Position of the Week: Hocus Pocus

Conjure up your finest oral tricks and treats for your partner and cast a spell of pure satisfaction with the Hocus Pocus oral sex position. A languid position that can be enjoyed on a lazy Sunday morning, you can also accessorise it with the most magical of toys to give it that extra abracadabra!

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Position of the Week: The Arachnid

If you’ve ever wanted to create a human spider with your lover, The Arachnid position is for you. Get up close and personal, indulge in deep-seated pleasure, and make full use of having eight limbs to aid you in your pleasure quest.

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Position of the Week: Just Peachy

This really is the peachiest of oral sex positions. Not only does it take fitness balls into a whole new league of fun, it also allows you to really get stuck in, in all senses of the phrase, and deliver or receive sensational oral treats.

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Position of the Week: Rubdown

Lie back and take each other to that extra-special destination with the Rubdown position – the ultimate way of getting each other off while learning about what makes one another tick. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings when you’re craving satisfaction, minus too much physical exertion.

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Position of the Week: Sexy Squat

Doing squats has never had so many benefits, thanks to this gym bunny of a sex position. Perfect for athletic couples who love to incorporate a workout into their sex life, the Sexy Squat has got it going on in all the right places, and then some.

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