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  1. World Sex News points us to a good article by Ann Regentin at Clean Sheets on why it's wrong to think the female orgasm is elusive. Her argument is that girls can have orgasms as quickly as boys - but the female body's just not designed to orgasm during intercourse itself. Here's a snippet:

    The only reason why the female orgasm is said to be elusive is because most women cannot come during intercourse. The thrusting of a penis in a vagina usually doesn't do it, and even when it does, it rarely does it all of the time. The exact number of women who can come consistently through intercourse alone, without any additional clitoral stimulation, varies depending on the study, but it could be as low as 6%. It's not a question of masculine endurance or technique, just a physical quirk so rare that it could be said to be abnormal.

    This is the real cause of the angst, though, and the primary definition of female sexual dysfunction. It's not that women can't come; it's that they don't come when or how men want them to. Millions of men have agonized over their performance and millions of women have berated their lovers or themselves all because of something that no technique or duration of penetration can change….Fingers, tongues, or vibrators applied to the clitoris are the best tools for inducing female orgasm, and this should be good news because dicks are notoriously temperamental.

    Indeed they are. Which is why you need to equip yourself with a panoply of Girl's Best Friends - consider it a Christmas present for yourself.

    If you click through to read the full article (which we recommend), be aware that Ms Regentin uses some fairly fruity language. Just in case that sort of thing's not your cup of tea. has a fantastic column on getting to grips with anal intercourse, one of their regular "I Did It For Science" series - "My vagina and clit both receive inordinate attention, but my anus is like an awkward middle child who only gets noticed when acting up. In all my years of self-pleasuring, I have barely dared to touch it. The few times I've tried anal intercourse have lasted less than five minutes and ended with me leaping off the bed in pain. But there are people whose assholes are relaxed epicenters of pleasure. I too want to enjoy anal sex. My asshole's going to be tagging along throughout my entire life, so it might as well be in on the fun." Lovehoney has, of course, a huge range of anal toys specially designed to bring you back end pleasure.

    ContactMusic reports that "Sarah Jessica Parker is amazed Sex And The City fans continue to think she has a collection of sex toys from her time on the TV show, because her character never appeared in raunchy scenes.

    Parker, who played writer Carrie Bradshaw on the smash series, had a strict no-nudity clause in her contract and finds it amusing people associate her with the show's more sexually graphic moments.

    She says, "I am regularly asked what I've done with all the sex toys.

    "My character never played with sex toys. All the others did - and took their clothes off too. Not me." "

    Indeed, while Sex And The City sent sales of the Rampant Rabbit vibrator through the roof and prompted co-star Kim Cattrall to write two books about the art of good sex, Ms Parker has remained demure about her own bedroom proclivities…

    Huge collection of great sex tips articles over at Health 24, the men's health site. They've got over 30 articles on everything from "Mistakes men make in bed" to "Finding the elusive G-spot". It's a must-read page of pithy articles for men to make sure you're doing the business in the bedroom… and if you want the complete knowledge of having a healthy and hot sex life, we recommend Tracey Cox's Hot Sex book, plus Tracey Cox's official range of sex toys for some more hands-on fun. "Monday night, a record number of noise complaints were received by Residential Security Officers in Roger Revelle College, University of California, San Diego. Officers responding to the calls found the sexual activity of a deaf couple to be the source of the noises, which were described as "cacophonous" by witnesses.

    The first officer on the scene, Frank Zipelli, reported, "I could hear those two all the way from the parking lot." According to Zipelli, "It sounded as if they were bludgeoning a cow. There would be a low moan, like a ‘moo,’ and then a ‘bang’ and a higher-pitched ‘moo.’ It was like ‘MOO…BANG…MOOO!’"

    "This can’t go on every night," Zipelli told the couple. "I like eavesdropping on hot loud sex as much as any other RSO, but if these noise complaints keep coming in, I’m going to have to cite you." " [via Digg].

