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  1. Ever fancied using sex furniture?

    Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo review"Firstly the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo is a quality item, designed and made from high density foam and a plush velour covering, it feels substantial and very well made. It is best described as "sex furniture" and enables couples to get into various positions (and more importantly stay in various positions) maintaining both comfort and support. The options for different positions are endless so I will mention a couple that stand out…"

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    Where to start with anal play?

    Anal Beginners Vibrator review"I bought this as a gift for the boyfriend as he was wanting to experiment with anal play. After much consideration I picked out this one for him. It's made of a lovely, soft, squidgy jelly, and the vibrations are of a relatively good strength considering it runs on just one single AA battery…"

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    Do these products really work? Looks like it…

    Flower Power Lip Balm Orgasm Booster review"I have tried serveral other products simular to this but so far this is the best orgasm booster i have found. not only that but it is packaged nicely but it also smells heavenly. it is a great way to boost oral sex for her and gives him/her something lovely to taste and smell.

    i found that by rubbing this waxy balm into non aroused clit just before leaving work and leaving it to sink in hep maximise the effeciveness of this product from good to OUT OF THIS WORLD GIVE IT TO ME EVEN HARDER!!…"

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    Liz Hoggard interviews Ann Summers chief Jacqueline Gold in today's Independent, off the back of her more-than-generously giving away £200,000 on the new ITV show Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway.

    The piece is long on the history of Jacqueline's mould-breaking work at Ann Summers (which is very well covered in Jacqueline Gold's autobiography) but very short on quotes and insights into her views on running a £140m pleasure empire.

    Yes, it trots out the hoary old chestnut that "the Rampant Rabbit featured in Sex and the City".

    OK, here's one for all you girlies: the importance of using Dental Dams! I know it's not the sexiest thing you've read in a while, and I myself have been guilty of going down on a girl without using any kind of protection, but oral thrush isn't the lasting memory you want after eating out a hot woman. Unfortunately, that's the risk you take if you have a one-night stand and don't use a Dam. As my friends found out on New Year's Eve.

    Remember that swingers party I told you we were going to? Turns out that two of my old school friends always had a thing for each other, so they got it on in a big way at the swingers party. Trouble is, one of the girls had something else the other didn't know about: thrush. Both of them are feeling slightly embarrassed right now, not to mention itchy, but I'm please to say they will be meeting up again. And yes, I did give them a decent supply of Dental Dams to get on with. So now it's your turn…

    I'm assuming that you know what STI's are and how you can catch them, but remarkably some girls still don't know that you can catch an STI through lapping up the vaginal secretions of another women. The chances of catching something through oral sex may be slim compared to actual sex or anal sex, but if you have a cut or sore in your mouth you are leaving yourself open to unnecessary risk.

    Do you remember when I told you that Sasha was an active lesbian in Uni? Well, she caught a really bad case of oral thrush after dating this girl for a couple of weeks. The smell when Sasha spoke was quite foul, so I can only imagine what it was like actually having her mouth infected by the stuff.

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    Extra Thick Vibrating 9-inch Cock with Balls review"Bought this with some other stuff, carry the box home you could tell where this monster was laying cos its a heavy tool. Unpacking it, I really started to wonder about my greed. Loads of lube and very slowly is essential. So far I have managed to get nearly all the head into my pussy…"

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    Just a quick one to wish you all a very happy (and filthy) New Year! I'm off to a swingers party tonight – managed to rope some old school mates into coming along too, so it's gonna be an interesting to see how they handle it.

    Now where did I put my masquerade mask…

    Ever since I was about 16-years-old, my dreams have generally had some kind of sex theme running through them. But lately, over the past few weeks or so, my dreams seem to revolve around one thing: oral sex. It doesn't matter what kind of dream I'm having – be it a nightmare, a flashback to something that has happened in my life, or a dream in which I've committed a crime or have been late for something (bizarrely, school crops up a lot) – the dream seems to stop half-way through and then it's all about me getting eaten out by whoever is in my dream.

    It's totally bizarre, but it's been happening more and more lately. One morning last week I dreamt that I was shoplifting in Liberty's (London) and I remember feeling so scared because the security guard was absolutely huge and was chasing me through the store. I got as far as the fire exit before he dragged me back in and threw me in his office, but it wasn't to call the police. He thrust me down on his desk and started to eat me out vigorously, ripping off my pants with his teeth and using his baton to fuck me. I got so turned on that I woke up and my pussy was streaming with juices.

    I don't usually buy Christmas presents for my lovers, but this year I couldn't resist picking up a few of the Good Vibrations Bump And Grind Cock Rings for my close male friends. Ideal for making each of my lover's cocks look bigger and thicker than normal, the Bump And Grind also has a reversible softskin sleeve to make sure their cocks are snug and protected while the ring is in place, acting as a much needed friction barrier.

    Christmas may be over, but you never need an excuse to go sex toy shopping, and if you want your lover's penis to feel harder than Superman's biceps then you need to get your hands on the Bump And Grind. The vibrating bullet tucked underneath the Good Vibrations Bump And Grind cock ring will bring your man up to speed in no time, and it will also mean vibrating action for you, too. There's nothing to lose with this cock ring, except a wild orgasm if you don't get one!

    I hope Santa has brought all you naughty kittens some sexy goodies for Christmas? I have a few gorgeous treats to play with over the next few days, and Santa even brought me a few items off my Christmas wish list: the Electric Eyezone Massager, the Rock Chick vibrator and the Bubblegum ID Juicy lube. Yummy!

    Anyway, I've got a serious amount of champagne to quaff so I'd better get back to disposing of the wrapping paper littering my parents living room. Hey, you didn't expect me not to come home for Christmas did you? I have to say, I am a little disturbed at the thought of two days straight without any sex, but my Rock Chick should get me through quite nicely. And no, my parents didn't buy me any sex toys for Christmas… I told you, Santa did.

    Merry Christmas,
    BK x x x

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