1. Well, quelle surprise: women are more randy than blokes. As NewKarala reports: "If you thought that men were the only creatures with sex on their minds everyday, well then it’s time to think again, for a new survey has found that women spend 30 minutes more than them every day thinking about it too.
    The survey, of 4,000 Brits by internet giant lastminute.com, found that while men think about sex 150 minutes in every 24 hours, women on the other hand, spend 180 minutes per day thinking about getting hot and heavy.
    A spokesman for the firm said that contrary to old stereotypes, men were not so sex hungry after all."
    Which is all the more reason why you need to buy him some Better Sex For Boys books so he'll know exactly what to do to keep you coming back for more…

    According to book publishers in the US, more and more erotica is being bought by readers across the country. The demand for erotic novels with steamy sex action spelt out somewhat more explicitly than Mills & Boon is, er, booming. And authors of erotica are on the rise too, with many women writing a sexual tour de force on the side from their other jobs.

    As CBS2chicago.com reports:
    "Deep dark and dangerous," "sexy beast," "hard stuff" -- these aren't your grandmother's romance novels. Love stories are getting a sexy new makeover

    "If there's going to be sex, you're going to get it," said author Robin Schone.

    The writers behind these steamy new books may surprise you. Take Penny Dawn, the suburban mother of two, who's firing up macaroni and cheese one minute and turning up the heat at the computer the next.

    "I wrote 'Measuring Up' with Dora the Explorer in the background. It's strictly business," Dawn said.

    Dawn, who's published one erotic romance and has several in the pipeline, says the story still comes first. But now you'll find a lot more of what happens between the sheets between the pages.

    "Women demand more than just the cheap thrill. They need the whole package," Dawn said. [Read the whole story

    We've got a stack of saucy literature already making our shelves groan at The Erotic BookShop, and if you feel like flexing your own erotic literary talents, you could make your writing debut on Orgasm Army, writing a review of one the erotic books you've read or, if you prefer, one of your favourite sex toys.

    Ever wondered whether an Emotional Bliss clitoral stimulator would do it for you? Want to know if Durex Play Mint Tingle Lube will put an extra spark in your lovemaking? Curious if the Top Cat Wiggle Wand delivers the goods? Wonder no more - Lovehoney's new website, OrgasmArmy.com, brings you a host of sex toy reviews written by real people that lets you get the low-down on whether a particular toy is right for you.

    If you register for free with Orgasm Army, you can contribute your own reviews and leave messages for the other reviewers, ask questions about different toys and generally get the most informed idea about different sex toys before you buy anything. You naturally remain anonymous on the site, appearing under your unique ID name, so you don't need to worry about someone at work tripping over your ecstatic review of Big Daddy's Cock Ring.

    Now it's your turn to say what you think - become a recruit to the Orgasm Army today!

    Used on the club scene and the gay scene for years (if not decades!), poppers are a controversial sexual aid. Also known as aromas and room odourisers, rumours abound regarding their alleged illegality and possible detrimental health effects. And as with most rumours, it's largely nonsense.

    A couple of Web sites that aim clear the air (ahahahaha) have popped (aahahahaa. again) up, namely Poppers Myths which does what is says on the bottle (aahahahaha. yet again.), and All About Poppers, which also does. Have a read and decide for yourself.

    Can't last long enough? You're not alone. Numerous studies from Kinsey onwards have indicated that once penetration begins, most men take between 3 and 5 minutes to ejaculate. And the younger you are, the worse it is.

    Suzi Godson in The Times Body & Soul section suggests a variety of ways to addresses the "buttock-clenching anxiety" of early sexual encounters, including pointing him towards a couple of confidence boosters.

    The Durex Play Longer delay lube and Safex Delay Condoms are picked out as a couple of useful helpers. Both products contain Benzocaine which helps to dull sensation and delay ejaculation.

    Once your confidence is building, try the stop-start technique, developed in 1965 by the aptly named Dr J Semens. It helps men recognise the build-up of pleasurable sensations before orgasm, so they can then try to hold off from ejaculation for 15 minutes. Practise for 3 times a week for 3 months and guys will be able to control their responses a lot better.

    And above all, do your best and don't worry.

    Let's be honest - not everyone likes the taste of going down. In fact, for some, it can be downright off-putting. But don't despair! Company magazine has rounded up some gorgeous goodies that will take you from yuck to yummy.

    It recommends you use his willy as a dipstick for the Sizzling Body Candy or that you melt into each-other's arms with a his 'n' hers Chocolate Thong. And, of course, there's always Chocolate Body Paint, which tastes great liked off his willy.

    More dedicated oral practitioners might like to try a little Sweet Release, the magazine suggests. Makes him taste of apples and her taste citrusy… How long til they do a Vodka and Red Bull flavour?

    B Magazine has a recipe for sexual success this month, recommending that couples add some spice by having sex standing up. Apparently, being held up by your man helps increase blood flow to the parts that matter, giving you faster and more intense orgasms, which is only to be applauded, we think.

    The mag recommends giving nature some assistance by using a Mates Intensify Vibrating Condom Ring to deliver some pre-sex stimulation.

    "If your man's a lot taller or a lot smaller than you, have sex on the stairs to even out the height difference," adds sexpert Sarah Hedley. "Or stand and get your man to kneel in front of you and give you oral sex."

    Try it on the escalator next time you're in Marks and Sparks… And if you're after some even more adventurous positions, have a look at the Pocket Kama Sutra.

    Designer lubrication gels add tingles to enhance your erotic play, says B Magazine.

    "Lubricants can turn an average lover into a great one," says TV sex expert Tracey Cox. "We don't always lubricate on cue, so lubes can make a big difference - and prevent friction burns too!

    The magazine recommends lubes as good for everyone, in any position and particularly great for foreplay, picking out the Durex Play lubes and Mates Intensify Clitoral Stimulating Gel as two fab orgasm boosters.

    If you have built up a trusting relationship with a long-term partner, Japanese rope bondage is tipped as the latest way to explore your sexual boundaries. Japanese rope bondage involves tying your partner (or being tied yourself) with intricate rope knots using soft, silk rope.

    "Being tied up can be liberating as it absolves you of all responsibility," says sex psychologist Corinne Sweet in B Magazine.

    All you need to get started is some silk bondage rope… And someone to tie up!

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