1. Real Life G-Spot Experiences

    Opinion is divided on whether there's a universal vaginal pleasure spot - often called the G-spot - so we ran a survey earlier this year to find out what you thought about the matter.

    We asked a whole bunch of questions and gave you a blank box into which you could put any G-spot-related thoughts that popped into your head.

    And this long is what you said…

    Forget singles nights, renting dodgy porn flicks and using your electric toothbrush in place of a vibrator; 2007 is all about sex and technology. From meeting new lovers on MySpace and filming your own porn movie through to playing with 'couple-friendly' sex toys and trying a spot of pole dancing in your own home, this year will see you getting it on at the push of a button…

    Paying your lover half-assed compliments, getting them hammered on cheap wine and buying them gifts from the petrol station may seem like a dead-cert to shagville, but you couldn't be more wrong. If you're desperate to get your lover into bed but they're feeling more washed-out than fired-up, try these quick and painless tips for making them feel hornier than Jenna Jameson wielding a G-spot massager.

    Silicone Vibrating Mould A Willy Kit review"On first inspection it looked rather easy and great fun to make! There were simple instructions and little packets and bits to sort through. I spread everything out and put it in order, it all looked pretty straight forward, now we just had to find a quiet moment to do the deeds!"

    See the full Silicone Vibrating Mould A Willy Kit review at Orgasm Army.

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    "Hands up anyone who’s ever looked at a pair of Ben Wa balls and thought “Hmmm - I wonder what they’d feel like in my ass… Well I have, and if truth be told I once stole my girlfriends pair and actually tried…"

    See the full Latex Power Balls review at Orgasm Army.

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    Good Vibrations Massage Body Oil review"THIS IS BRILLIANT! It is a massive bottle - well worth the £4.99 I paid! I ordered the French Vanilla, and my God! It smells so sweet - I just want to eat my man after I have this on his skin…!"

    See the full Good Vibrations Massage Body Oil review at Orgasm Army.

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    Bargain butt plugs…

    "I bought these butt plugs to get my partner slowly more comfortable with anal, but upon opening the box, it was clear that they are more just a set of butt plugs than a training kit. The small one isn't too bad for a beginner, but the step between small and medium is fairly big…"

    See the full Ben Dover Anal Training Kit review at Orgasm Army.

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    First time your fella has ever has anything up his bum? Try this…

    "Having never had anything inserted into 'that place' as he calls it, he was a bit apprehensive and very nervous, we had some usual foeplay, and then gave it a try, he relaxed vey quickly when he realised it wouldn't hurt, it made his erection last and he really loved it, it really turned him on…"

    See the full Smoothy Anal Prober review at Orgasm Army.

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    Fancy a full body orgasm?

    "I bought an Aneros Maximus about 8 months ago now. In the beginning, it gave a nice feeling but nothing more. In fact, there is more to it than just inserting it. Everything depends on expectations: do not expect anything. Sounds crazy but it is the truth…"

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    Courtney Cox has caused something of a stir by reaching for a vibrator and having a sheet-clenching orgasm in her new TV series Dirt - seen here on YouTube.

    To us it looks like she's enjoying the delights of an orange Pocket Rocket which is a similar version to Love Labs Erotic Rocket.

    Makes us wonder what all the housemates used to use after hours in Friends

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