1. "An Athens mobile phone dealer has been arrested for allegedly selling thousands of amateur sex videos he had downloaded from cellular phones brought to his shop for repairs, police said Tuesday" (read more).

    We like to think of this as a culturally enlightened and scientifically progressive blog. Which is why we're deeply impressed by Susan Block, Ph.D's spectacular article on those tree-swinging swingers of the Congo, the Bonobo. Take it away, Ms Block:

    "Just in case you don’t know a bonobo from a bonsai tree, bonobos, classified as Pan paniscus, are also called pygmy chimpanzees in primatology circles. We call them the horniest apes on Earth…Bonobos have some kind of sex almost every day, usually several times a day.

    Such loving passion, such sexual dexterity, such clever, horny playfulness is found nowhere else on Earth except among certain humans.

    But that’s not all that makes our kissin’ cousins, the bonobos, so worthy of our attention -- worthy enough to be our official mascots at the Dr. Susan Block Institute (we even call our staff the "Bonobo Gang"). It’s not just how they have sex, but how they use sex -- to maintain friendly relationships, to ease stress (e.g., Don’t be nervous, come here and sit on my face), as a form of commercial exchange (e.g., I’ll give you a blow job if you give me a banana), and to reduce violent conflict. That is, they seem to use sex to make peace. And that, in a coconut shell, is why we love bonobos."

    Read on at SavvyInsider for all you can take about the insatiable sexual habits of these cuddly fornicators. And, if reading this has got you in the mood, you are a sick puppy will be pleased to know we've got some Mantric Banana Split Lube in stock especially for the occasion. Go ape!

    Turns out Alison Goldfrapp, out of top pop combo Goldfrapp, likes to perform live wearing a strap-on, according to this Sunday Herald interview:

    On stage, she wears a strap-on vibrator, worn backwards, her crafty way of affixing a horses tail, which she'll swish as part of her performance. No more, she insists, than "my homage to Iggy Pop. Which shows how old I am." Last year, she fell over on stage in a gay-indie club called Popstarz. "I got my horses tail caught in my stiletto and went flying," she recalls, "very unglamorously, with a horse's tail hanging between my legs, literally."

    Ooh la la indeed!

    Gentlemen! Want to stick your manhood in a tube of gooey muck so your schlong can be marvelled at by future generations? Thought so. The intimate details of how you can create an incredibly realistic replica of your partner's best friend is chronicled in this truly majestic photo essay at Hootisland.

    Aided by his manically laughing wife, and despite a couple of fully detailed mishaps along the way, Chris managed to fit his old man into the sweet caress of a cylinder full of muck and produce a perfect silicone clone of his half-erect wiener.

    We are unmentionably thrilled to get a glowing write-up in the September 2005 edition of super-glossy AXM Magazine, who were moved to describe our mega-ace gay sex store Cock Locker as "ASDA for your anus." Made us laugh too… COCK ON!

    New York has a new(ish) addition to its formidable culture circuit - the Museum Of Sex. Not so much MoMa as MoNer. Ho ho. Anne Stevens gives a full run down of her own tour round the Museum's three floors:

    "I moved to level three, the permanent collection, which is almost sans video titillation, but is utterly fascinating. I could see why a sign at the entrance read 'Please do not touch, lick, stroke or mount the exhibits'." Find out what's on level three by reading Anne's full article or visiting the official site at

    While we here at Lovehoney constantly pursue the newest innovations down below to keep your smile fully aglow, there are some sex toys out there that are so visionary they don't even exist yet. Except in the basement rooms of crazed but fearless inventors who are trying to push the limits of technological pleasure ever further.

    Slashdong is one man's ongoing chronicle of DIY sex toys. As he so pertinently puts it: "We'll be hooking up sex toys to anything we can get our hands on, making teledildonics free to those brave enough to put homemade electronics on their genitals. We hope they'll take pictures, too, 'cause we sure as shit ain't testing this stuff on ourselves."

    The new filmic adaptation of the life of Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century serial shagger widely regarded as the world's greatest lover, has already been getting mixed responses. Starring Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger, the film's premiere attracted a fair amount of criticism for dumbing down Casanova's life - and also for not having much sex in it. As the Evening Standard's Derek Malcolm reports: "There's little actual sex in the movie, just remarks like that of Ken Stott as Casanova's police nemesis: "Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova?" to which a pretty young nun replies: "Seems fair." "

    You can find more about Casanova at Wikipedia, read Casanova's autobiography online at Etexts, and you can find out how you can be a better lover with our own sexcellent lovemaking guides.

    Sex And The City author Candace Bushell says that "Success is the new sex". Talking about her new book, Lipstick Jungle, which is published today, Bushell reckons that women in their forties are more interested in their careers than sex. She recently told Reuters: "Certainly when you're in your twenties and thirties, yes, you spend a lot of time thinking about it but when people get older there are other things that are more important. The reality is most women have to work."

    Lipstick Jungle is a sort of sequel to Sex And The City, examining what happens to single women in NYC as they get older - and in a masterstroke of self-delusion, Bushell maintains "'Sex and the City' to me never really was about sex, that was kind of the icing on the cake". We'd beg to differ, and we reckon S&TC star Kim Cattrall's book Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm will prove a more, er, satisfying read than Bushell's latest. And let's not forget the real star of Sex And The City which has brought pleasure to thousands of viewers - the Jessica Rabbit vibrator!

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