Anal beads are a great way to start playing around with anal stimulation, as they're often a lot smaller and easier to control than other anal toys.

But how do you make the most of your beads?

This week on the Lovehoney YouTube channel, Jess Wilde and Annabelle Knight drop their sexpert knowledge on the best ways to enjoy this slender-but-satisfying anal essential.

Click the video about to watch the video, or keep reading to shop their top toy picks.

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Introducing Play Box, the World's Sexiest Subscription Box!

Play Box Couples Sex Toy Subscription Play Box couples sex toy subscription

When we launched our Year of Orgasms subscription last year, it sold out in less than 24 hours. "Wowsers!" we thought. "Looks like a lot of people want a sex toy subscription..."

After speaking to thousands of Love Honey customers about what they wanted from a sexy subscription, we are pleased to introduce you to Play Box, a quarterly subscription for couples.

Subscribe to Play Box and every 3 months you'll receive 5 top-quality toys and sexy treats for both of you to enjoy.

The value of the products in each box is over £100, but will cost you just £50. Bargain!

We've designed Play Box with only one thing in mind: your ultimate sexual happiness.

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Tips for Writing Erotic Fiction

Tips for Writing Erotic Fiction

Have you ever thought about writing your own erotic stories? Or maybe memoirs? Then you're not alone.

Lots of people feel awkward about sharing their writing – understandably so, if you've ever read a comment section anywhere on the internet.

It's scary to put yourself out there. But it can also be a huge turn-on, and ultimately rewarding.

Even if your audience is just yourself and a lover, erotic writing is a great way to explore fantasies. Writing can relieve stress, and when you're doing it for fun, it can be a welcome break from academic assignments.

If you've ever thought about putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it's now more often known (though it does sound slightly less romantic), here are some small steps to get you started.

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