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  1.  Sue Johnson Royal Gauntlet Finger Stimulator

    So Ruth sent me a few links to some articles on what is going on in the sex world (should that be capitalized, do you think? "Sex World" seems to have more gravitas)--included in which was an article on men who have lower sex drives than is normally considered…um…normal. Now, as a woman with a very healthy sex drive, I have certainly known for some time that men are not always the ever-ready Energizer Bunny of Sexy Lovin' that they are portrayed as being in the media.

    Inch Perfect Vibrator

    5 reasons why the new Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function Remote Control Vibrator is an unmissable sex toy!

    1. It has 7 (numberwang!) powerful vibration patterns.
    2. And 3 speeds to help you shift through the gears.
    3. There's an easy-to-use, quality push button remote control.
    4. Which can be used up to 60 feet away (and around corners!).
    5. It's made of top quality, super soft pink material.
    6. BONUS REASON! The Remote Control has a keychain - you will never lose it.
    7. DOUBLE BONUS REASON! Comes with 2 ("TWO") sets of batteries.

    Check out this amazing animated demonstration of the Lovehoney Dream Egg. Go to work on a Dream Egg!

    Avoid contracting painful bacteria infections through mixed-orifice dildo play by using a condom…

    Men in Love

    Last week I spotlighted Nancy Friday's "Forbidden Flowers", her second book showcasing real life fantasies that women sent in to her after her first book was published. But as much as I love that volume, my real favorite of her books is her focus on the men--Men in Love.

    Here at Lovehoney, we all tend to focus on the toys--and fair enough with that, because what is better than a bit of playtime? But hidden behind all the racks of dildos, vibrators, and strange contraptions that require manuals and extra lube are hidden treasure troves of erotica. And as much as I enjoy a good erotic novel or series of short stories, I can't think of anything hotter than real men's fantasies…unedited and just as dirty as can be. Considering that this one has four Orgasm Army soldiers singing its praises, I think that that marks it as a worthwhile read.

    Fleshlight - the best sex toy a man can get!Fleshlight - the best sex toy a man can get!
    You do WHAT with it?! The Professor explains why the Fleshlight is the must-have sex toy for men. Just add lube!
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    Lovehoney Magic Rabbit Vibrator - a mini marvelLovehoney Magic Rabbit Vibrator - a mini marvel
    Find out why the Lovehoney Magic Rabbit is the only travel toy you need. Handbag-friendly pleasure!
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    Cunninglingus is one thing, but analingus is a whole other world of eroticism…

    Need some help getting turned on downstairs? These three female arousal products are said to help set your lips alight…

    Clone A Willy Candle Moulding KitIt's Thursday night, there's nothing on TV and no-one's up for partying. What do you do? Clone your man's willy, of course!

    Inch Perfect Vibrator
    This week at Lovehoney get a rulermungous Inch Perfect Vibrator absolutely free when you spend £30. This multispeed, waterproof delight has proved a big hit with Lovehoney fans and the discerning Orgasm Army.

    Check out what people have been saying about the Inch Perfect Vibrator…

    "Inch Perfect is now a favourite in our house. I love it because it's a great vibrator, large enough to truly (ful)fil me, and it's waterproof too. He loves it because it's gadgety enough to satisfy his inner geek, I can use it on him for some anal teasing - and it doubles up as a ruler!"

    "The bottom line is that this is the best classic style vibrator I've ever seen - I'm genuinely impressed!"

    Be on your toes, though - this free vibrator offer is strictly limited to while stocks last. Don't worry if you've missed out on this, we've got loads of fantastic free offers in the pipeline.

    The most important thing you can do to a women in bed is to pay attention to her boobs, and here's how to make her nipples harder than rocks:

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