Teddy Babes Guide

Teddy Babes Guide

by Lovehoney

on 1 Jan 2018

Teddy Babes are classified as a high-end, realistic sex doll but in reality they are much more than a means for sexual fulfilment. Instead of cold plastic, rubber or silicone skin, Teddy Babes have soft and velvety plush fabric. Instead of solid plastic or air filling their bodies, they are packed full of squeezable poly-fil fibres.

The primary function of a Teddy Babe is cuddling and each doll has been specifically built to be tactile, soft and warm to the touch - an ingenious and innovative idea in a market that places importance on climactic potential above all else. To be clear, Teddy Babes are realistic love dolls and they have a penetrable vagina, but they work in different ways to your average blow-up doll and are nowhere near as ‘lifeless’ as a silicone sex doll.

The varied fan base certainly mirror this sentiment and a quick search for Teddy Babes online will lead you into various forums where you’ll discover how these dolls evolve into so much more than a large male masturbator.

Choosing Your Teddy Babe

Measuring up with similar stats to those of a petite woman, Teddy Babes have removable wigs and you can dress them in regular lingerie, so look at the faces as a priority – you can worry about fitting the rest to match your desires later. It is worth remembering that their collars and cuffs do match (they have a patch of neatly-groomed pubic hair), so if this is an issue for you then choose a Teddy Babe with a hair colour that you like.

Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Bust 40 inches / 101 cm
Underbust 26 inches / 66 cm
Waist 23.5 inches / 60 cm
Hip 34 inches / 102 cm

Customising Your Teddy Babe

Teddy Babes are some of the easiest love dolls to modify owing to thoughtful design and their soft fabric composition. There are lots of tutorials that advise how to make their feet look more shapely, give them closed eyes, replace the eyes all together, improve the nipples and even add vampire fangs. Not all modifications are complex to undertake and you can quickly transform your Teddy Babe to better suit your own personal tastes by using items bought here at Lovehoney.

Wigs for Teddy Babes

By far the easiest way to give your Teddy Babe an entirely new look - or make her more suitable to live out a particular fantasy with you - is by changing her wig.

Teddy Babe wigs are attached to the head using safety pins, you can therefore easily modify a Teddy Babe’s hair by purchasing a wig to match your preference.

Long and wavy, short or sleek, neon pink or mousy brown - all you need to do is pick a wig that matches.

Our range of wigs are beautifully natural and will instantly transform a Teddy Babe.

Clothes for Teddy Babes

Deluxe Teddy Babes can be dressed in sexy lingerie and sexy costumes and from Lovehoney. The below is a Teddy Babe dress size clothing chart for each doll based on the testimonials of Teddy Babe customers who have customised and redressed dolls themselves. Teddy Babe fans have advised that although clothes and shoes may not be a perfect fit, they can be better tailored using belts and similar accessories and shoes can be padded out with socks where required.

Always go for the smallest size when choosing clothes for your Teddy Babe. To check the fit before purchase, simply look at the size charts at the bottom of each item page and compare with the Teddy Babes measurements chart. As a guide, your Deluxe Teddy Babe will fit into a UK size 10-12 in tops, basques and shirts, a UK 6-8 in knickers and trousers, and a UK size 4 shoes or boots.

It’s worth noting that due to her sizable breasts, it may not be possible to find a bra size to fit her perfectly. Even the basques Teddy Babes arrive in are too small for her curves. Your best bet is to opt for the largest cup size and smallest back size available. If you’re worried about ill-fitting underwires, it’s better to avoid buying her lingerie fitted with cups. Remember, if your Teddy Babe’s new clothes from Lovehoney don’t fit, you can always return them.

Sex With a Teddy Babe

Teddy Babes Extra Plush InsertThere are plenty of male masturbators that will fit a Teddy Babe’s dimensions to enhance her natural assets.

The THRUST Pro Mini Lea Pocket Pussy fits snugly inside the Teddy Babe. It is quite tight but it is made from a very stretchy material. Reviewers say it feels realistic and recommend lots of lube. The TENGA range (but NOT the Rolling Head Onacup or Flip Hole Masturbator) work wonderfully and TENGA products create amazing sensations, however they are not modelled to look like a realistic vagina. They are also only usable once, unless used with a condom - so may not be the ideal solution.

Reading the reviews will provide invaluable advice when it comes to enhancing your Teddy Babe. One reviewer advises that he has used an entire Fleshlight unit. We recommend that if you do choose to use a larger masturbator that you remove the sleeve first. Teddy Babes aren’t designed to stretch quite that wide and you could permanently damage your doll if you try to insert a male masturbator too large for her 4-inch diameter and 8-inch depth.

Caring for Your Teddy Babe

Teddy Babes are surprisingly easy to look after if you’re gentle. The most important thing to remember when your new Teddy Babe arrives is to gently loosen her up over time and try not to force her, as you may damage her wire skeleton or split stitching. Over the space of a week gently limber her up to ensure that she can handle being posed. Rotate her arms and head and bend her arms and legs at the natural joints to soften her wire skeleton without undue pressure.

Deluxe Teddy Babe Plush Sex Doll AudreyHer intimate areas are also incredibly tight when she arrives and benefit from dilation. Use sex toys such as dildos or vibrators, or similar phallic objects, and slowly work your way up. With frequent dilation, your Teddy Babe will soften up and yield easily to penetration. For a more efficient job, slowly stretch with a vaginal speculum to widen her girth. She is then ready for penetration with or without a masturbator insert.

Teddy Babes and their vaginas are made from soft, plush fabrics and require little special care. If she gets a little dirty, gently clean her with a handwash solution and warm water. Use a clean cloth to gently clean her surface in circular motions to remove any marks. Do not immerse her in the shower or bath as she will take days to dry and is likely to start going mouldy. The Pussy Velour insert can be machine washed, but make sure you don’t put it in the dark wash or it will come out a funny shade of purple-grey. Not the most attractive thing to discover between a lady’s legs. Replacement Pussy Velour Plush Inserts are available and can be replaced when required. We recommend placing the Pussy Velour inside a new sandwich bag before inserting into the Teddy Babe to help keep her extra clean.

Finally, remember to give her lots and lots of cuddles. The more you squeeze her and snuggle up with her, the softer she’ll become in your arms.

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