The Most Sexual Star Signs

by Lucy

on 24 Nov 2022

We reveal which star signs spend the most on sex toys, and an expert astrologer shares the sexual traits of each sign.


We all know that things like hormones and stress can impact our sex lives, but have you ever considered how your sexual preferences might be influenced on a more cosmic scale?

The alignment of the stars when you were born can reveal a lot about you, from your deepest desires to your most compatible lover, and some signs can be much more sexually inclined than others. To find out which of the twelve star signs is the most sexual of all, we took a look at who spent the most money on sex toys in 2020 and 2021. The results may surprise you… (Spoiler alert: It’s not Scorpio.)

We also spoke to celebrity psychic and astrology extraordinaire Inbaal Honigman to shed some light on the most sexual star signs and find out what exactly gets them going.

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Star signs who spent the most money on sex toys

1. Cancer

£11.2m spent on 668,000 toys

Cancers collectively spent an impressive £11.2 million on sex toys in 2020 and 2021, making them the most sexual sign in the zodiac – 14% more than the lowest, Scorpio. This may seem surprising at first as Cancer is ruled by the Moon, AKA the mother figure of the planets, making it a deeply emotional and nurturing sign. But for Cancers, emotional and physical connection go hand-in-hand.

"Cancers are all about creating a warm connection with someone really special. They love feeling that someone is truly, heart-breakingly into them,” says astrology expert Inbaal. “For those born under the sign of the crab, touching the skin of another being is almost a spiritual experience. They feel open and excitable when a partner appears to not be able to keep their hands off them."

Cancer's craving for physical intimacy doesn’t have to involve another person either. "They're a physical sign, and need the human touch - even if that human touch is their own right hand", says Inbaal. So don’t worry if you’re a Cancer who isn’t coupled-up: all you need to stay satisfied is your hand (and maybe a good toy or two).

Sex toys for Cancer

Since Cancers are all about that sweet, sweet stimulation, you really can’t go wrong with a clit stimulator or prostate massager. Their caring and nurturing nature also means they love a bit of breast play, so vibrating nipple clamps are another sure-fire win.

Most sexually compatible with: Taurus

"Cancers just love to hold another body, and would go well with Taurus, who also adore physically connecting with the human form."

2. Taurus

£11m spent on 650,000 toys

Ruled by the planet of love, Taureans are all about tender sensuality and passion; they cherish physical connection and love to feel truly adored. It’s no wonder then that they rank as the second most sexual star sign, spending £11 million on sex toys.

"Taurus loves skin-to-skin touch; carnal pleasures and desires fulfilled are a big part of the way they relate to partners. They feel cared-for and adored when someone holds and caresses them, up and down and all over. Their sexuality is as elegant as they are."

Pleasure is a priority for Taureans, and they’re likely to include an orgasm in their regular self-care routine. (We think they’ve got the right idea. Forget bubble baths and manicures - there’s nothing more relaxing than a mind-blowing orgasm!)

Sex toys for Taurus

A deep, sensual massage is like heaven on Earth for foreplay-loving Taurus, so why not try out the Lovehoney Massage Candle range? We also recommend a warming or tingling lube for a whole new world of physical sensation.

Most sexually compatible with: Cancer

“A Taurus is sensuous and needs a similarly physical partner, like home-loving Cancer, who also loves a warm, passionate hug.”

3. Gemini

£10.9m spent on 645,000 toys

Coming in third with a total sex toy spend of £10.9 million is Gemini. Joining a Gemini in the bedroom is like setting off on an adventure, except you don’t know where exactly you’re going. The destination is likely to change a lot along the way, but you’ll definitely never get bored!

"Gemini are all about experimentation and trying different things with different people in different places. They need a constant stream of stimulating options and love anything that would be new, fresh and interesting. They feel excited and awake when they are included in new and unexpected sexual practices."

In other words, Gemini are the life of the party, even in the bedroom - and even if they’re by themselves. "When alone, they make their own party. They don't really mind getting experimental with toys and tools."

Sex toys for Gemini

Whether it be trying every position in the Kama Sutra or checking out a new toy, Geminis love to experiment. Satisfy that adventurous spirit with a fun new butt plug, or a super-stimulating rabbit vibrator.

Most sexually compatible with: Sagittarius

“A Gemini is experimental and original with their love life, and would suit a fellow free-spirited Sagittarius.”

4. Aries

£10.7m spent on 634,000 toys

One of the three fire signs, it’s no surprise that Aries is kind of a fireball in bed. Their ruler Mars is the planet of passion, and Aries live up to that with their intensely erotic energy.

