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  1. Well, sort of. Total Film magazine reports that

    "Tea Leoni and David Duchovny must have nothing to talk about when they get home. Because they seem to work together an awful lot.

    Their latest joint project is Funlady, the true-life story of single mom Linda Brewer, an Arkansas woman struggling to raise her daughters. But here’s the twist - to raise money, she started selling sex toys out of her car. Writer Susan Brightbill will pen the script."

    Clearly this was before the days of the internet when you can just get your sex toys delivered straight to your door. But we're curious to see how well this goes down at the cinema if it gets made - as it were.

    Alternet carries an interesting article from Liz Langley about her time working at our USA friends Good Vibrations, a adult toy shop in Orlando, Florida.

    I expected entertainment (finding film titles like "Dawson's Crack"), but I hadn't anticipated seeing sales associates who really helped their customers in that meaningful way normally associated with teachers or doctors.

    "That's why we work here. To make the world a better place," says Jo-El Schult, an assistant manager and SESA (sex educator sales associate) at the Good Vibrations retail store in Berkeley, Calif.

    If Schult's assertion seems too ambitious, think again. Sex is significant, and its quality or crappiness can make people happy campers or miserable bastards. We've all thought about some poor jerk, "S/he needs to get laid," but what if the problem is actually that they're not quite sure what they're doing once they get there? [Read the fulls story]

    Amen to that. Here at Lovehoney we've obviously got a lot of fun toys for you to play with to enjoy by yourself and with a partner too - but we've also got our sex toy buying guides so you can figure out what goes where and what you're interested in. You can shop confidentially online and have the goodies delivered discreetly to your door. No one else need ever know. Except for the big smile on your face…

    For the woman who has everything, luxury sex toys are the ultimate indulgence. Splash some cash to buy a toy that really knows how to do the business and comes in a nice box too. We've talked before about the lovely Je Joue Luxury Stimulator and the bling bling wonder that is the Le Lynx titanium vibrator, but Ms Lovehoney has some other luxury items in her ever growing love arsenal.

    Beyond bling is the Elemental Pleasure Titanium Vibrator kit, which comes in an even nicer box than the Le Lynx and, crucially, has some excellent extras for even better self-loving. The three diffrerent, interchangable heads deliver three different levels of vibration to suit your mood - the three bump tip is high speed, the two bump tip is medium speed and the one bump is low speed. It's not cheap at £250, but the titanium manufacture is guaranteed for life and it's the best you can get.

    If you want even more variety than that, then the Love Machine is for you. This fantastic invention has taken the US by storm with its six different attachments that can provide an amazing range of different pleasurable sensations. It can please both sexes too, so don't think it's just for the girls. Best of all, you can use the Love Machine in all sorts of positions. Go Horizontal. Go Vertical. Go Wild! The Love Machine can sit on any flat surface, and has mounting outlets for easy attachment to your wall. You can adjust the angle of the Pleasure Attachments to any position you desire, The 90 degree adjustability helps you find the angle and position that feels good for you! Ride it like a pony, take it from behind, or just sit back and let The Love Machine do all the work. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination! It does everything, which makes it actually quite a bargain despite its hefty price tag of £270. It's a lot more fun than one of those diamond-encrusted vibes, anyway…

    or so claims the blurb on their website. A rubber saddle mounted on a steel frame with a hole cut through the middle of the saddle for a man's bits, The Gravitizer lets you practise all sorts of positions while doing most of the work for you. See The Gravitizer site for positions and more information.

    UPDATE: The Gravitizer site has disappeared unfortunately. But we've found something possibly even better that does the same thing - the Angel Wings Sex Chair. And you can buy it in the UK too.

    The Gravitizer seems remarkably like the Bodybouncer, which we covered here back in September last year. Both of these bits of new bedroom furniture are only available in the States at the moment, but we reckon you might be better off with a Love Swing for zero-g sex - it's the same one that Samantha used in Sex And The City! (Well, not the exact same one, obviously. That would be just silly). We've got lots of other sexy bedroom furniture for you to browse besides the Love Swing too.

    UPDATE: The Gravitizer website seems to have disappeared. But here at Lovehoney we now have the Angel Wings Weightless Sex Chair which we reckon is just as good as the Gravitizer and the Bodybouncer - and it ships in the UK too!

    "With the lights out, it's less dangerous" sang Nirvana in Smells Like Teen Spirit. But it can also be more fun, especially if you're wearing one of our new Leopard Blindfolds. Looking like something straight out of AbFab, these gorgeous print blindfolds fit comfortably on the face and let your lover tease you in all sorts of unexpected ways - and they let you get a better night's sleep afterwards too - all ready to start all over again in the morning. It's just one of our range of blindfolds and masks that let you add some mystery and roleplay into your lovelife.

