1. SLiquid Splash Feminine Wash

    Japanese Motorised Control Cock

    And now for something completely different! Prepare for your jaw to slacken and for your gast to be flabbered as you gape in awe at the Japanese Motorised Control Cock, one of the finest sex toys ever invented.

    Its dual-control orgasmic grinding vibrations will make you scream with delight – and with the vibrations pushing right to the tip of the cock you can be sure that no sweet spot will remain untouched.

    The soft-but-firm cyberskin finish is phenomenally realistic and, as it says on the box, 'Great penis!' 'Erotic need punch cannon!' 'I make you happy every day!'

    What more can you ask for?

    See the Japanese Motorised Control Cock in action!See the Japanese Motorised Control Cock in action!
    What better way to discover what this fantastic sex toy can do than see it in action? As our Sex Toys TV demonstration shows, the Motorised Cock is the Real Deal. Spend 10 minutes with this beauty and the neighbours will be banging on the walls!

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    Thinking About Toys

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love toys. It isn't a job for me, peeps--I truly love the tarnation out of all that goes with improving my sex life…be that toys, books, or tips from friendly folks.

    It is inevitable, therefore, that when someone is talking to me, that they will eventually hear about my latest shipment or hear me pontificate on the differences between using a butt plug versus a very slim dildo.

    That is all well and good for me, you might say, but what happens if one's partner isn't as open to the idea of talking about double-pronged vibrators over dinner?

    Midnight Plus Size Peek A Boo Babydoll
    Midnight has produced a fabulous new range of super-sexy Plus Size babydolls and chemises.

    The gorgeous Midnight Plus Size Peek A Boo Babydoll (left) is made of teasing sheer lace and has a flyaway front, split cups and lace ties.

    For a seductive sheer chemise with underwired embroidered lace cups look no further than the Midnight Plus Size Lace Chemise & G-String, which has cheeky front side slits and a matching lace G-string.

    This classic salmon pink Midnight Plus Size Chemise & G-String features a delicate contrast ruffle trim in black, bow detailing, and elasticated shoulder straps. Includes matching G-String with black satin bows.

    Check out the complete Midnight Plus Size range here.

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    Joyrider Vibrating Massager
    Fancy trying something a little bit different? This week at Lovehoney get a fabulous Joyrider Vibrating Massager worth £19.99 absolutely free when you spend £35. Its massaging nodules gently bring you a whole new kind of orgasm.

    Here's what Lovehoney customers are saying about the Joyrider Vibrating Massager.

    "It doesn't half pack a punch - I wasn't expecting it to be that powerful to be honest."

    "It gives a wonderful slow build orgasm."

    This offer has now closed. To see our latest free offer click here. Strictly limited to while stocks last.

    Do you get off on acting out saucy erotic fantasies? Then give the 'bored husband and the au-pair' a whirl…

    Men in Love

    Yesterday I was talking about toys for men who want something out of the ordinary (or just avoid the horrifically non-ordinary, like this little number) and I mentioned the Aneros. I pointed out the Aneros Eupho as being a good example of the line, but really, they're all pretty amazing toys.

    I stand by my article, but I also figured--hey, why would a guy take my word for it? So I thought I would show you a bit of what the men are saying about the Aneros line (see review for all the models here):

    What's the best gift you can give your girlie? A series of non-stop orgasms, of course!

    Stroke 29

    I was talking to a guy friend of mine the other day and showing off my new collection of toys (this is a pretty common occurrence - if you come over to mine for dinner, expect me to show off the rotating speed of various toys or ask you to touch squishy silicon), when he mentioned that he was really quite envious of my collection. Now really, anyone with any sense would be envious of my toy box - I've got a very serious collection going on. But his point was not just that my collection rocks (seriously--it does), but that it is so much easier for me to amass such a plethora of toys.

    As he pointed out, women enjoy vibrators, dildos, bullets, lubes, vibrating panties, dual-tipped vibes…on and on and on. Really, there is no end to the range of toys available for women. But what is out there for men, he pondered, especially for men who did not like the look of anatomically-representative toys like Fleshlight or dolls or other bits and bobs that are made to look like body parts? For the man who is a little squigged out by fake pussies, fake anuses, and even fake mouths, he felt there wasn't much.

    But do not lose hope, Men Who Hate Pseudo-Body Part Toys! There are toys out there that are much more discreet, more subtle, less cringeworthy! I present to you, the Top 5 Toys for Men Who Like Cool Toys:

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