1. Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo There's no point in pussy-footing around when it comes to sex toys, and it's useless trying to be coy when you have a Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo in your hand - or indeed up your ass. The following review, from our intrepid team at Orgasm Army, fairly drips with enthusiasm - or is it lube? - as our man discovers the pleasures of what I'm reliably informed is known as 'pegging'.

    Hot And Horny Sex Cheques Can't think of what to buy your lover as a sexy treat? Then come up with your very own selection of sex cheques that they can cash in for some red-hot loving…

    Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control for Men review

    Judging from the Orgasm Army review below, those of you who haven't been impressed by the Love Labs Stud Strap Delay Control for Men might not have been using it properly. A firm but gentle pull for 30 seconds, rather than a quick yank, and you might want to start sooner rather than later as the balls can rise a while before coming. Try it - you know it makes sense…

    Here's one for women who love to be on top…

    Penny Birch's In Disgrace

    Penny Birch is one of the few living erotic authors to have built up a genuine cult following, partly from the feel of real experience that comes through reading her stories but also because of her specialist areas, including watersports and pony-carting. As Penny puts it on her website, 'All Penny Birch books focus on female submission and contain a wide variety of kinky behaviour. There's always plenty of spanking, humiliation and anal sex. Some also focus on more specialist areas… The short story collections cover the widest range of all.'

    How's this for a hatchet job? "These taste vile, really not nice, make you feel sick and put you off doing anything again. It also sticks to you in places and is very hard to get off without scraping, which can be very painful for the guy."

    See the full Edible Undies review at Orgasm Army. Actually, don't, because that's all there is to it, though Ouchyouchouch does have several more reviews to read.

    Buy the Edible Undies at Lovehoney - if can stand the taste.

    Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, an aphrodisiac is something that claims to heighten or stir up sexual desire. There's tons of so-called aphrodisiacs on the market, but here's two of our favourites that you and your lover can put to the test…

    Pink Lady Fleshlight review

    It's better to learn from another's mistakes than from one's own, as a sage once opined. To this end we share the following enthusiastic yet cautionary review of a Pink Lady Fleshlight from Orgasm Army - the reviews community that lets you know everything you always wanted to know about sex toys but were afraid to ask.

    Buzz Tongue Finger VibeYou always hear men boasting about how they can make a woman come by using just one finger, only to find out that they're a complete disappointment when you actually get them in the sack. But if you do want to experience an orgasm with just one fingers-worth of work, look no further than the Buzz Tongue Finger Vibe.

    You can't be too careful these days. At Lovehoney we're big fans of safe sex, promoting the use of condoms and dental dams, but this entry in our Design a Sex Toy competition takes things one step further. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so why not protect it just as you do your more sensitive parts? Alternatively simply wash the come off when someone spurts in your face - or, if you're feeling kinky, try an easy-to-clean bondage hood

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