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  1. According to Reuters, "intellidating" is the hot new thing in London - that's people trying to meet each other in an environment that doesn't necessarily involve deafening loud music and getting beer splilt on your shoes. Poetry readings are supposedly the new place to find hot sex:

    Debating societies, art classes and poetry readings -- all are thriving in the capital as dating turns cerebral.

    The trend has been spotted by a wide range of social commentators and even prompted the heavyweight magazine The Economist to declare: "Seriousness is booming."

    The appropriately named Sebastian Shakespeare wrote in the Evening Standard: "Debates and poetry readings are fast becoming London's most romantic nights out."

    If you're looking for some literature to get you all steamed up before you dash off to your next bookclub meeting, we have scores of erotic fiction titles for you to choose from, as well as better sex guides and erotic art too.

    While we British might be intellidating at poetry readings, the French have decided to combine two of our more frequent pleasures - sex and shopping. Africa reveals that Parisians have got fed up with being single in the city and are heading to the supermarket to hang out in the wine section and hope they can meet someone special:

    Sex and shopping has long been the stuff of fantasy, but now a Parisian department store is bringing the heady mix to life with an event that allows lonely hearts to shop for their suppers and potential partners at the same time.

    The "Dating Market" at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, the store's posh food and wine section, targets the capital's 800 000 singles with the promise of good shopping and the possibility of a good time.

    Launched this month in conjunction with a French dating website, the soiree takes place on Thursday nights between 6.30pm and 9pm.

    Shoppers on the look-out for love are provided with a special purple basket to be easily picked out of the crowd and hopefully picked-up. A dedicated till is reserved for those wishing to be chatted-up at the check-out and a happy hour at Le Bar Rouge, the store's chic wine bar, makes asking someone out for a drink that little bit easier.

    Meanwhile, Lovehoney has always got something special to put in your basket, whether it's purple or not - if you join our mailing list, we'll give you £5 off your next purchase over £40 - which beats 5p off a tin of baked beans, we think you'll agree.

    Fort Myers, FL (All Headline News) - "Authorities arrest a woman after discovering her bra was padded with a stolen rare parrot.
    Police report 35-year-old Jill Knispel hid the Greenwing parrot in her bra after taking it from her employer, Baby Exotic Birds of Englewood.

    According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, when Knispel went to trade the bird for a vintage car, she told the car's owner how she stole the animal.

    Unfortunately for Knispel, the car's owner is friends with the man who owns the $2,000 bird."

    Quite difficult to follow on from that. Er…all our lingerie is guaranteed parrot-free?

    If you fancy the flirty fun of dating without the hassle of leaving your home, you might want to have a look at Spend The Night, a new computer game coming next year that lets you chat, date and more online. As Next Gen reports: "A game in which adults are encouraged to indulge their sexual fantasies is bound to attract the media's attention but, so far, Republik's Spend the Night has been keeping a low profile. Come the middle of next year, when it launches online, that'll all change.

    Details are scant at present, and Coshland doesn't want to give too much away, but the basics are simple. Players go online, choose a graphical identity, mooch around with other players, find someone they like, and find a room. Graphics claimed to be "cinematic" are promised, and a simple interface allows the action to proceed.

    "This is a fantasy multiplayer dating game," says Coshland. "It's not like the dating games that we've seen coming out of Japan where you try to win the favor of someone of the opposite sex. We're providing more of a game where two people can go on a date and interact in a 3D space."" While Lovehoney is all for being at the cutting edge of technology, we currently prefer playing sex games face to face - we've got a stack of stuff that beats Scrabble hands-down - or should that be hands-on? There's the Kama Sutra Board Game, the outrageous Who's The Biggest Pervert, and Kylie's fave, the Twister Duvet.

    And if none of those get you going, we've got loads more sex games for you to browse. Get the party started!

    Feeling like a bit of sustainable spanking? BoingBoing reports on a new range of eco-friendly spanking paddles that will leave a genuine tire treadmark on the butt of the lucky recipient. The BadAss Paddles are made from recycled tires and street sign aluminium - see the photo on the BoingBoing site. We've got a whole range of whips, crops and paddles for you to peruse too if burning recycled rubber's not quite your style…

    Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria is at it again. As the National Ledger reports: Earlier this year the petite beauty reportedly talked so much about her love of battery operated sex toys that she was asked by the network bosses to stop saying the word 'vibrator' in interviews. Now Eva talks in Cosmopolitan magazine about sex and extols the virtues of Brazilian bikini wax.

    "It makes sex better," she told Cosmo. And it's worth the pain? "Believe me, the first time I did it, the technician did half, and I was like 'Stop!' She said, 'Sit down, I have to finish.' But then it gets easier. The more you do it, the less hair grows back. But yeah, I love it. I swear by it. Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once. And then the sex they have afterward will make them keep coming back."

    So there you go girls - it's official: stock up on vibrators and waxing products for better sex!

    Jen Sincero from LAist on the joys of anal sex: "Leave it to the human being to evolve into a species that's terrified of its own butthole. For the rest of the animal kingdom, it's the doorbell to the soul, the place where friends are made, enemies are sniffed out, and love is sparked. But not for we the people. We lock it away where the sun don't shine, take its name in vain every time we get behind the wheel of a car, and many of us prance around like we don't have one on the bottom of us at all! After all the butthole does for us, this is the thanks it gets. Makes me sad, it really does." "Doorbell to the soul" - brilliant! We've plenty of anal toys to help ring your bell too…

    Daily Eastern News: "Many women have abandoned the traditional Tupperware party in exchange for learning how to use a dildo correctly.

    Sex toy parties are among the latest trends with women. The purpose of the parties is to give women information about sex toys available on the market and allow them to purchase sex products confidentially. Some sex toy parties even teach proper use of the merchandise." Indeed. Although we've often pondered the erotic potential of Tupperware…oops, did I just write that?

    Reuters "London's "young sluts" wreaked such havoc among U.S. troops during World War Two that the British government feared Anglo-American relations would suffer, files released Tuesday showed.

    Thousands of prostitutes and "good-time girls" were drawn to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square in search of young American men in uniform.

    They took advantage of blackouts, which plunged London into darkness during Nazi night air attacks, to evade the police.

    Admiral Sir Edward Evans, head of London's Civil Defense unit, wrote to the police in September 1943 to complain that "Leicester Square at night is the resort of the worst type of women and girls…"

    "Of course the American soldiers are encouraged by these young sluts, many of whom should be serving in the forces," he fumed. "At night the square, with its garden, is apparently given over to vicious debauchery.""

    A definite case of make love not war…

    This is genius. Ananova reports that "A Dutch designer has created a wall of fake breasts to help male shoppers buy bras that fit their wives or girlfriends.

    Wendy Rameckers works at the Piet Zwart Institute for Retail and Design in Rotterdam, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

    "Most men have a selective memory," she explained. "They know all about their car, but never seem to know their wife's bra size.

    "When trying to buy a sexy bra for their wife or girlfriend, usually they point to other women in the shop or, when asked about size, they say a 'handful'."

    The wall consists of rows of silicon breasts in all sizes. By look and touch, male shoppers can work out the right size, she says."

    You could make your own mini-wall at home in best Blue Peter fashion using our Gummy Jelly Boobs…or you could just eat them as intended.

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