Position of the Week: Jigsaw

Position of the Week: Jigsaw

by Lucy

on 13 Jan 2019

This position is perfect for super-satisfying clitoral stimulation, controlled by her. Heighten sensitivity of the clitoris and nipples with the lickable Lovehoney Oh! Cherry Orgasm Balm.



He sits on the floor, arms back and knees up. She jumps on top, balances on her knees, then brings her feet to rest on his knees.


With her legs wide and all her weight pressing down on the whole of the vulva, there's maximum friction on the clitoris and area surrounding the urethra.


She can rock back and forth, using the shaft of his penis and groin to effectively masturbate herself to orgasm.

Make it even better…

Wearing open cup lingerie means easy access for nipple stimulation as well as offering him a thrilling view while she rides him.

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Written by Lucy.

Originally published on 13 Jan 2019. Updated on 23 Dec 2020