    MSNBC's Sexploration page does a round up of Christmas sex toy goodies you can get to give your partner a real surprise, including a super expensive vibrator: "Those of you who hang with the yacht-in-Cannes set may be interested in a company called Mi-Su which sells “sexual aesthetics” (that's "pretty sex toys" to the rest of us).

    For the small price of about 1,300 British pounds — or roughly $2,200 — you can purchase a titanium dildo inlaid with crystals. Diamonds are available, too. If you want to really get all Savile Row, Mi-Su will create bespoke toysaccording to your specifications."

    They also recommend the massively popular I Rub My Duckie, the super cute bathroom duck that doubles as a discreet waterproof vibe to keep you buzzing during bathtimes - somewhat cheaper and a lot more fun, we think. There's also a smaller, travel size Rubber Duckie, a Devil Duckie and even a Bondage Duckie

    There's still plenty of time to place your Xmas sex toy order with Lovehoney - we can take orders for delivery in the UK until the 22nd December if you choose Express Delivery, until 19th if you choose Standard Delivery.

    That's what Seed Magazine says anyway: "According to a recent study, women are aroused by watching monkey sex. Sure, they're more aroused by watching human sex, but the loving habits of the bonobo are enough to bring out the primate in any civilized lady.

    The study, conducted by Meredith Chivers of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health and J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, was published in the October issue of Biological Psychology. The researchers found that while straight men are only aroused by females of the human variety, straight women are equally aroused by all human sexual activity, including lesbian, heterosexual and homosexual male sex, and at least somewhat aroused by nonhuman sex."

    Gentlemen - best nip out and get some David Attenborough DVDs… "Women have suspected it for millennia, and scientists have finally proved it - men cannot have both big brains and big testicles.

    Brainiacs and scholars everywhere may gnash their teeth, but according to a recent study of bats, nature forces the males of a species to make a painful trade-off between mental capacity and sperm production.

    Because of the high-energy demands of both brains and sperm, scientists believe males cannot generate large amounts of both."

    LONDON (Reuters) - Love may be in the air but it is no longer in the mail, according to a new competition to revive the lost art of love letter writing.

    Run for the first time last year in the United States when it attracted 5,000 entries, philanthropist Henri Zimand's competition to find the best written love letters has now opened to entrants from Britain as well.

    "In this age of one-line e-mails and abbreviated text messages, the simple art of letter writing has all but been forgotten," he said. "Writing a love letter is a dying art and to me that is a real shame."

    The competition is dedicated to the memory of Zimand's wife Anda who died from breast cancer in 2003 aged 49.

    "No one should underestimate the power of a letter that truly comes from the heart and with every letter I receive, I am moved, and remember my Anda," Zimand said. [read more].

    Being wordy types here at Lovehoney, we think this is a cracking idea. The official site for the competition is at The way to make anyone feel sexy is to make them feel loved - so make sure you scribe something sweet to your Significant Other today. That's an order.

    India Knight writes a confused piece about sex toys in The Sunday Times, but she manages one piece of interesting information: "Not so long ago, if you wanted a sex toy, you had to head for a sex shop and brave the dirty-mac brigade. How things change: Catherine Gort, Durex’s marketing manager, said last week: “More vibrators are sold every year in Britain than washing machines and tumble dryers combined.”

    Blimey. Who knew? Call me old-fashioned, but I’d always assumed (completely wrongly, as it turns out) that sex toys were still a bit of a minority pastime.

    In my head the majority of Britons are still pretty buttoned-up, and the only people who keep a box of tricks by the bed are young women who know every episode of Sex and the City by heart, gay people, or seedy old pervs. But no: sex toys have become democratic, and everybody’s got them, or will have them very soon. They’ll probably turn up on The Archers next."

    Lovehoney, does, of course, have the whole range in stock for Durex Play. Who wants a washing machine when you can have some of these?

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