1. Lovehoney's exclusive England Victory Vibe heads up our June selection of 3-for-2 special offers.

    Support England all the way to the final in Germany by sporting an England World Cup Feather Boa or draping yourself in an England flag. Guys can show their true colours with Durex England Supporter Condoms.

    And as the excitement mounts, you can throw in Tracey Cox Supersex Love Ring or Supersex Finger Tingler and save money with every orgasm.

    Add 3 items to your shopping basket and you only pay for 2. Come on England!

    Lovehoney has been in bed with sex expert Tracey Cox for some time. The star of The Sex Inspectors and best-selling author of how-to-have-great-sex books Hot Sex and Super Sex also launched her exclusive range of Tracey Cox Sex Toys with us - and now Tracey's written us a spectacular guide to why men shouldn't be worried about vibrators.

    See, some blokes feel threatened when their girlfriend brings up using a vibrator - you'd think they'd be mad for it, but men's fragile egos sometimes cause them to worry that a vibe might be a replacement for their todger. In Why men are scared of vibrators - and shouldn't be, Tracey explains exactly why men think like this and why bringing a vibrator into the bedroom can make sex spectacular for both of you - you can get your man to read it or just whisper the sweet nothing summary in his ear before producing one of Tracey Cox's own Supersex Pleasure Vibes and showing him a whole new world of fun. It's all written with Tracey's trademark frank and fun style - honest, straightforward and easy to follow.

    Once you've got your man in tune with the joys of using a vibrator, they'll probably be no stopping the pair of you, and Tracey has plenty of other toys in her official Tracey Cox sex toys range to keep you entertained…

    Good article recently on the joys of glass sex toys in The Seattle Star: There is a face people make when they learn about glass sex toys for the very first time. It's a blend of fascination and concern. It's quite possible that people are imagining (with a grimace) toys that are hollow and prone to shattering. Or maybe they're just wondering why? Well, really, why not?

    It's a question best asked in Seattle, Wash.. Yes, the birthplace of grunge music and Starbucks is also a mecca for glassmakers and, as such, is responsible for the popularization of glass sex toys. It's the home of Standard Glass, a company owned by Levi Belber, an artisan who has put his company's glass sex toys in a shops across the continent.

    Though it produced only glass art at first, Standard Glass started on sex toys in its second year. "The first dildos were made in 1998," says Belber. "Our original toy was made as a wedding gift for two young ladies in love, and it was a great hit. More prototypes followed."

    Yet glass sex toys aren't new. According to Belber, they first appeared in the mainstream media in a 1970s issue of Playboy. Before that, they were an item made by European glassworkers on their lunch breaks for wives or girlfriends.

    Thanks to increased media coverage — whether it be in a Vivid porn film, in the pages of Hustler or on HBO — the past decade has seen a rise in the popularity of glass toys worldwide."

    If you're curious about glass sex toys, have a browse of our extensive range of these exotic looking glass dildos and butt plugs. They look gorgeous and they're super eco-friendly too for both you and the environment! If you want more info before you decide to buy, read our Glass Sex Toys Buying Guide so you'll know what's what. And if you want to read what real people who've really used glass sex toys have to say about particular glass sex toys models, read the glass sex toy reviews at OrgasmArmy - you can't go wrong!

    As World Cup fever starts to grip the globe, there's a battle breaking out between a German sex toy manufacturer and two football stars. Ananova reports:

    Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn are demanding damages after they were featured in a soccer superstars range of vibrators.

    New Chelsea signing Ballack and German goalie Kahn are unhappy with Beate Uhse launching erotic toys named Michael B and Olli K.

    A dildo named David B also forms part of the collection of products aimed at peaking women's interest in the World Cup.

    The two German footballers have now taken legal action against the Munich-based company for "clearly violating personal rights", although David Beckham has not made a complaint.

