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  1. An oldie but goodie this one - from Expatica in May 2005: "Dutch people love automated machines: you can get cash, food, tooth brushes and condoms from the wall. But the southern Dutch city of Tilburg has gone one step further: a machine stocked with vibrators.

    The city council's building inspectorate was initially sceptical about the desirability of the machine, news agency ANP reported, but gave it the go ahead after it was made child-proof.

    It's contents can now only be purchased with "plastic money", meaning bank and credit cards usually used in an automated teller machine, or automaat in Dutch.

    Hung on the outer wall of a café on the Laarstraat, the machine goes into operation on Friday. Apart from vibrators, the machine has a range of sex toys, lingerie and lubricant."

    Brilliant. Get your toys without any fuss - just like with Lovehoney.

    Sex can be a bit dangerous for your health, according to Scotland's Daily Record: "One in three people say they regularly suffer injuries during sex. And carpet burns have left two in five aching after a night of passion, according to a survey for sex shop chain Ann Summers. One in 10 have made an insurance claim after wrecking furniture as they canoodled with a lover. A third caused some I damage to their home -I but most are too red-faced to make a claim. The bedroom is where I most mishaps occur - with people knocking over lamps, pulling down curtains, smashing vases and breaking beds - said the poll of 2000 people." [Read the full story]. Wonder if we should do a similar poll amongst our multitude of Orgasm Army sex toy reviewers for injuries of passion sustained while using sex toys? (OA is still getting ready to be unveiled, and you can still sign up if you fancy being a sex toy reviewer…)

    Slick American website Treehugger has a great article today about sustainable sex toys, giving the low down on where to find eco-friendly toys that'll keep you and the environment happy. Items on sale from our American friends at Babeland and Good Vibrations feature heavily, and for UK shoppers, we've sustainable sex toys too. Glass dildos and butt plugs are not only super classy but also very green-friendly too, like the Jupiter Glass Dildo (pictured).

    We reported on the solar-powered vibrator a while ago but haven't had much call to get them in stock - and we also talked about Sex Toys: The Green Consumer Guide in our item about Toxic Sex Toys?, which gives good advice on how you should use toys you're coming into regular intimate contact.

    We've added a whole new set of great lingerie to the Lovehoney collection in preparation for Valentine's Day - there's still two weeks to go and plenty of time to get yourself kitted out with some of our sizzling new slinky clothing. There's the deeply seductive Fantasy I Love You BabyDoll set, the Fantasy Sparkling Hearts Cami Set and the Fantasy Diamante Heart Bra set - just three of the 8 new Valentine themed Fantasy products we've added - browse the whole Fantasy range. Also be sure to check out our previous item on the great Dreamgirl Valentine Lingerie we've got in stock.

    We recently mentioned our range of Hustler Lingerie and having some Hustler items on sale. Now we've added a whole bunch of Hustler T-shirts to Lovehoney's huge lingerie and sexy clothing sale - you can a third off the Hustler Honey Glitter T-Shirt and the Hustler '74 Womens T-Shirt and a whole bunch of other top Hustler tees. The blokes haven't been left out either - there's the Hustler 74 Mens T-Shirt and the Hustler 74 Long Sleeved Grey Tshirt too. You can browse our entire Hustler range for more bargains.

    Australia's The Chaser finds out that Michael Jackson licensed a perfume range under the name Michael Jackson Mystery - but the scent came in distinctly dildo-shaped bottles. Apparently the perfume was only released in the Netherlands and then mysteriously disappeared. Can't think why… Read the full story at The Chaser - it's at the page bottom

    New Scientist: "Got some public speaking to do? Here's a tip to keep stress at bay: have sex beforehand. But make sure it's penetrative sex - the magic vanishes if you pursue other forms of sexual gratification.

    Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley, UK, compared the impact of different sexual activities on blood pressure when a person later experiences acute stress. For a fortnight, 24 women and 22 men kept diaries of how often they engaged in penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI), masturbation or partnered sexual activity excluding intercourse. After, the volunteers underwent a stress test involving public speaking and mental arithmetic out loud.

    Volunteers who'd had PVI but none of the other kinds of sex were least stressed, and their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who'd only masturbated or had non-coital sex. Those who abstained had the highest blood-pressure response to stress (Biological Psychology, vol 71, p 214)." [Read the full story]

    Suddenly giving that presentation to the company board doesn't seem like such a bad idea…

    We've mentioned Valentine lingerie and Tracey Cox's new range of sex toys in the last couple of days, but what about the gentlemen? Admittedly if you were to indulge in some red-hot underwear or one of Ms Cox's personally endorsed vibrators your other half would be pretty happy to begin with, but if you'd like to get him something to really put a smile on his face, have a browse of our specially selected Valentine Gifts for Him. There's the Candy Cock Ring which is sweety'n'saucy, silk boxer shorts, and that old stalwart - a book of Blowjob Vouchers. If you want to get more adventurous, you could gift him a Pink Mouth Fleshlight for those nights where you're not around, or, if he's not uptight about exploring his own back passage for better fun, an Aneros Prostate Massager. Let us also not forget the Plaster Mould A Willy set which is guaranteed to give the pair of you a good laugh if nothing else. We've got three pages of Valentine Gifts for Him for you to take a look at - take a look now to get it delivered to your door in good time.

    Lovehoney is extremely pleased to announce we are the exclusive online retailers of the official Tracey Cox sex toy range. Tracey has personally selected top quality vibrators, lubes and gifts to go alongside her bestselling better sex books Hot Sex , Super Sex and The Sex Inspectors Masterclass to make sure you have maximum fun. You can buy the complete range of Tracey Cox's toys online at Lovehoney.

    Having helped millions of people with their relationships through TV shows and books, bestselling sex author Tracey Cox is helping Supersex the UK's love lives with her own range of sex toys and personal lubricants.

    The Tracey Cox Supersex range is designed to help singles satisfy themselves solo and for couples to have exceptional sex. Guaranteed to appeal to first time buyers and more experienced consumers alike, the products are sleek, stylish and come with the seal of approval from the UK's leading sex and relationship expert.

    The range consists of four toys and two lubes: the Supersex Rabbit (the quietest rabbit ever made), the Supersex Pleasure Vibe (perfectly handbag-sized), the Supersex Finger Tingler and Supersex Love Ring (supplied in stylish sachets that easily pass as designer condoms), and the two lubes - Supersex Love Lube and Supersex Silicone Luxury Lube.

    "They're stylish, simple, spectacularly effective products - and they're not expensive," says Tracey. "The aim is to provide a way for couples to experience intense, immense orgasms regularly - both solo and together. They also help solve the age-old dilemma of how to get her to orgasm through penetration, since 70 to 80% of women currently don't."

    "It's not a sign of desperation to own a vibrator - it's a sign of having a rich, full sex life," continues Tracey. "And it keeps you looking good as well. Masturbating releases tension, improves circulation and makes our skin glow. It's like a vitamin pill except a lot more fun!"

    The Tracey Cox Supersex range is available exclusively from Lovehoney

    Valentines Day is only a couple of weeks away - and if you need something to make it a red letter day for your lover, what better way to get him going than to treat yourself to some sexy Valentine lingerie. We've got over 30 great lingerie items in our Valentine collection, including the Dreamgirl Satin Split Baby Doll & Thong Set and the Dreamgirl Satin Bustier Set (pictured).

    If you want to look at more lingerie, you can visit our comprehsive selection of silky lovelies in our Lingerie department, and also pick up some bargains in our Lingerie Clearance sale. You're sure to find a surefire winner amongst all of those…

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