1. Can I send someone a secret wishlist present?

    Yes! You can buy you items for other people, and other people can buy items for you, from a wishlist without even knowing each other's address!

    How to use Secret Wishlist Shopping

    1 Create a Lovehoney Account.

    2 Enter your delivery address into your account address book.

    3 Create a Wishlist.

    4 Share your wishlist with the person (or people!) who you'd like to buy you things.

    5 Keep everything crossed and hope they get you what you want!


    The recipient will not be able to see your real name, address or payment information.


    Share a wishlist or make one public and your friends can buy you things from it as long as you have entered a delivery address in your account.

    The giver will only be able to see your screen name and country - they will never see your full name or your full address.

    You will not be able to see the giver's real name, address or payment information.

    Public Wishlists

    The Wishlist settings enable you to make a Wishlist public if you choose. This means that anyone can see your wishlist - and that total strangers will be able to buy you things from your wishlist.

    On the one hand, it might be nice to receive random gifts in the post, but on the other hand, you might want to double-check which of your wishlists you make public.

    The giver won't ever be able to see your real name or delivery address.