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  1. Possibly coming soon to a theatre near you:

    "Despite my appreciation for tried-and-true classic theater from the likes of Sophocles and Shakespeare, this reviewer left "Chicks With Dicks," written by Chicago playwright Trista Baldwin and directed by Bloomington Playwrights Project's Artistic Director Richard Perez, speechless.

    I flipped my notebook to the last page as the audience exited and wrote the first words that came to my mind. "Fucking wild," I penned.

    "Chicks With Dicks" took the audience on the most maddening ride my eyes had ever witnessed. The play, set in the Hoosier heartland town of Bedford, offered the audience a bosom of biker babes, radioactive feminine sexuality and a glimpse of American life akin to a B-parody kung fu fighters crossed with a pissed-off chick flick."

    Full story at

    Time for a bit of culture. The Scotsman On Sunday offers a chunky review of Alyce Mahon's new book "Eroticism And Art":

    "Where should we draw the line between what is obscene and what is culturally enriching? More books have been written on the subject than perhaps any other in art. But still it continues to haunt us.

    The latest author to throw her hat in the ring is Cambridge academic Alyce Mahon, who, as the publicity so coyly puts it, is "a woman". This is not really so revolutionary. Some of the most stimulating writing on the subject produced in the past 30 years has been by women, notably Andrea Dworkin. Where Mahon supposedly differs from her predecessors is that she sets out to address her topic without a specifically political agenda.

    Far from adopting the classic feminist critique, she seems to be attempting to be objective. This, of course, is no less than we would expect of a 21st-century art historian, and her book, despite being fundamentally flawed, makes for a read that is pacy and questioning." "

    Read the full review at The Scotsman's site - and if you're interested in erotic art, go visit The Erotic Bookshop for a fine selection of books.

    Sex therapist Cay L. Crow has come and said what everyone knew anyway - having a fiddle with yourself is a good practice to get rid of stress. As this article in The Ranger notes: " 'Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress,' sex therapist Cay L. Crow said in an interview.

    'It also is a great way to mediate anxiety. It’s a great stress relief, especially during midterms and finals,' Crow said.

    Crow, a licensed professional counselor, teaches sexual education classes for Forbidden Fruit, a woman-owned, women-operated business serving the community. Its mission is to help create erotic self-awareness and improve intimate communication in relationships."

    The article goes on to give a pithy potted history of masturbation, including all the fire and brimstone stuff from Victorian physicans that reckoned it would make you go blind. Clearly they were in need of a Fleshlight.

    Great quote from a Times interview with the lead actor from political skit The Thick Of It: "Peter Capaldi is as far away from Malcolm Tucker - the Downing Street "enforcer" - as The Thick of It is from Yes Minister. Even Tucker's publishable barbs are borderline watershed - his favourite ministerial put-down is: 'He's as much use as a marzipan dildo.'"

    The Playboy Bunny costume is one of the icons of the 20th century - so much so that it's the first "service uniform" to have received a US Patent. The history of the Bunny costume - how it came to be and how it's changed over the years - is described on , where former Bunnies have come together and explain what went on in the Playboy Bunny heyday - the FAQs section is definitely worth a browse. So's the Lovehoney Lingerie department - we've got some cracking costumes and uniforms, including a scorching Bunny Girl number.

    Several million sexual fantasies about heart-throb Latin singer Enrique Inglesias are about to be shattered with the news the Enrique is looking to promote a range of extra small condoms. The singer, who is in a high profile relationship with Anna Kournikova, told the Houston Press newspaper that "the next product I'm going to put my name on is extra-small condoms. I can never find extra-small condoms and I know it's really embarrassing for people. Hopefully people won't be ashamed when I step forward."

    Still, we reckon it's pretty brave of Enrique to make this public - clearly he figures he's got nothing to prove and the fact that Ms Kournikova has stuck around would seem to prove it. Plus, all the sniggering aside, it's important that blokes do get a condom that fits properly otherwise it won't do the job and that means distinctly unsafe sex. Our sister site Sensible Johnny has small size condoms that can be delivered discreetly straight to you or to a friend.

    Hello Kitty is the iconic Japanese cute cartoon cat face that you can find on almost every product imaginable - including vibrators. Well, up until recently, anyway. provides a brilliant potted history of the rise and fall of the Hello Kitty vibrator, complete with great photos. And if you're looking for a new vibe, we've got hundreds of them for you to browse…

    Allow us to toot our own horns for a moment. Lovehoney's latest product in stock, the iBuzz from LoveLabs, has been getting a right load of attention across the internet in the last couple of days. The iBuzz is a super-fun sex toy that plugs into your iPod - the music-activated vibrating bullet stimulates you in time with your favourite music. It's the new must-have accessory for your favourite MP3 player! We're getting them ready to ship out for Christmas, and the likes of BoingBoing, Fleshbot, Gadget Candy and even The Sun can't wait to get their hands on one. Ideal for relieving the tension of those difficult festive family gatherings around the turkey… Best order yours asap before we sell out! "Former 'Sex and the City' star Kim Catrall has revealed that she prefers to bed younger men because they let her take charge.

    Catrall,who played the sex-hungry character of Samantha Jones, and is currently dating chef Alan Wyse, 22 years her junior, said that older men always try to maintain control while having sex and she prefers the attitude of younger men, to hand over charge to the more experienced partner.

    "There's a feeling of: 'She's older than me, she has experienced more, so sit back and relax. I prefer that to: 'Oh I should know this. I should govern this. I should be leading this," the New York Daily News quoted her, as saying." And indeed, Ms Catrall knows what she's talking about - she's also the co-author of Satisfaction, the ultimate guide to sexual fulfillment for women.

    Sky News: "The Greeks are gods in bed but the stressed out Japanese hardly ever get down to it. The world's biggest sex survey has found that Greeks have sex an average of 138 times a year. Banging at the door are the Croats and Serbs at 134 and 128 times a year. And in a devastating blow to British morale, the French are at it 120 times - leaving the Brits trailing in eighth place at 118 bonks a year. In the relegation zone in the sex league table are the Japanese. A hectic lifestyle and an ever-present pressure to succeed in work means they only manage it 45 times a year."

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