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  1. New in to Lovehoney is Fun Factory's Reality Rechargeable Silicone Vibe. A high quality vibe that's completely waterproof (yes, you can use it underwater) this realistic 8-inch black beauty has a flexible shaft, and adjustable vibrations from soft to strong, controlled with one, simple to use button. It also has three vibration patterns to explore too!

    This powerful vibrator is recharged by simply leaving it in its docking cradle.

    It looks great, feels even better, and because it's made of medical grade silicone, it's kinder to your body, odour free and easy to clean.

    There's free shipping as well! Order your Fun Factory Reality Rechargable Silicone Vibrator online today from Lovehoney.

    Another wonderful "Only in Japan" moment - Tokyo Times reports that the Japanese now have their own magazine completely dedicated to silicone love dolls. See the magazines covers for yourself to see how realistic they are. Another miracle of technology.

    Here at Lovehoney we've stuck with the old fashioned blow up love dolls for maximum comedic possibilities - you can buy our Male Blow Up Doll to provide endless amusement at coffee mornings…

    The popularity of I Rub My Duckie, the essential bathtime companion, shows that people love cute sex toys. If you want to add a few cuddly toys with wicked secrets to your home, we've got several going for a song in our super sex toy sale. Besides the classic Duckie, there's also the I Rub My Devil Duckie, with our favourite waterborne chum dolled up in devil gear but still looking cute; Horny Honey Vibrating Bear Furvert, a plush toy bear that gets jiggy when you press him in the right place; Mini Vibrating Honey Bee, a plastic toy that's perfect for your honey pot; and let's not forget the Bunny Humper Vibrating Furvert, which lasts as long as the Duracell Bunny and is a lot more fun…

    If you've ever been curious about trying out a little bit of bondage for fun, we've got some items in the Lovehoney super sex toy sale at prices you can't argue with. Get hold of the Cock Locker Leather Cock Cage with Lock and the Cock Locker Mouth Bit, or be more adventurous and try the Cock Locker Ball Gag and Face Harness. There's also the Cock Locker Inflatable Blindfold to keep them in the dark. If all that stuff looks a bit intimidating, you could try Rickys Pleasures Cumfy Cuffs, which are padded for extra comfort, just like the Rachel's Pleasures Furry Fetters Ankle Cuffs.

    Game for a dirty laugh? Lovehoney has got over 40 different sex games for you to choose from that's guaranteed to get a party going and bring smiles to everyone's faces - plus maybe a whole lot more. For boys who love boys, we've currently got a huge discount on our Gay Play game - down to £2.99 from £24.99! (And check out our gay superstore site Cock Locker too if you want more bargains). We've also got stuff like Sensual Sex Dice, Kama Sutra playing cards and the Lust Erotic Board Game. You could also try Fetish, the sexy game for daring couples. See our whole selection of sex games to make your next party go with a bang!

    We've got a couple of great videos up for grabs at bargain prices in our Super Sex Toys Sale. There's Massage For Lovers, which extols the benefits of massage between couples and how you can really help each other's well-being as well as improving your intimate fun; and there's also Fitness For Lovers, which describes how fitness and enjoyment of sex are significantly connected and how you can exercise better to ensure you get the best results in the bedroom. There's 60 per cent off the cost of each of these vids - you can order them online from Lovehoney for £7.99 each.

    We've written before about how much fun you can have making a cast of your own willy for your nearest and dearest - and now we've made it even easier for you to be a Plaster Caster because the Clone A Willy kit is now in our Super Sex Toys Sale with nearly 50 per cent off the recommended retail price! What's even better with the Clone A Willy is not only can you craft a complete replica of your todger, you can also turn the results of your hard work (snigger) into a vibrator. We have the technology…

    Food and sex are one of the biggest turn-on combinations for a lot of people - and at Lovehoney we've got something to make it all taste even more delicious. There are numerous items in our super sex toy sale that provide edible fun - After Dinner Willies Chocolates to drop an unmissable hint about what's really on the menu when you mention coffee; Hidden Desires Chocolate that does rude things when you hold it up to the light; the Pina Colada edible thong for that totally tropical taste; and the Titillating Nipple Dust. You might want to get the Edible Bra and Edible Undies too to complete the collection.

    Slate magazine have a great online slideshow that runs through the history of the vibrator. Did you know that "Hamilton Beach of Racine, Wis., patented the first take-home vibrator in 1902, making the vibrator the fifth electrical appliance to be introduced into the home, after the sewing machine and long before the electric iron"? No, neither did we. We've got plenty of vibrators you can take home with you, and they're somewhat more modern than the 1902 models…

    Toronto Star: "A recent survey by the U.K.-based Health Plus magazine found 77 per cent of female respondents over 40 enjoy sex more in their 40s than in their 20s. In total, 69 per cent said they felt more sexually adventurous and 45 per cent said they had a greater sexual appetite.

    Call it confidence, call it experience, but whatever you call it, it's good news. Annie Sprinkle is someone who knows more than a bit about sex at 35 and older. She's a sexologist, porn-maker, former porn star, former prostitute, performance artist and author of Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex (Penguin Books).

    At 51, she is often disappointed by the pornography currently on the market, largely because of the ages of performers.

    "I have absolutely no interest in seeing 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds having sex," she says. "To me, they don't know anything. They're crap lovers. They're just starting out!""

    Blimey. See - you should pay attention to your elders and betters. Failing that, you could always get hold of sexpert Tracey Cox's excellent book Hot Sex which will give you the real deal on having great sex. There's also a whole range of official Tracey Cox sex toys to go with her great books too.

    [Original link found via World Sex News]

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