    We've talked before about the joys of immortalising your willy in plaster - but now we've gone one better. You can immortalise your willy in chocolate - or as immortal as the five minutes that it will last once you've wolfed it down with a grin on your face. Our DIY Chocolate Willy Moulding Kit has all the necessary bits you need to create this phallic masterpiece in cocoa. Guaranteed to provide a bucketload of laughs for two of you trying this out…

    "Sitting in his office between a sculpture of a penis and a pile of pornographic magazines, psychiatrist Ng Man-lun says he is on a mission to elevate sex to the realm of art and culture.

    The Hong Kong professor, who says the magazines are officially teaching tools but "sometimes for my own entertainment", is behind the territory's first sex festival and hopes the week-long event will break down taboos on the issue.

    Known here as Doctor Sex, Ng says he hopes the Sex Cultural Festival that kicks off on Sunday will change the way people in Hong Kong view the subject.

    Putting sex at the bottom of their list of priorities and having the wrong attitude about sex are partly to blame, Ng says.

    "Some people think sex is for making babies. They don't think about how to satisfy their partners or even themselves, what methods to take, the frequency and realise the relationship between sex and love," he says.

    "I put sex as the number one priority in my life. It can improve your life, makes you happier, gives you more energy. Money is not that important if your wife leaves you or your kids run away," he says." [Read the full article

    And indeed, the Hong Kong people need Dr Ng's love - Durex's recent survey discovered they only get it on 78 times a year, compared with over a 100 times a year on average. Looks like there's a lot to learn. Check our better sex books if you're interested in expanding your naughty horizons…

    As well as having 25 million condoms donated by the Brazilian government during the Carnival season, San Paulo and Salvador revellers will be able to be extra sweet to any one they smooch with a new germ-killing mouthspray. "Serial kissers at Brazil's racy Carnival parades can now swap saliva with even more revellers thanks to a mouth spray designed to fight germs, just one of many weird products companies have launched to profit from traditionally libidinous revelry.

    The spray was launched by a local company for Carnival celebrations this weekend in Salvador, the heart of Brazil's African culture, and Sao Paulo, its biggest city. French kissing among strangers is rife during Carnival.

    Its slogan was "Kiss a lot, kiss pleasurably, kiss safe." "[Read the full story at Reuters].

    It's always good to make sure you're freshened up before any amorous encounters, although it's the blokes who are the ones that usually need to take that advice rather than the girls. If you don't like everyone in your local chemist knowing your business, you can always shop online at our sister site BuyNotShy.co.uk - we've got lots of feminine care products and Male Hygiene products you can wave under your loved one's nose if he's in need of it.

    Sounds like Sex And The City is having a significant impact on the women of China, if this column at Asian Sex Gazette is to believed. The exploits of Carrie, Samantha, et al - especially that episode where Charlotte turns into a recluse after discovering the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator - have become immensely popular in the People's Republic, and now Chinese women want to know where how they can "feed the rabbit" as well…

    And now some good news for our American friends:

    iBuzz, the iPod sex toy that has already caused a buzz in The New York Times, Harper's Index and Wired.com, will be launched in the US on 24 February - the birthday of Apple boss Steve Jobs.

    Already a best-seller in Europe iBuzz, from makers Love Labs, is the music-activated orgasm machine that can be connected to any iPod, MP3 player or music source. And when it drops into Steve's mailbox on Friday, never will anyone have been so excited to hear the song "Happy Birthday to you!".

    How does it work? iBuzz has a bullet that vibrates in time to the music and when the volume is turned up, the vibrations get stronger. It is supplied with his-and-hers ring and stimulator, white iPod-style wires to connect to a music source, and a headphone splitter so users can listen to their music while enjoying the vibrations. If you don't have an MP3 player handy, the iBuzz can be used as a stand-alone vibrator thanks to its seven vibration patterns.

    Clip the iBuzz onto your belt and slip the bullet into your pocket (or elsewhere) for proof of how a good bassline can produce euphoria in even the most out-of-touch music heads. Monday morning's journey into work never seemed so appealing…

    No MP3 player? No worries - the iBuzz still works on its own without music. Just turn on and enjoy the seven amazing vibration patterns. Better still, it is discreet, stylish and easy to use anywhere. The iBuzz - which songs will push your buttons?

    iBuzz will ship across the US from 24 February, the birthday of Apple boss Steve Jobs.

    Pre-order now at ibuzzusa.com. iBuzz costs $59.99 plus $7.50 shipping.

    And of course, if you live in dear old Blighty or in tres continental Europe, you can buy it from the original iBuzz UK website.

    NB: iBuzz is not endorsed by Apple Computer, Inc. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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