“Aries are all about the fiery attraction. Raw passion, displayed in full, is the way they play in the sexual arena. They feel happiest and most alive when they're aroused, so they usually find their sex life is central to their human experience - whether single or coupled-up.”

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac, and they know how to put themselves first too. Passion and desire are part of their self-care strategy, and they're happy and fulfilled when totally spent.

Sex toys for Aries

Incorporating BDSM into their sex life is a great way for Aries to use up all of that sexual energy, so bondage gear like ball gags and handcuffs are sure to go down a treat.

Most sexually compatible with: Scorpio

“An Aries is highly sexed and belongs with a similarly passionate sign, like a Scorpio.”

5. Leo

£10.7m spent on 634,000 toys

Just like their ruling planet the Sun, Leos are the centre of their universe - and they’ll make sure to be the centre of yours, too. They’re fiercely intelligent and have a seemingly endless libido, so they need excitement and intellectual stimulation to truly satisfy their needs.

"Leos are all about worship and power play: they have sex with their minds, not just their bodies. They feel adored when a partner puts their pleasure first and does all that they can to excite them. Those born under the sign of the lion are leaders, not followers, and they're happy to set the tone in the bedroom."

Ultimately, Leos love to feel good - preferably with a bit of help from an adoring partner. “They're an impatient sign and will reach for a helping rabbit if no one else is around, but whenever possible they'd rather have a partner's hand involved.”

Sex toys for Leo

A Leo is the ringmaster of the circus: they love to be at the centre of attention. Some sexy lingerie will make them feel like the star that they are, or you can spice things up with a bondage harness.

Most sexually compatible with: Pisces

“A Leo loves to receive and receive, so they belong with a partner who wants to give and give, like a Pisces.”

6. Virgo

£10.6m spent on 630,000 toys

Despite being born under the sign of the virgin, Virgos are far from chaste - as evidenced by the £10.6 million they spent on sex toys. They love to indulge, but they tend to value slow, drawn-out pleasure over anything too fast and furious.

“Virgos feel most relaxed when they're allowed to take their time, tantric and attentive, before they reach their peak. Sex doesn't have to be complicated, but it does have to be intense. They enjoy all manner of pleasures - together, alone or with a battery. A truly egalitarian sign who embraces all opportunities.”

Virgos are a very intellectual sign, so mental connection is also key. “As an Earth sign, they love linking bodies, but a higher bond is essential for their full satisfaction.”

Sex toys for Virgo

For a Virgo who wants things simple but intense, a trusty bullet vibrator is the way to go. The Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case is another great option, guaranteed to satisfy their need for organisation.

Most sexually compatible with: Libra

“For patient Virgo, the similarly tolerant Libra would be a great match.”

7. Libra

£10.3m spent on 611,000 toys

Libra - like sensual Taurus - is ruled by the planet of love, which means sex is much more than just physical for them. It also makes them masters of flirting, so if you’re hooking up with a Libra you should expect to be as flustered by their words as their actions.

“Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, so love is important to them: they appreciate gentle caresses and a tender touch. They're happiest when they're face to face, body to body, with someone special. Eye contact and conversation are just as arousing as getting down to business.”

Libras also have very refined and sophisticated taste, and like to stick to what they know. “They appreciate accessories in the bedroom, but rather than innovation, they prefer to go for the tried-and-tested classics.”

Sex toys for Libra

Is there anything that says ‘tried-and-tested classic’ more than a good old-fashioned dildo? Since balance and equality are central to everything a Libra does, a double ended dildo is the perfect addition to their sexual repertoire.

Most sexually compatible with: Virgo

“For gentle Libra, the unquestioning acceptance of Virgo would be a match.”

8. Pisces

£10.3m spent on 609,000 toys

While signs like Virgo value mental connection, Pisces puts their heart first. “They're the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and spend their lives searching for their one true match.”

Once they find that perfect match, a Pisces will go out of their way to make sure they feel loved and appreciated - both in and out of the bedroom. They’re hyper-intuitive and compassionate, which makes them an ideal lover in every sense. “They like getting to know someone in every way: mental, physical and emotional. Those born under the sign of the fish enjoy falling in love easily and staying loyal for aeons.”

Their loving nature extends to themselves, too. A true water sign, Pisces enjoys self-care with a long, relaxing bath, and prioritises learning about their own body (alone or in a pair).

Sex toys for Pisces

A waterproof bullet vibrator or cock ring will make that self-care bathtime extra fun!

