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  1. Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Heavy Metal Transformer Vibe review"You can have two very experiences for the price of one with this baby. Without the sleeve the slightly flexible acrylic shaft vibrates very powerfully at its maximum speed.

    It feels great for clitoral stimulation, a very intense experience and a quick route to orgasms! For vaginal penetration the undulating shaft feels amazing.

    It's not very thick but the feeling of the ridges as it slides in and out stimulates the g-spot perfectly, and feels good with or without vibration. It would also be suitable for anal penetration when used with plenty of lube.

    And now the real fun begins…"

    See the full Heavy Metal Transformer Vibe review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Heavy Metal Transformer Vibe at Lovehoney.

    Flipping 'eck! MegaStar reports that miserly bosses of celebrity totty show Love Island have banned vibrators or any other sort of sex toy being taken onto the paradise island. Apparently the show's organisers are trying to make the Z-grade celebs so desperate for sex they'll start making whoopee with one another for the edification of viewers. Apparently Sophie Anderton was "furious" at her "electric friend" not being able to come along. Like the MegaStar says - "No sex toys? Next thing you know they'll be banning bananas."

    Sophie's more than welcome to go shopping in Lovehoney's truly huge selection of sex toys whenever she gets back from what sounds like trouble in paradise…

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    "The latest from Lelo is a winner. First off it feels really nice to hold, and looks solid and well built. It curves really nicely, making it a great external massager for the clitoral area. Also it's good for G-spot massage too.
    The many vibration patterns are controlled by one button, which is really sensitive - touch it gently and it purrs into life, offering quiet, pulsing vibrations that reach right to the tip of the silicone head. Squeeze it a bit more and the vibrations get more powerful (and the vibe a bit louder, but overall it's still pretty quiet). Keep squeezing and it goes into one of several amazing patterns, with some really powerful vibrations! I've yet to work my way through all the settings, but so far so good!
    Nice packaging too. And it's rechargeable, so no batteries!

    See the full Lelo Iris Rechargeable Vibrator review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Lelo Iris Rechargeable Vibrator at Lovehoney.

    "So before you schedule a doctor's appointment, ask yourself: Did I not use enough lube? Did my penis get caught in my zipper? Have I been masturbating or having vigorous unlubricated sex at too high a frequency? If the answer is yes, then you might find this small site helpful."

    Wise - if somewhat alarming - words there from the Penis Pain blog.

    Best get yourself some lube then - we've got gallons of the best lubes for every sexual occasion!

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    "This is easily the best introduction to vibrators that you'll get. For starters there's the size. It's small. It's cute. And it's pretty immediately satisfying! Nose, ears, legs – all good. Part of the fun is working out which bit feels best where.

    I personally don't think the finger ring is worth bothering with – my preferred method is to slip his paws down each side, with his nose against my clitoris before turning him on, which doesn't work if he's attached to my finger. My partner's finger is another matter altogether…"

    See the full Mantric DinkyRabbit Finger Vibe review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Mantric DinkyRabbit Finger Vibe at Lovehoney.

    Pirate Girl outfit Avast ye swabs! Lovehoney now has Pirate Costumes within its treasure trove of sexy uniforms, yours for just the price of a few gold doubloons. It doesn't come with a Pretty Polly to perch on your shoulder, but it does have some sexy lace up dress and a rakish pirate hat, garter and an eyepatch. (Stocking are sold separately - check our our massive stockings and tights selection). Go watch the new Pirates Of the Caribbean movie with dreamy Johnny Depp and scorching Kiera Knightley, then don your pirate outfit and make your love mate do a 21 gun salute! Yaaaarrr!

    Ever heard of Alfred Kinsey? He was America's leading sexologist, (he practically invented the science), and his books on human sexual preferences have basically shaped how we think about sex ever since. On this webpage there's a complete alphabetical list of sexual preferences and fetishes - find out how many of them you've got! It's interesting how a few decades ago some of these things were considered utterly perverted, but now barely raise an eyebrow. That's progress for you.

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Bedside Kama Sutra review"Great fun, it takes itself a bit seriously but that just adds to the comedy of the situation, especially when halfway though you drop the book, and then the hilarity and giggling as someone tries to pick it up without having a hernia. It has plenty of easy positions for those of us who are not as flexible as we thought and more advanced positions to, definately good fun and for the price good value too!
    I also recomend the Frenzy or Canopy of Stars positions, damn good! (Also beware when asking your partner if they want to do 'the Cow' - they might take offence!)"

    See the full Bedside Kama Sutra review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Bedside Kama Sutra at Lovehoney.

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Candy Cock Ring review"These are brilliant, there are three in a pack and each one has few enough candy beads that they can be eaten in one sitting.

    I enjoyed eating them off him and he certainly took great pleasure in my mastication. Unlike the Candy Bras and G-Strings there seemed to be nothing beneficial in wearing the cock ring in itself, however I wouldn’t normally expect that in what is basically just a fun novelty…"

    See the full Candy Cock Ring review at Orgasm Army.

    Buy the Candy Cock Ring at Lovehoney. has a step by step guide to "jelqing", which is apparently a do-it-yourself technique for enlarging your penis. Here's what they suggest:

    Here's how to "jelq" your penis -- if you have the patience, try it out and see if this method of "natural" penis enlargement works for you:

    * Wrap a towel soaked in hot water around your penis. Keep it on for five minutes.

    * Using lubricant, massage your penis until it is semi-erect.

    * Make an "OK" sign with your thumb and index finger, firmly grip the base of your penis and slide your hand to the head. Continue this motion for 30 to 60 minutes.

    * Wrap your penis in a hot towel for another five minutes.

    * Repeat this process at least five times a week.

    Yeah right - like anyone's going to go through all that. Plus it sounds deeply unfun. Whereas using one of our penis pumps is much more fun and produces great results quickly. Take a look at our beginner's guide to penis pumps for more info about the best pump for you.

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