    Blimey. Good job Lovehoney's own collection of World Cup Sex Toys is completely legit and available to keep the troops happy - we've got everything from the Come On England! Victory Vibrator through to World Cup condoms.. Browse our whole range of sexy World Cup goodies to make sure you're ready for the Big Kickoff…

    As Beckham and team prepare for victory in Germany, Lovehoney's exclusive England Victory Vibe is doing its bit for the girls back home.

    Reviewed in Maxim magazine's Sex Toy Road Test, the Victory Vibe gets a more than creditable 7/10 for delivering "a very satisfying own goal."

    "Whizzing this thing up and down my clit made me groan," says sex toy reviewer Natasha Mealey. "I was gasping 'C'mon!' for England as I started to orgasm."

    The review has got us so hot under the collar that we've put it on the Orgasm Army sex toy review site for you…

    Come on England!

    Tony Blair has warned young people to take responsibility for their sexual behaviour and learn more about sex. Well done Tony!

    In an interview with Radio 1, our Dear Leader said that the results of the MTV Durex Bare All Survey would help to improve health services.

    While we don't think that "young people" hang on Tony's every word, this is a bit rich from a man who many believe could convert to Catholicism. According to the Vatican, condoms don't stop Aids.

    But seeing as his devoutly Catholic wife Cherie Blair is chums with the Pope, maybe he could get her to ask him to end the Catholic Church's objection to condoms.

    Come on Tony, you know it makes sense!

    It's a bit different from Alton Towers… opening up later this summer in London is Amora, the Academy of Sex & Relationships. ViewLondon reports:

    Located in London's Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus, the Academy brings together hi-tech interactive exhibits along with new media displays, designed to educate and entertain the public about sexual health and relationships.

    The site will occupy around 10,000 square feet of space, with bosses hoping to attract over 600,000 wide-eyed visitors in the first year.

    However, the Academy is not simply a porn show claim its developers, who have spent three years and over £7 million preparing the displays.

    "Titillation is not the goal," said a spokesman for the academy.

    Lovehoney has its own Sex Academy online in the form of our sexcellent Sex Toys Buying Guides, which will give you plenty of inspiration about to how bring new excitement to your love life.

    It's time to tell the world about what you've been getting up to between the sheets in the biggest ever sex survey launched in the UK. MTV, Radio 1 and Durex have got together in a particularly frenzied threesome to launch Bare All This Summer, the biggest ever youth survey about sex – and it’s your chance to make your voice heard.

    Visit the special website at bareall06.co.uk and fill in the survey - and if you do, you get the chance to win money-can’t-buy prizes, including treats from Sugababes, Gnarls Barkley, Muse, Pink and more.

    You can also see what the likes of Pink, Sway Jody Marsh and Duncan James at this MTV web page have to say about their own sexual experiences and see how they compare to yours.

    If you're still feeling like writing more sextastic stuff, you should head to Orgasm Army and contribute a review of your favourite sex toys, or read up on the opinions of others about the best toys to make you smile.

    The national press in the UK has been awash recently with adverts for "The Original Blue Pill", a daring attempt to bring libido-enhancing drugs to the pages of The Daily Telegraph.

    We salute any effort to improve the sexual health of the nation, but have to say that on close inspection, it's hard to tell what the products in the ads actually do… God bless the placebo effect!

    If you want some that'll put a little lead in your pencil, have a go on one of our little blue pill alternatives.

    >We all know that the success of Britney Spears' debut single Baby One More Time was as much due to the sizzling video where she appeared in a sexy school uniform as it was the song itself.

    Ms Spears reinvigorated a perennial uniform classic, and here at Lovehoney we have a veritable wardrobe full of sexy school girl uniforms. We've just added three new sexy school uniforms to our ever growing list of hot costumewear - there's the Punk
    School Girl Uniform
    , the

    This is on top of the horde of other sexy school uniforms we've already got on stock, like the Masquerade
    3 Piece Plus Size Schoolgirl Outfit and also the one that'll make you look just like Ms Spears herself - the Naughty Schoolgirl Uniform… Follow the link for our complete range of sexy
    school girl uniforms

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