1. iBuzz Two on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross "Looking for a Christmas gift for your iPod-loving inamorata? Call off the search right now," writes John Walsh in the Independent's BTW column. "Love Labs has come up with the 'musical orgasm' machine."

    John thinks that it would be a tricky business working out what music would be appropriate. Tricky, but fun. :-) He recommends Getting Jiggy With it by Will Smith or Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys before adding: "Geri Halliwell's Scream If You Want To Go Faster could lead to some serious discomfort…"

    iBuzz Two on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, 1 December 2006
    Here's what Jonathan had to say about iBuzz Two while he demoed it with Je t'Aime, the Sex Pistols and, er, Radiohead.

    "I have found the perfect present for couples who like sex and music. It's called the iBuzz. it's a vibrator you can plug into your iPod or whatever MP3 player you've got and the tempo of the track that you're playing controls, shall we say, the rhythm of the night.

    It's perfect for couples because she gets an earth-shattering orgasm. Here's what so great about it - the lady gets that and the man gets to be the DJ. That's just about the perfect evening, isn't it?"

    Get your earth-shattering orgasm on the iBuzz Two mini site.

    iBuzz Two on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Jonathan Ross had a laugh with iBuzz Two two last night, running a couple of songs through the super-ace music-activated sex toy (exclusively available at Lovehoney, we hasten to add). Just in case you missed it (because, like us, you were down the pub), we've got our boffins working on digitised the show in a YouTube stylee.

    "It's the perfect Christmas present for couples," he said. Why yes!

    Instead of the usual reasons for having a quick one off the wrist, why not do it for a noble cause? The good people at Global Orgasm have decreed that 22nd December is Global Orgasm day, when all the positive energy created by a planet-wide Thomas-the-Tank will magically cure the world of all its ills. Worth a try I suppose. If it doesn't work, can we do it again next year? And guys, if you do decide to take part, don't forget your Jack Jelly

    Fukuoku Massage GloveI'm being totally honest when I say that I've got a drawer full of vibrators. From the massive to the mini, the battered to the beautiful, the powerful to the paltry (yes, even I have made some mistakes when it comes to buying the right vibe), there aren't many vibrators I haven't rubbed all over my clit. But I just couldn't get myself off this morning no matter which one I switched on.

    I woke up early feeling really horny from a particularly sexy dream about Johnny Depp, and I knew that getting back to sleep wasn't an option unless I got myself off quick. Hell, I was so horny I was practically humping the fold of quilt trapped between my legs. Anyway, my vibes weren't doing it so I thought I'd try out my new toy, the Fukoku Massage Glove.

    Balls to normal vibes, because this baby has got tiny vibrators in each fingertip and pumps out a buzz-tastic 45,000 vibrations per minute! Not only did it feel amazing when held against my pussy or when I used it to pull and flick my clit, but it also worked wonders on my already hard nipples and wet ass. I came in less than a minute after a really intense and juicy orgasm, which was so powerful that I had just enough time to pull my tiny microfibre panties on before crashing out.

    By the time I woke up when my alarm actually went off I was still dripping wet, so I pulled my glove back on for another quickie before jumping in the shower…

    Babeland's Christmas stockingWill Google decide what you'll be getting for Christmas this year? Luz from US sex toy store Toys in Babeland shared a sad tale of woe with us…

    "In mid-November, just as we were gearing up for a busy holiday season, our natural (also known as 'organic' or 'non-paid') search rankings vanished from Google's search results, resulting in an instantaneous 30% drop in sales. To put it in perspective: That's several thousand women who won't get to buy the popular Bunny Love vibrator kit from a friendly, woman-owned sex toy store. How sad is that?!

    "And so we're scrambling to try and figure out how to make up for lost sales, at a time of year when we usually imagine lots of happy toy lovers unwrapping their blissfully buzzing boxes of orgasms. But we aren't letting Google's Scrooge-like antics kill our holiday spirit! We're lucky to have a really loyal customer base, so we're offering them every incentive we can do order this holiday season.We've got pre-wrapped holiday vibrator kits, free shipping, a contest to win five luxury vibrators, and gift suggestions for every budget…"

    You can read the full story on the Babeland Web site.

    Sexy stocking fillers under a fiver Doing a Secret Santa in the office this year? Wondering what to put in your partner's stocking? We've got a great range of original (and, of course, saucy) gifts.

    Check out this story of a gay adult film star who is allegedly travelling to Israeli to entertain the troops and shoot two gay porn films through Lucas Entertainment…


    Another Lovehoney world exclusive! We could have called it the world's fourth iPod sex toy, or the world's first Zune sex toy, but instead we've decided to call it the world's best music-activated sex toy for couples.

    iBuzz Two is the new-version of the best-selling iBuzz music-activated vibrator. You plug it into your iPod (or any music player) and its bullets vibrate in time to the music.

    iBuzz Two goes one-step further than all other music-activated vibrators by letting you plus two sets of headphones straight into the control unit - not fiddly adaptor required.

    This means that both you and your partner can listen to your music while you get jiggy with the music-activated vibrating twin bullets. ROCK ON!

    Check out the iBuzz Two mini site now for more details and a rather neat little animation…

    Candida Royale. And studs. Photograph: Barbara Nitke.

    This week's guest is the incredibly talented and world-renowned porn actress, director, sex toy designer and jazz singer Candida Royalle. Having starred in many classic porn films and directed countless movies herself, who better than Candida to share her insights into the porn industry, what it takes to become a porn actress and, more importantly, what you should consider before taking your clothes off in front of a camera.

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