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  1. Adam and Eve Cyber 5x Hot Handle

    So yesterday, while talking about men with high sex drives, I made an aside comment about not having a prostate. A nothing comment, really, because gosh darnit, women don't have prostates, case closed.

    Except it sort of sparked a memory of something I had read once. What can I say? I'm an internet bowerbird. I also hate making statements that I'm not completely sure are accurate, so I double-checked. And found that I was right about being wrong. According to this, what was once known as a woman's paraurethral or Skene's glands is now officially our prostate.

    In real terms, that doesn't mean much to your day to day life. Except that it helps to explain the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Apparently, that is just the same thing the boys have been doing for eons. Now scientists will speculate for ages on why only some women ejaculate and blah blah blah does this have to do with survival traits and yadda yadda yadda and all I hear is…

    This Thursday sees the start of Venus Berlin [proceed with caution], one of the biggest sex shows in the world. The four-day event takes place in the giant Messe exhibition centre where more than 400 exhibitors will showcase new sex toys, outrageous sex machines and acres and acres and acres of pornography. And not to mention the XXX-rated floor shows.

    Of course, we're not much interested in the latter. We're heading over there to find the best new sex toys and we'll also find plenty of time to update the Lovehoney blog with the sights and sounds (but not the smells) of Venus.

    We'll also be unleashing The Professor from Sex Toys TV - it'll be as much fun seeing what they make of him as what he makes of them. And crazy things like this $5,000 sex machine that we saw last year…

    Tenga Double Hole Onacup Masturbator

    Gentlemen, the future is here. The revolutionary Japanese Tenga Onacup Masturbators have finally arrived on our shores. And boy, do they deliver the most exciting, explosive orgasms imaginable!

    The internal air-cushioned chambers cling to you like no other sex toy – and the lube reservoirs will have you screaming "yeeeeesssss!"

    Win beauty goodies Of course, you want to look a million bazillion dollars when you slip into your sultry lingerie, so why not have a pop at the New Woman competition to win one of 5 Beauty Awards Goodie Bags. As well as getting oodles of make-up, hair products and skincare doodads, the prize also includes this black and hot pink handbag. Competition closes on 5 November.

    You weren't able to ride a bike perfectly on your first go, so what makes you think you can perfect a new sex move after just one attempt?

    Amazing Hot Heart Massage Kit

    A few weeks ago, I gave some tips for men who needed some help satisfying their more eager partners. Of course, it would have made sense for me to come the next week and address women who have the same "problem" of a highly charged partner, but to be honest, I got distracted. Give a couple of sales on Lovehoney, a couple of new toys coming out, and I completely forget that men need satisfaction too.

    Ladies, don't make the same mistake. If you are lucky enough to have a man who always has sex on the brain--and I know, you're told over and over how it is a burden, but come on…doesn't it make you feel like the world's sexiest woman how he can't keep his hands off you? Remember that feeling when you're reading this list--you may be looking for ways to keep him satisfied that don't involve you lying back and thinking of England. Because really, that's not fun for anyone.

    Superslim Multispeed Vibrator
    This week at Lovehoney get a Superslim Multispeed Vibrator worth £6.99 absolutely free when you spend £30.

    This lip-tremblingly stimulating multispeed vibrator has a super-smooth curved tip that delivers ultimate G-spot satisfaction. Vertical ridges surround the shaft for added orgasmic pleasure - no skimping on sexual gratification, here!

    This vibrator comes in 3 colours - unfortunately we cannot specify which colour you will receive.

    This offer has now closed but you can check out our latest free offer here.

    Is our upper lip really the key to great orgasms?!

    The Japanese Motorised Control Cock comes alive!The Japanese Motorised Control Cock comes alive!
    Discover why the Japanese Motorised Control Cock (Robocock!) is one of the most sensational sex toys yet!
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    Deluxe Orgasms from the Rabbit Thruster VibratorDeluxe Orgasms from the Rabbit Thruster Vibrator
    See why the Deluxe Rabbit Thruster Vibrator delivers three kinds of orgasms at an incredible high street-beating price.
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