Meet the New Face of Lovehoney Lingerie - Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Goodman

by Lovehoney

on 2 Feb 2015

Chloe Goodman wears the Lovehoney Adore Me Balcony Bra

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Goodman will be the new face of Lovehoney lingerie.

The 21-year-old reality TV beauty rose to fame in 2014 when she appeared on MTV's Ex On The Beach. Since the show she has modelled for numerous tabloids and fashion magazines thanks to her versatile look and killer curves. She has even been Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's body double in the L'Oreal adverts!

Early in 2015, Chloe went into the Celebrity Big Brother house with the likes of Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton and Katie Price. Despite being knocked out early on in the show, Chloe made a big impact and has been featured on ITV's This Morning and Channel 4 News in the weeks that followed.

Before she went into the house, Lovehoney met with Chloe for a top secret lingerie photo shoot. During the shoot we made an exclusive behind-the-scenes video and had a chat with the reality TV Star about what she loves most about our exciting new lingerie range.

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Q. Is lingerie an important part of your wardrobe?

A. It is a vital part of my wardrobe. I have dozens of sets and am always looking out for new styles. A lot of the collection can be worn day-to-day, but the very sensual pieces are really just for the bedroom. I love the naughty reds and blacks - they just signal sex.

Q. What gives you your sexual confidence?

A. Modelling has been the key to me gaining sexual confidence. When you see pictures of yourself in great shape it inevitably gives you a spring in your step and that is reflected in how you hold yourself.

Q. What are your lingerie likes and dislikes?

A. I don't like really padded bras. I used to wear padded bras when my boobs were smaller but now I don't need that extra help! I like a little bit of padding underneath so they have all the support they need but I like a lighter, lacier bra. I don't like briefs to be too tight around the hips. I like what I'm wearing to be comfortable - even the super-sensual stuff. You're never going to be fully relaxed if the lingerie doesn't feel good against your skin. Lovehoney lingerie is a great fit for me.

Q. What are your favourite pieces in the Lovehoney collection?

A. I think the whole of the new collection is really strong. It is unashamedly sensual and aimed at women who want to ooze sexual confidence in the bedroom. I loved wearing it for the shoot and I have been wearing several of the sets since then. The black and red Adore Me Balcony Bra and brief with detachable suspenders was sensational - the perfect set to spice up Valentine's. I love the chemise and bustier from the same set. If you really want to vamp it up, go for the Thrill Me Bustier with suspenders.

Q. Are sex toys a big part of your life?

A. Show me a woman under 30 who hasn't experimented with a sex toy at some point their lives. But it is not just a new phenomenon - they have been giving women sexual happiness since Cleopatra's time. It's great that we have all lightened up about sex and women now routinely buy sex toys. For women of my generation they are just a natural part of your bedside cabinet. We've all got one. They are fun to use on your own but far better with a partner.

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