1. Be hard to imagine not getting your boyfriend's full attention when wearing one of these spectacular leather corsets from Allure. Newly stocked at Lovehoney, we have several corsets to choose from - the Allure Leather Ribbon Corset Set, the Allure Leather 5 Zip Corset Set, the Allure Leather Corset Dress and, if you want to get really daring, the Allure Leather Patent Leather Cupless Corset Set. There's also the Allure Leather Patent & Mesh Lace Up Dress Queen and the Allure Leather Black Patent Catsuit (miaow!) amongst over 40 other items we've got of Allure's great leather lingerie range.

    There's a bunch of gorgeous Hustler Printed Logo Boy Briefs, Hustler Womens Boy Briefs and Hustler Black Mesh Strappy Briefs all going for a song in our Lovehoney Lingerie Sale - nearly 50% off each item, which means you can buy one of each for less than 20 quid! You can also browse our whole Hustler range of products, which covers not only lingerie but also several sex toys - we've also got the Hustler My First Bullet on sale which will bring a smile to your face too.

    Next time you pop online to purchase the latest sex toys from Lovehoney, spare a thought for the folk in Zimbabwe who not only have to put up with a nightmare government but have to smuggle their toys into the country too. Karen Lewis at South Africa's Mail And Guardian Online gives a heartfelt insight into the lengths she had to go to in order to get hold of a humble dildo.

    One thing led to another, which included a few years of intense activism during which I kept on thinking that the Men in Dark Glasses were going to come searching for subversive materials and in their ferreting would find my assorted sex toys.

    Definitely not an ordeal I wanted to go through so, for a while, I hid both Roger and Dave [her dildos' pet names!] under a bougainvillea in my garden. But fearing that the gardener would keel over dead on discovering strange objects I flung them into another homeowner’s refuse bin on the side of the road one dark night.

    Holey moley. The great Sex Drive blog over at Wired Magazine has a comprehensive feature on the Jack Hammer Johnson, which is a pogostick designed to pleasure your bits. Sounds ridiculous? That's what columnist Regina Lynn thought too, at first, but as she wrote her column she came up with all sorts of other ideas. Worth a peruse, if only to check the frankly fantastical line drawings that suggest possible positions for pogoing pleasure.

    From the land of tulips and clogs comes two brilliant ceramic dildos, part of the Dutch Souvenirs project. One of these on your mantlepiece, tastefully decorated as it is with suitably Dutch motifs, will certainly be a conversation starter. (See We Make Money Not Art for photos and more info).

    There's also the quite lovely looking tuning fork dildo, which has the all the appearances of a Philippe Starck creation.They have this to say about it: "This ingenious tuning fork dildo brings new meaning to "making beautiful music together." The dildo has a smooth insertable end that is solid and great for g-spot play, and a tuning fork end that makes bell-like sounds that pleasantly vibrate when struck with the plastic wand." Deeply clever stuff.

    We can't offer you either of these at Lovehoney, but we have got a huge collection of dildos.

    "In an interview with Cosmo, Desperate Housewives star Eva Langoria revealed: “After I spoke openly about vibrators I literally got boxes and boxes of free sex toys sent to me. So I was constantly giving them away.”

    "Even before that I'd give them to girlfriends for their birthdays and they'd be so excited."

    "You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don't know what pleases you?" " [Read more at EntertainmentWise]

    Every girl should have their own vibrator - and giving one as a gift is the perfect way to show a special friend that you care! There are hundreds of vibrators in Lovehoney's online store and several more in our Super Sex Toys Sale - the Dual Pleasure Vibe is at a crazy price of £3.99 - that's £21 off the recommended retail price! There's also the Mini Rabbit for something a bit more portable and the Orgasmic Triple Fun Vibe if you're looking to provide your friend with a whole variety of fun.

    Aromas and odourisers have been used as a sexual enhancer for many years, but why?

    Well, the sweet scents are perfect for relaxing the body. By breathing in the delicious smells, your body will slowly start to be lulled into complete comfort making sex easier and more enjoyable.

    Secondly, whilst the body relaxes, the mind feels energised thanks to the effect of aromas on your other senses! You'll start to feel a little bit tingly and your sex drive will go through the roof!

    Although Lovehoney don't sell aroma and odourisers due to restrictions, you're sure to find something similar in our fantastic sexual health section.

    Recently added to the ever expanding Lovehoney lineup is a selection of fantastic sexy uniforms from Wild Designs. There's the Devil outfit, the Nurse outfit, the French Maid outfit, the Police Woman outfit - even a Nun outfit! We've got 15 different sexy uniforms for you to choose from and bring a whole new sexy edge to your love life.

    If you're looking for some more traditional sexy clothing, the Lovehoney Lingerie Sale continues apace, where you can pick up some distinctly sultry items for a song. Check the Dreamgirl Boned Bustier set at over 50 per cent off, and Playful Promises' Carlotta Satin Chemise Set at over 60 per cent off. Browse our whole collection of bargain lingerie and sexy clothing and treat yourself.

    "Bogota, Colombia - A western Colombian city councilman wants to require everyone in town 14 or older to carry a condom to prevent pregnancy and disease, outraging local priests.

    William Pena, a councilman in Tulua, said Wednesday he will present a formal proposal to force all men and women — even those just visiting — to always carry at least one condom. Those caught empty-pocketed could pay a fine of $180 or take a safe sex course, he said.

    "Sexual relations are going on constantly," Pena told The Associated Press by telephone. "If you carry a condom, chances are you'll use it during the day. It's not going to be there forever.""

    The iBuzz, the music-activated orgasm machine that's been a huge seller for Lovehoney over Christmas and New Year, is now available in Australia. LoveLabs, the company that makes the iBuzz, has teamed up with an enterprising Aussie distributor who is now retailing them across the Wide Brown Land. You too can iBuzz Down Under! Check this article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Lovehoney remains the exclusive UK retailer of the iBuzz - get yours now to team up with that iPod you got for Christmas!

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