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  1. Lance Price's The Spin Doctor's Diary, a new book about 10 Downing Street, reveals a host of embarrassing secrets about the Labour government, including Price recounting "how on the night of Labour's second election landslide victory two Labour officials had sex on Mr Blair's sofa, while the rest of the cabinet celebrated down the corridor." The Guardian provides further salacious details - all in the public interest of course… Personally, we'd rather read something properly steamy, like Black Lace's The Power Game, a tale of Government lust and desire. And don't forget Lovehoney's own vital polling of the British electorate in this year's race for power - the General Erection website!

    First it's Desperate Housewives, now it's cast of Lost fooling about with sex toys whilst on set. Maggie Grace, star of the Channel 4 hit series, told TeenToday how one of her scenes was sabotaged by the covert insertion of a cheeky vibrator:

    Lost' beauty Maggie Grace was left red-faced when co-star Ian Somerhalder swapped one of her props with a sex toy. The blonde actress, who plays spoilt Shannon in the hit show, was supposed to rummage around and pull out an item from her luggage.

    But cheeky Ian, who plays Shannon's stepbrother Boone, had replaced the prop with a vibrator. Maggie revealed: "We had this scene where I was frantically searching for an item in my luggage. Ian had the prop guy switch the real item with a sex toy. So during the scene where I find it, I pulled out a sex toy instead. "The cameras were rolling, so it was even caught on tape. It was mortifying!"

    Wethinks the lady doth protest too much. We've a suitably huge collection of battery-powered pleasurables for you to secrete in girlfriends' handbags for a tittersome moment or as a subtle hint for them to lighten up and relax!

    Turns out it's not all roses being the glamorous star of a raunchy hit TV series. Teri Hatcher, the hottie out of Desperate Housewives with the catchphrase "they're real and they're spectacular", recently told the Scottish Daily Record that she's pretty desperate herself, unable to get a man due to her hectic work schedule. However, Ms Hatcher isn't one to keep her frustrations all bottled up. Teri reveals she uses sex toys to keep herself amused and no doubt Mr Right will also be suitably enlightened about the extra fun they bring to the bedroom.

    Dinner is the traditional precursor to a bit of slap and tickle, but you've got to choose the right foods if you hope to get your partner - potential or otherwise - all fired up for a night of good loving. This handy page from Savvy Insider gives a complete rundown of those nibblesome treats which are considered to get everyone's erogenous zones tingling. It includes the usual suspects, like chocolate, but also some pretty peculiar recommendations, like cucumbers and onions. Clearly the French have always known something we don't. If mixing up food and sex does it for you, check out our Deluxe Chocolate Body Paint and Erotic Edible Body Powder - they should help do the trick too.

    The redoubtable Asian Sex Gazette tells us what we always knew - sex toys are good for you and a new report from Malaysia proves it. As the report states: " The Malaysian state of Kelantan may be orthodox in many ways - but not in matter of sex it seems, official studies have shown. Sex-aids and stimulants are more widely used in this Malay state than any other in the country. These are popular even with women who have reached menopause the studies have found. Human Reproduction Specialist Centre head for the National Population and Family Development Board Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi said studies showed most couples here opted for sex aids such as beads and rings.

    "A woman has sued 14 police officers for allegedly capering about with her sex toys and modeling her lingerie during a drug raid.The officers allegedly took the toys from a dresser and showed them to woman's son, asking him what his mother did with them. Then, 'the raiding party took (her) personal and private sex toys and used them for their own amusement and left them strewn about the residence', according to the Chicago Herald News. Besides bringing an eyewatering image to mind, this incident would dictate the necessity of having something snazzy to store your Love Bits in to avoid detection - something like the Adult Toybox Sex Toy Case or the Girl's Best Friend can keep your frisky fun machines away from prying eyes.

    Taiwan's Bureau of Health Promotion has come up with a distinctly, um, forward new logo. But as the Taipei Kid says: "Stop thinking those dirty thoughts, you bad, bad person! That Bureau of Health Promotion logo is NOT a sexually suggestive depiction of threesome--the BHP has even issued a statement about it, OK?" That's all right then…

    "An Athens mobile phone dealer has been arrested for allegedly selling thousands of amateur sex videos he had downloaded from cellular phones brought to his shop for repairs, police said Tuesday" (read more).

    We like to think of this as a culturally enlightened and scientifically progressive blog. Which is why we're deeply impressed by Susan Block, Ph.D's spectacular article on those tree-swinging swingers of the Congo, the Bonobo. Take it away, Ms Block:

    "Just in case you don’t know a bonobo from a bonsai tree, bonobos, classified as Pan paniscus, are also called pygmy chimpanzees in primatology circles. We call them the horniest apes on Earth…Bonobos have some kind of sex almost every day, usually several times a day.

    Such loving passion, such sexual dexterity, such clever, horny playfulness is found nowhere else on Earth except among certain humans.

    But that’s not all that makes our kissin’ cousins, the bonobos, so worthy of our attention -- worthy enough to be our official mascots at the Dr. Susan Block Institute (we even call our staff the "Bonobo Gang"). It’s not just how they have sex, but how they use sex -- to maintain friendly relationships, to ease stress (e.g., Don’t be nervous, come here and sit on my face), as a form of commercial exchange (e.g., I’ll give you a blow job if you give me a banana), and to reduce violent conflict. That is, they seem to use sex to make peace. And that, in a coconut shell, is why we love bonobos."

    Read on at SavvyInsider for all you can take about the insatiable sexual habits of these cuddly fornicators. And, if reading this has got you in the mood, you are a sick puppy will be pleased to know we've got some Mantric Banana Split Lube in stock especially for the occasion. Go ape!

    Turns out Alison Goldfrapp, out of top pop combo Goldfrapp, likes to perform live wearing a strap-on, according to this Sunday Herald interview:

    On stage, she wears a strap-on vibrator, worn backwards, her crafty way of affixing a horses tail, which she'll swish as part of her performance. No more, she insists, than "my homage to Iggy Pop. Which shows how old I am." Last year, she fell over on stage in a gay-indie club called Popstarz. "I got my horses tail caught in my stiletto and went flying," she recalls, "very unglamorously, with a horse's tail hanging between my legs, literally."

    Ooh la la indeed!

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