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  1. Since introducing the topic of how to introduce sex toys to your partner, I have given a lot of advice. I have suggested that you keep things simple, starting out with toys that are not so advanced that you frighten or repel your partner before you ever get started. I have also advised that you remember to keep it fun--reducing the pressure and anxiety associated with trying new things in the bedroom leads to more good times for everyone.

    But this is the last week, so I will end with the most important advice there is to give on how to introduce sex toys into your sex life:

    Male Power Rip Off Thing
    Great news, we've launched a bespoke Underwear For Men section at Lovehoney. We've always stocked loads of interesting underwear and fetish gear for guys but now the range has got a whole lot bigger.

    For instance, have you checked out the new Ballbra range of hi tech underwear? Designed to be worn while having sex, they harness the balls and give lift and support. And you can wear them during the day, too!

    More daring still is the Power Studded Cock Pouch, which surrounds the cock and balls. Made of stretchy, comfortable spandex-mix fabric, it has a studded trim and opening.

    If you want something that peels off quicker than you can shout "hold on, I'm coming!", then this Male Power Rip Off Thong is just the ticket. This comfy thong has a pull-away front pouch - just rip the velcro-fastened studded belt and you're good to go!

    Check out the new Underwear For Men section.

    Most women know the immense pleasure of ass play during sex, so now it's time your man got a taste of the action too…

    Twin Bullet and Anal Beads Kit This week at Lovehoney we've got a strictly limited number of Twin Bullet and Anal Beads Kits worth £12.99 to give away absolutely free when you spend £35.

    This natty kit delivers a gloriously orgasmic hat-trick! Twin multispeed bullets and a string of five smooth anal beads combine to deliver ultimate pleasure. Perfect for couples - and if you're new to anal stimulation there's no better place to start.

    This offer has now finished but you can check out our latest free offer here.

    3 Piece Cheerleader Hen Set Last week, I brought up the idea of using the show Prison Break to spice up your bedroom antics. So I think you know what I was thinking when watching Heroes last night…

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps And Clit Clamp With ChainLike the sound of nipple clamps, bondage chains and silk ties? Then it's high-time you spent the night sensually torturing your lover…

    Female Climax Cream A silky cream that boost orgasms while being condom-friendly? Hallelujah!

    Space Sphere Massager Being able to splash out on a high end sex toy is a real luxury, and definitely enjoyable when you have a chance to save up and get something extra special… but not all of us can do that. Sometimes, you just want to try out something new without having to worry about not liking something that you emptied your wallet on. I sometimes like to go crazy with an order and try out all sorts of toys that I wouldn't normally, just because they're so inexpensive that I know I can try them all out wallet-guilt free.

    Now the sales page is always a good place to try, but there are all sorts of hidden little gems out there.

    So when Lovehoney is once again taunting me to buy Just. One. More. Thing. to get their newest free offer, I like to get the most bang for my buck. To help broaden your sex toy horizons without having to take out a second mortgage, I present to you…

    No, not the dodgy Whitney Houston flick, but a great rear entry position that's straightforward and ultra sexy

    Monogamy I am always on the lookout for fun things to do for couples and an obvious place to look is in the games section. Unfortunately, one of the great unspoken truths is that adult novelty games are a big gamble. What looks like a romantic, sexy game chock full of accessories for a sensual evening can end up being a tea light on top of a can lid for a "candle holder" and a plastic rose. Not that I'm still bitter about that one.


    You can imagine my glee, then, when I find that there is a game out there that is getting fabulous reviews and looks like a worthwhile game for improving communication with your partner, not just being told to lick various parts of other people's bodies (not that I have anything against that…)

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