1. I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Vibrator

    Come summertime, there is one thing I know that I can count on same as I count on morning following night - I will have someone staying over at mine. With people coming up for wedding parties and kids off on summer holidays, it's the perfect time to take a weekend and sleep on my couch.

    As much as I love my friends, though, I don't necessarily need all of them to know the intimate details of my toy collection (I save such delicate information for my anonymous readers… ) So in the spirit of giving helpful hints, let me give you some ideas for keeping your sex life out of dinner table conversation (though feel free to put it on the dinner table, if you like… )

    Some of the best toys are stepping away from basic flesh coloured, genital simulators. Not only do these toys rock because they reach areas that others miss, but you can leave them out for guests to appreciate your "art" collection.

    Forbidden Flowers

    Ever since I read Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers, I haven't been able to stop trying to get more people to read it. I wrote a review of it over at Orgasm Army where I said:

    "This is a book to read while on a leisurely train ride or when you're relaxing in a tub - it is more a contemplative examination of women's sexuality than an erotic panting page turner. Which is not to say this book isn't erotic - it is… this book is a glimpse into hundreds of women's most intimate thoughts, it would be impossible for it not to be. But the style of the book is thoughtful and more academic than the average erotic novel."

    And I'm not the only one to think so. Another reviewer found it enlightening, "What this book tells you, and what every letter says, is a thank you for making me feel normal that I have fantasies like this. It's got a great range of fantasies, which are helpfully grouped so you can read the ones you like and avoid the ones you don't. Nancy Friday's analysis is really interesting as well.

    These are real unsanitised fantasies and some people may not like them all, but they are really interesting to read and very eye-opening. You learn a lot about yourself as well as getting turned on. You can read this alone or out loud to a partner.

    A third woman just found it darned hot: "I guarantee this book will get the juices flowing and is a great book to share with your partner. Also a great book if you're on your own too. This book opens up the world of women's sexual fantasies and is a great help to women who are maybe a little shy. This book has come to bed with me many times with fantastic results both with myself and my partner."

    Most people will agree that the best thing you can do to achieve great sex is to learn to relax and enjoy it. I don't know of any other way to really relax into your sexuality than by learning to accept it. This book goes a long way towards helping women understand their sexuality and to love all the parts of themselves that they thought were shameful.

    Even if you think you're completely comfortable with your fantasy life, you're likely to find that this book is good to own… after all, where else are you going to find such a treasure trove of ready-made fantasies?

    Rabbit Amnesty - first sex toys returned Our Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme has got off to a flying start. Mentioned in The Mirror, The Guardian and all over the blogosphere (TM), Rabbit Amnesty (and the Talking Rabbit) has really captured the imagination of people who like pleasure but also want to do their bit for the environment.

    Quite a few people thought it was a wind-up - a tragically mis-timed April Fool. But nothing could be further from the truth - we're deadly serious. We are going to recycle your old vibrators.

    A lot of people have asked us what's going to happen to the rabbits when they're returned. Will they be repackaged and resold? Can any of the parts really be reused? Isn't handling the returned vibes one of the world's most unpleasant jobs?

    Well, here you can see our ace rabbit operative Ian doing it. In that green bin are a weekend's worth of returned rabbit vibrators.

    Looking for a bit of kinky fun in the bedroom? Try swapping each other's clothes and sexual roles…

    We kid you not, some women claim that they can come by just squeezing their thighs together!

    This week's Body & Soul section of The Times answers a question from a reader about impotence: "My husband's been impotent for the past ten years of a 37-year marriage. We've seen doctors, tried Viagra, etc, with no luck. Is there a sex aid he could wear?"

    Suzi Godson replies and recommends the Vibrating Padded Hollow Penis Extender, saying:

    "Having done the necessary emotional and intellectual preparation, you and your husband are ready for the fun stuff. If you don't mind, I've had a quick look on your behalf and found a few products that might suit. The 7in (18cm) Vibrating Padded Hollow Penis Extender from Lovehoney comes in flesh or black and has a multispeed vibrator at the tip of the shaft, which is controlled wirelessly and provides his 'n' hers stimulation."

    Erotic baths can be extremely sensual, but having sex in the tub can be a bit tricky. Here's some alternative bath-time fun to make you come

    Small Beginners Anal BeadsThe sassy sex toy to make your debut foray into anal sex a pleasurable one…

    TongueJoy Vibrating Tongue Ring

    One of my great quests in life is to find better and better toys for couples to use together. Sure, we all love our Rabbits and Fleshlights, but sometimes it's nice to have company join in. After reading the reviews for the TongueJoy Vibrating Tongue Ring, I was almost ready to put it on my wishlist. Or would that be on my partner's wishlist…?

    In her review, imeldaimelda (a Brigadier over at Orgasm Army) said of the TongueJoy, "I've had this toy for some time and I have to say I think it's a really great toy both for couples or singles. I think it's fairly inventive and new, which I think in the sex toy industry is great, because we don't need another bloody rabbit!"

    She had me at "inventive and new", but as is always the case over at Orgasm Army, the real dirt is in the forums. When I chased her up to ask the most important question of all - "Seriously, does this thing numb the bejesus out of your tongue or not?" she was all reassurance: "It's not tongue numbing at all, or has never been for me. But it is hard to move your tongue in the normal way to give a blow job. You have to alter your technique slightly. My partner liked it so much there was no danger of numbness, as I didn't have it on for very long! It really is a great toy, I'm very happy to have bought it."

    When I hear about partner pleasing effects and innovation, you can go ahead and colour me sold.

    There's a new website where amateur porn stars (aka you!) can share their sexy movies with the whole world…

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