6 Discreet Sex Toys for Guys (or Anyone with a Penis)

by Audrey Andrews

on 29 Apr 2022

Here are 6 discreet sex toys for guys, with tons more for you to choose from.


Sex toys aren't meant for just one particular gender or sexuality – they're for everyone! But we know not everyone wants an enormous strap-on or a realistic butt lying around their abode; some guys like to keep their sex toy preferences on the down-low and that's okay too.

A Cock Ring

BASICS Doughnut Stretchy Cock Ring

An ultra thick and ultra stretchy cock ring with tight-yet-comfortable sizing that can make your erection stronger and harder for longer. If lusciously long lovemaking sessions float your boat, this doughnut-shaped ring is your partner in crime.

What customers say: "This is the first cock ring I have ever bought. Slipped on with a little lube, felt comfortable as for the thick doughnut shape. Had the most intense orgasm! Recommend to anyone wanting to try cock rings"

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A Masturbator

Hot Octopuss PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL Vibrating Male Masturbator

Who wants to treat their tool right? You do! So explore the impressive strength and unbelievable satisfaction of the PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL by Hot Octopuss, a rechargeable male vibrator that throbs with pleasure potential by the truckload.

What customers say: "I'm 70 and I'm coming like I did when I was a teenager. And, you don't have to be rock hard to use it!"

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A Stroker

Arcwave Ghost Silicone Reusable Reversible Textured Male Stroker
£14.99 £19.99 You save: £5.00 (25%)

Who doesn't dream of a lifetime of orgasms, on hand and on the go? Meet Ghost, a stroker crafted from silicone with two exciting textures you can swap by simply flipping the sleeve. Banish single-use toys from your collection: Ghost is here to stay.

What customers say: "My husband has been having a hard time finishing lately but this toy fulfilled both of our desires! An amazing toy, my husband says it is "life-changing" lol."

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Anal Beads

10 Function Extra Quiet Posable Silicone Anal Beads

Let me be-ad your fantasy. Enjoy explosively good anal play with these fun, posable multispeed beads, with a rounded tip for sweet insertion and bendable shaft for your pleasure. Insert as many as you want while the speeds take you from flutter to throb.

What customers say: "Best part was that you can bend it all different ways making it easy to be creative."

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A Prostate-seeking Butt Plug

Lovehoney Colourplay Colour-Changing Silicone Butt Plug

Smooth, curved, and crafted from colour-changing silicone, this beginner-friendly butt plug bends with your bod to seek out your internal sweet spots. Its perineum-tickling T-bar base means it stays put during play for total peace of mind.

What customers say: "It’s such a nice design with great quality materials used. It’s so soft and comfortable and feels amazing to use. Me and my husband love it! So worth the bargain!"

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A Realistic Masturbator

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina Cup

Let your wildest dreams come true with Zoey, THRUST's ultra-accommodating male masturbator. Nestled within a discreet casing is Zoey's specially designed canal, adorned with ribs, nubs and bumpy textures, ready to thrill you with every stroke.

What customers say: "Never had something like this before, wish i had it alot sooner as it feels REALLY GOOD!"

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Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on 29 Apr 2022. Updated on 29 Apr 2022