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  1. If you wear the strap-on in your relationship but are much shorter than your lover, here's a great position to ensure your height differences don't get in the way of some explosive strap-on sex…

    Smoothy Anal Dildo Prober

    Kyma, an enterprising blogger who writes on the Sensuality of the Singleton site, has written a fun blog entry about the Smoothy Anal Dildo Prober, a toy that she assures us is 'unlikely to become a permanent resident in my colon'. Phew! To read the full story of how she and a friend got the most out of the toy, you'll need to read her his blog entry. You can buy the Smoothy Anal Dildo Prober, or see our full range of anal dildos and tools for more butt-teasing retail opportunities.

    Not only is the sight of your partner masturbating a massive turn-on, but it's also a fantastic way to find out what they do to make themselves orgasm and how you can masturbate each other to countless orgasms…

    Golden Root Complex 300mg (10 pack) We've heard mixed reports about how well Golden Root Complex pills work - some of you get a headache (along with, it should be pointed out, a hard-on), but some, like this Orgasm Army reviewer, can barely restrain their enthusiasm. At three quid a pop for the ten-pack, there's no reason not to leap into the fray and try them for yourself! And pique your interest with a rock-hard success story by reading on.

    Bada Bing RingTouch activated clit stimulators on a cock ring? Surely sex toys can't get any better than this?

    Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Butt Plug

    Anyone for anal jewellery? And no, we don't mean a butt bracelet, or even a guiche - but this Orgasm Army reviewer is so taken by their Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Butt Plug that it's made that crucial step up from tawdry sex toy to enviable body adornment. Although you probably wouldn't be able to show it to too many people, even if like this reviewer you enjoy wearing it out dancing! To see why this butt plug is a true design classic, read on.

    Feeling randy on the way home from a date but don't want to get your best dress ruined in a quick fuck against a wall? Well, you won't have to if you try out our ultimate position for an outdoors quicky…

    Anything that encourages toy-shy partners to dip a toe in our world has got to be a good thing, right? And if it's discreet and environmentally friendly to boot, you have only yourself to blame if you pass over the Lelo Lily Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator in favour of what this Orgasm Army reviewer refers to as 'nu-rave bright purple/ bulging/ massive/ space-alien/ screaming rotary motor vibrators'. Hmm, maybe she has a point… Read on to see if you agree.

    One sure-fire way to create unbelievable erotic excitement between you and your lover is to share and act out some of your favourite sexual fantasies. It takes a while for most people to build up the confidence to confide in their partner, but once you get past that stage the end results can be mind-blowing.

    Looking for a gentle sex position that doesn't demand too much from either of you? The Cocoon will turn you on without running you ragged…

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