1. Lubricants such as ID Glide and Astroglide can help off-set the side-effects of lower oestrogen says Suzi Godson in The Times's Body & Soul section.

    "Because oestrogen and testosterone play such a big a part in libido, women who decide not to take HRT sometimes experience a dip in their sex drive," says Suzi. "One of the most common side-effects of declining oestrogen -- lack of lubrication -- is one of the easiest to rectify."

    This week, you will be playing a naughty game with your partner to enhance your dirty words vocabulary. Quite simply, the game will involve exploring each other's erogenous zones and combining your erotic exploration with sexual commands.

    Before starting this game, set the mood by having a candle-lit bath with your lover. Make sure you are both immaculately clean by the time you step out of the bath so that you are both confident in letting each other explore some of the most intimate areas of your body.

    Day: Wednesday 11/10/06
    Time: 8:30am
    Location: In the living room
    Circumstances: End of the experiment
    How did he taste? Neutral
    Sperm Test Rating: 6
    (1=normal, 100=Golden Delicious Apple)

    Well, I don't know how we did it but we seem to have a day 31. I promise it's the last day though. We had to have one last check of Jason's spunk. It was early evening and Jason was at his desk. I turned his chair round, unzipped his trousers and got to work.

    Unfortunately still no apple. I must say, at the start of the experiment I was convinced it was going to work, so I am very disappointed. But Jason's very happy - he did get lots of blow-jobs after all.

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    Day: Tuesday 10/10/06
    Time: 10:30am
    Location: In bed
    Circumstances: One to check the taste, last thing at night
    How did he taste? Neutral, hint of sweetness
    Sperm Test Rating: 7 (1=normal, 100=Golden Delicious Apple)

    Jason got home about 8pm. I decided to have an early night and Jason followed not long after me. We had to have a tasting as we've only got a couple of days left of our experiment. Well, some women have bad hair days, but I think I was having a bad blow-job day. Some days I feel like an Olympic standard fellatrix, but tonight I was just rubbish at it. No teasing, no co-ordination, no saliva. But we managed a successful result anyway. Apart from the couple of spurts I got in the eye…..

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    OK, how many of you watched Channel 4's cock-umentary on the world's biggest penis last week? I did, and it reminded me of an experience I had when I was a teenager. It wasn't anything to do with the world's biggest penis, but more like the world's smallest.

    My friend Jennie was dating this guy called Andrew, who was studying at Bournemouth University, and she nagged me to go with her to visit him for the weekend. The prospect of playing gooseberry just so Jennie could get her rocks off wasn't appealing in the slightest, especially seeing how most of Andrew's mate's comprised the biggest sector of geeks I'd ever laid eyes on.

    Still, the price of being a good friend is to sometimes waste a weekend talking to guys you'd never look at on a night out, just because you don't want to offend your mate's new beau.

    So we arrived at Bournemouth station, Andrew was late and we had to wait an age for him to turn up. He eventually strolled over to us, reeking of booze and declaring that he and his mates – who were huddled just a few meters down the platform giggling and pointing at Jen and I – were in the middle of an all-day drinking competition. They had decided that we had to join in immediately, even though we were laden with baggage.

    I had to be in work early, so I was up with the lark (but not with thrush thankfully). Anyway, ornithology aside…

    Finished work and then rushed off to my voluntary work, chaired a meeting and finally got home about 8pm. I had a vodka or two to wind down after all that and by the time I caught up with my emails, it was way past our bed-time. No sex, no blow-jobs and no tastings.

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