1. Portia Da Costa's Suite Seventeen Portia Da Costa is one of the most popular Black Lace authors, with her latest novel Suite Seventeen adding a wide range of sex toys - everything from vibrators, nipple clamps and restraints to a slave collar - to her trademark sizzling sex play. It's the perfect read for Lovehoney fans, and the ideal introduction to Portia's impressive back catalogue, which also includes the bona fide classics Continuum and Gothic Blue. If you ever wondered what all the Black Lace fuss was about, Portia's books are a great place to start - and we're honoured to have her views on the craft that has made her famous.

    Cupids Couch Sex Sofa Fun with a capital F

    If sex is the last thing you do before going to sleep at night, it's no wonder your sex life is more than a little lack-lustre

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    Caterpillar Large Dildo Here's a question for all you large dildo fans - we know length and girth are key factors when deciding which mega dong to buy, but how much do looks play a part? Not a lot for this Orgasm Army reviewer, who was sniffy about the ugliness of the Caterpillar Large Dildo, but still found it 'eye-wateringly impressive' to watch his wife filled to the brim with it. Hats off to Mrs Caterpillar!

    Instead of worrying about how your man will react to an extra 'cock' in your relationship, start gently by showing him how much fun it can really be…

    Deluxe Silver Sleek Smooth Vibrator Sigh! Do you ever find yourself hankering after the old days of sex toys, when a vibrator looked like a vibrator and didn't pop, glow, whizz or bang with its zillion functions and nano-computers? This Orgasm Army reviewer did - and found herself going back again and again to her trusty workhorse, the Deluxe Silver Sleek Smooth Vibrator. Just don't rub all the colouring off with overuse - apparently it's an unsightly beige underneath. Time to buy a new one…

    It's all about power play with this sexual fantasy, so which one of you is going to play the boss and which one is going to play the submissive employee?

    Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet Let's face it - it's difficult to find anyone who actively enjoys using condoms. But given the risks of not using them they're an unavoidable item for sex play - and it's worth testing out a few different types to find out which ones work for you. It looks like this Orgasm Army reviewer's made her choice with the Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet - how about you?

    This week's selection of the great, good and not-so-good in the world of free online dirty words includes the following:

    - www.girl-directory.com's erotic stories page is a little cluttered and lacks the exhaustive categorisation of other sites, but comes with reader ratings, giving you exclusive insights into the sexual tastes of - well, girls directory visitors. The parent site is just what it says, a directory of girls - working girls, that is, so you can see who's available for home visits in your area. Although with callout fees of around £150 an hour, you might be better off with a Doc Johnson Jenna Jameson UR3 Vagina and Ass!

    - www.eroticwriting.com is, despite its enviable URL, a hobbyist site that could do with a design makeover. 'Originally a showcase for my stories, I now publish stories by amateur authors. Stories here are selected on their ability to turn me and other people on.' Why not take a look and see if you're one of these 'other people'?

    - www.pulperotica.com won't be to all tastes, dedicated as it is to the spirit of 30s and 40s pulp fiction, but it's a beautifully designed site that isn't afraid to tell it like it is: 'Half-naked damsels in distress, hard-boozing gumshoes, lust-razed monsters, sick-minded villains, kinky sex secrets - pulp art and fiction were the places to find what you really wanted in the 30s and 40s.' And perhaps even today…

    Please let us know if we haven't selected your favourite site yet! There's only so much trawling we can do before our eyes begin to melt…

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