Most sexually compatible with: Leo

“A warm and loving Pisces would be a fantastic match with a Leo, who would worship them top to toe."

9. Aquarius

£10.2m spent on 608,000 toys

Boring sex is never on the cards for Aquarians, who have the most active imaginations in the zodiac. Their sexual fantasies often walk on the wilder side, and they have no problem sharing them with a willing partner.

Aquarius is big on ideas. They're an air sign, so they operate from the brain - their mind is their biggest erogenous zone. They like adding bits and pieces to their romantic and sexual routine: small things that stimulate the mind are welcome, like masks, cuffs and outfits.”

As well as being endlessly imaginative, Aquarians are independent to a fault. “They love their own company, so self-improvement, self-love and frequent me-time are all a must.”

Sex toys for Aquarius

Role play and fantasy costumes will let their imagination run wild, and our range of adult sex games is perfect for stimulating their brain as well as their body.

Most sexually compatible with: Capricorn

“A peaceful and accepting sign like Aquarius would love the strength and focus of a Capricorn lover.”

10. Capricorn

£10.1m spent on 600,000 toys

Capricorns are highly motivated and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals - even if that goal is a truly sensational orgasm. As another Earth sign, pleasure is a priority for them, but they won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

“Capricorns are all about luxury and intense pleasures. They're a powerful sign that loves playing with that power when they're involved with others. They will accept an extra toy in the partnership, if it's really very special. But their favourite toy is a living, breathing body, and an active brain with endless ideas.”

“They thrive in extreme locations, like heat, ice, or loud environments, and get a kick out of meeting people different to themselves.”

Sex toys for Capricorn

Capricorns know they only deserve the best, so treat them to a premium product like Sliquid lube. Or, turn the temperature up (or down) with a glass dildo that will indulge their love for temperature play.

Most sexually compatible with: Aquarius

“A strong and physical Capricorn would be excited by the presence and participation of a thoughtful and intelligent Aquarius.”

11. Sagittarius

£9.9m spent on 593,000 toys

Sagittarius spent 5% less than average on sex toys, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun in the bedroom. Adventurous and free-spirited Sagittarians tend not to rely on props because they know they don’t need them to get the party going.

“A party-animal like Sagittarius prefers the sincere and organic way of being with people. Naked, skin to skin, with a drink and perhaps a phone. They love connecting with others, so their kink will be more about the people than the tools.”

"For Sagittarius, swinging, orgies and open relationships would keep their adventurous spirit happy, and pleasuring themselves-in between group sessions gives them the space to have their me-time.”

Sex toys for Sagittarius

Sagittarius gets bored very easily, and likes to take risks. A remote control vibrator will meet that need for adventure, and Lovehoney Oh! Kama Sutra Playing Cards guarantee you’ll never run out of exciting new positions to try.

Most sexually compatible with: Gemini

“Fun-loving Sagittarius will make a great connection with vivacious Gemini.”

12. Scorpio

£9.8m spent on 585,000 toys

Scorpio spent 14% less on sex toys than top-ranking Virgo, placing them last on our list. This may surprise you if you know anything about Scorpios, who are famously fiery lovers, but their lower spend on toys may simply be because of their preference for human touch.

“Scorpios certainly prefer a warm, humid body over a bedroom gadget. They also love every kink going, from what they wear to how they talk. For Scorpios, no bridge is too far when it comes to trying new passionate pursuits; they’re all about originality and experimentation between the sheets.”

Their ruler is Mars, the planet of sex and war, which gives them focus and determination - as well as undeniable magnetism. Once a Scorpio has you under their spell, you’ll have a hard time breaking out of it.

Sex toys for Scorpio

Bondage gear like a riding crop or BDSM hood will let kinky Scorpios explore new heights of pleasure.

Most sexually compatible with: Aries

“A sensuous Scorpio will strike up a natural and easy romantic match with Aries, another voracious sign that enjoys devouring the body and soul of a partner.”

Be yourself

While horoscopes are a fun lens to examine our sex lives through, they don’t necessarily give the full picture. Our desires are as intricate and fluid as we are, and they can be shaped by a lot more than just the stars.

Some star signs may be more naturally in touch with their sexuality than others, but there’s no one-size-fits-all rule. So if you’re a Cancer who doesn’t enjoy physical touch or a Gemini with zero interest in experimenting, don’t feel pressured to try these things. Just spend some time exploring what you do like, and take it from there!

Methodology and sources

Ranking is determined by using Lovehoney’s internal sales data about how much money each star sign spent on sex toys from Jan 2020 - Dec 2021.

Expert commentary is provided by celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

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