1. Well, what a month it's been. First off, massive thanks to Sarah and Jason, and Maya and Shane for being the sexual guinea pigs in our trial.

    The most obvious result is that Sweet Release didn't change the guys' flavour in 30 days. There was a hint of a change towards the end of the trial, but it didn't cause much more than a mild wobble on the Richter scale of taste.

    So from that point of a view it was a disappointment, but along the way it's been very interesting to read the ups and downs as couples try to balance work, home life and pleasure with the demands of oral sex. It's a tough life…

    We've all had moments when we feel horny as hell in work, but unless you carry a Mini Rabbit vibe around in your bag there's little you can do about it without attracting attention to yourself in the Ladies.

    And what about if some horny guy moves into the flat across the hall from you? What would you do to satisfy your craving for him? In the case of Bettina Varese's Diary Of A Nymph erotic short story, anything she damn well pleases…

    The excerpt taken below is from Erotica 1: Bettina's Tales, Erotic Short Stories, collected by Bettina Varese (The Collective)

    Research just in from Canada reveals that snoring may be ruining many couples' sex lives. A poll of married Ontario couples found that 58% complained that their partner snores and that it has a negative impact on their ability to have nookie.

    Canadian sex expert Sue Johanson warned that snoring and a lack of sex could lead to a disintegration of relationships. So make sure you have sex before you fall asleep and you won't go far wrong. ;-)

    Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than having fun with an erotic game during sex. One of my favourite games to play as a form of foreplay is erotic eating. I guess my inspiration for trying it was the kitchen sex scene in 9 1/2 Weeks, with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

    If you fancy transferring your culinary skills to the bedroom, take your lead from Anne Hooper's 'Sexual Banquet.' In her best-selling book Great Sex Games, Anne talks you through how to incorporate food into your foreplay with this simple but delicious game.

    The excerpt below is taken from Anne Hooper's Great Sex Games(published by Dorling Kindersley).

    'The sexual banquet is unique in that there are no tables, chairs, knives or forks. Your partner's naked body is the plate upon which the food is served, and you are the sole dinner. Other essential ingredients are a can of whipped cream, a pot of honey or syrup, and a selection of soft, juicy fruits.

    Sex banquet tips

    Ask your partner to 'hide' a dab of honey on their body. Your job is to find it with your tongue.

    Use a new paintbrush to paint the body with runny foods such as cream, ice cream, syrup, yoghurt or custard.

    Let your sexual banquet degenerate into mayhem and have a food fight. Smother each other in whipped cream, crush fruit into [your lover's] hair and pour custard all over them.

    Eat a whole meal from your partner's body. Arrange the starter on the chest, the main course on the belly and the desert on the abdomen and genitals.

    Stimulate the body with food

    Use food to stimulate your partner's body. Aim for subtle stimulation at first – slowly drip honey from a spoon into the navel, squeeze fresh orange juice onto the skin, run an ice cube over the nipples, lick chocolate sauce from the neck or, using whipped cream, make a pattern on the body and then lick it off.

    As your partner begins to get aroused, start to stimulate the genitals in an indirect way. For example, dribble champagne between her legs or place a bagel around his penis and nibble it, being sure to brush his penis 'accidentally' with your tongue.'

    The Lovehoney Guide to Attending a Fetish Club for the First Time

    No man or woman is born rubber clad into a world of goddesses and gimps. The fetish scene and the clubs that frequent them were just as alien to me once as they may be to you today. It doesn't take much more than a killer outfit, a can-do attitude and an open heart and mind to take your first steps into the public fetish scene. In fact the only other weapon missing from your arsenal is knowledge. If you're intrigued by the scene but tentative about attending an event, this blog should provide you with all of the basics you need to get you from curiosity to club night.

    Marcus T - Fetish Photographer : My First Time At A Fetish Club

    Marcus T is a club night photographer who is on the press list for most of the fetish nights in London, including Torture Garden. Originally attracted to the aesthetic of the fetish scene, he found himself experimenting with fetish clubbing alongside his partner and now considers scene players as his closest friends.

    Amy Day of Am Statik Latex : My First Time At A Fetish Club

    Amy Day is a 23 year old fetish fashion prodigy. She is the sole proprietor and designer for Am Statik latex, a company she launched in December 2009. She studied fashion at the University of Bath where she first started experimenting with latex design in 2008.

    Amy is also a regular attendee at fetish events in London and became a scene pin-up after her first ever fetish club experience, which didn't exactly go according to plan:

    We're making room for our Christmas stock! Check out the sex toys sale section for five fab vibrators at just £1.99 each. They make great stock fillers and Secret Santa presents, too!

    It's time to grab a sex toys bargain! Check out the sex toys sale section for five fab vibrators at just £1.99 each.

    O' My Natural LubricantWhen talking about blowjobs, Sex And The City's Samantha Jones once said: "Honey, they don't call it a job for nothing."

    Quite right, too. Blowjobs provoke different reactions in different women. For some it's a sure-fire way to blow their man's mind. For others it's a series of gag-reflexes, feelings of suffocation and nausea at the thought of swallowing sperm (especially if it's quite sour tasting – this can happen with guys who regularly smoke and drink). For me, it depends on who I'm with and what mood I'm in.

    Some friends of mine even go so far as deciding whether to give head based on the size of the guy's penis. Their reasoning for this? "Women have small mouths and if the guy's penis is too big, we'll just end up gagging." I can understand the point they're making, but it doesn't have to be that way. The secret to giving your man great head is finding a balance between making him feel totally engulfed without making you feel suffocated.

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