1. Designer lubrication gels add tingles to enhance your erotic play, says B Magazine.

    "Lubricants can turn an average lover into a great one," says TV sex expert Tracey Cox. "We don't always lubricate on cue, so lubes can make a big difference - and prevent friction burns too!

    The magazine recommends lubes as good for everyone, in any position and particularly great for foreplay, picking out the Durex Play lubes and Mates Intensify Clitoral Stimulating Gel as two fab orgasm boosters.

    If you have built up a trusting relationship with a long-term partner, Japanese rope bondage is tipped as the latest way to explore your sexual boundaries. Japanese rope bondage involves tying your partner (or being tied yourself) with intricate rope knots using soft, silk rope.

    "Being tied up can be liberating as it absolves you of all responsibility," says sex psychologist Corinne Sweet in B Magazine.

    All you need to get started is some silk bondage rope… And someone to tie up!

    B Magazine (May 2006) recommends the Supersex Rabbit Vibe in its 5 Hot Sex Trends article. "The Supersex Rabbit vibrator has the original clit-stimulating rabbit ears and is ultra-quiet and more powerful," says the mag. Try one!

    Spice up your sex life and get more for your money at Lovehoney! As recommended in The Times, the Supersex Love Ring and Supersex Finger Tingler are ideal for couples who want to try something new between the sheets. And don't forget the Supersex Love Lube which is perfect for play with your partner or your sex toys. Buy any 2 and get 1 free while stocks last! Click here to see all buy 2 get 1 free products.

    We mentioned the film Dildo Diaries recently, which is all about the ludicrous ban on sex toys in Texas. The film's director kindly left a comment to let us know that the film has been picked up for broadcast in France and DVDs of the film are now available to buy direct online at www.dildodiaries.net.

    Glee Magazine: "It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in dating, and it’s time to get it out in the open for good. The so-called “cool” men and women out there aren’t half as good in the sack as their “nerdier” counterparts. Nerds not only have the brains, but they also have the most powerful possession of all, the love touch. These guys and gals have taken the time to do their homework, and they’ve mastered the geography, chemistry and mathematical formulas of how to make your body scream. Ready to smarten up and become the ultimate seducer? Then put away those shades and pick up a pocket protector because your about to get lesson 101 in love." [Read the whole article]

    Avast ye swabs! Lovehoney now has a Pirate Girl Outfit within its treasure trove of sexy uniforms, yours for just the price of a few gold doubloons. It doesn't come with a Pretty Polly to perch on your shoulder, but it does have some sexy lace up dress and a rakish pirate hat, garter and an eyepatch. (Stocking are sold separately - check our our massive stockings and tights selection). Go watch the new Pirates Of the Caribbean movie with dreamy Johnny Depp, then don your pirate girl outfit and make your love mate do a 21 gun salute! Yaaaarrr!

    More fascinating stuff on the history of the vibrator, this time from Rachel Maines, a visiting scholar in the department of science, technology and society at Cornell University. Her book Technology of Orgasm: Hysteria, the Vibrator and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction is all about how vibrators came into being and women getting their rightful oats:

    Here's an excerpt from an interview at The Ithacan:

    Rachel Maines: The book is about how physicians used to massage women to orgasm to treat them for hysteria, starting, at least as far as I can tell, in the time of Hippocrates, which is 450 B.C. up to the time of Freud, the 1930s. The vibrator was invented in the 1880s in the context of that treatment. It was devised, as far as we can tell, in part because it was used for that purpose.
    LT: Was it medicinal then?
    RM: Well, if you consider producing an orgasm medicinal, then yeah, I guess you can say it was medicinal. (Laughs.)
    LT: How did you get the idea for this?
    RM: Well, I was working on, of all subjects, needlework history and I was very surprised to discover ads for vibrators in needlework magazines from the 19-teens — from the 1906 “Women’s Home Companion” and the 1908 “Modern Priscilla,” 1910, things like that. And I thought, boy, that’s really early for an electrical appliance, considering that most people didn’t have electricity in their houses at that point. And it turns out that the vibrator is one of the very first electrical appliances to be introduced into the home.
    LT: Would you label this feminist literature? Do you consider yourself a feminist author?
    RM: Oh, absolutely. I’m definitely a feminist author, and this is a feminist book, trust me. It’s all about how we wouldn’t have needed this supposed treatment for this supposed hysteria if we didn’t have an androcentric definition for sexuality, in which penetration is considered to be the most important thing, right? That’s what real sex is supposed to be — except that only a minority of women reach orgasm that way. So the rest of them, the other 70 percent, the majority, were very frustrated.

    See also: A Brief History Of The Female Orgasm,History of the Hello Kitty Vibrator; Put What Where? 2000 Years Of Bizarre Sex Advice

    Scooped by The Sun last week, Love Labs' Victory Vibe is now available to buy! This powerful, single-speed rocket vibrator has 4 interchangeable heads and the all important England flag design.

    Go 45 minutes each way with this mini orgasm machine and you'll feel like you've won the world cup of sex! G-oh-oh-ooal! And if you get sent for an early bath, no problem - the Victory Vibe is totally waterproof! Show your support for the lads with the Victory Vibe - Come on England!

    The Star: There is a face people make when they learn about glass sex toys for the very first time. It's a blend of fascination and concern. It's quite possible that people are imagining (with a grimace) toys that are hollow and prone to shattering. Or maybe they're just wondering why? Well, really, why not?

    It's a question best asked in Seattle, Wash.. Yes, the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks is also a mecca for glassmakers and, as such, is responsible for the popularization of glass sex toys. It's the home of Standard Glass, a company owned by Levi Belber, an artisan who has put his company's glass sex toys in a shops across the continent.

    Though it produced only glass art at first, Standard Glass started on sex toys in its second year. "The first dildos were made in 1998," says Belber. "Our original toy was made as a wedding gift for two young ladies in love, and it was a great hit. More prototypes followed."

    Yet glass sex toys aren't new. According to Belber, they first appeared in the mainstream media in a 1970s issue of Playboy. Before that, they were an item made by European glassworkers on their lunch breaks for wives or girlfriends.

    Thanks to increased media coverage — whether it be in a Vivid porn film, in the pages of Hustler or on HBO — the past decade has seen a rise in the popularity of glass toys worldwide." [Read the full story]

    If you're curious about glass sex toys, have a browse of our extensive range of these exotic looking glass and metal dildos. They look gorgeous and they're super eco-friendly too for both you and the environment!

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