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  1. Advanced tips for finding your G-spot

    If you're yet to find your ultimate hot zone, we've got some great tips that will make your G-spot ultra easy to find.

    We've had loads of e-mails asking for further help in finding the G-spot after our recent tips and survey on G-spot stimulation. If you're one of those who asked for further help, try these nifty little moves:

    Lovehoney's sex toys buyer's guides are packed to their orgasmic seams with information about exciting new sex toys and sex tips to help you sizzle between the sheets.

    Our sex experts include some of Britain's best-known names in sex advice, as well as members of the Lovehoney team with years of sex toys experience.

    Tracey Cox - Sex Expert and Best Selling Author

    Sex expert Tracey Cox answers your sex and relationships questions

    Tracey is an international sex, body language and relationships expert as well as a TV presenter. She is well-known for her TV shows on sex and relationships, including The Sex Inspectors and Would Like to Meet.

    Tracey has counselled via the media for more than 15 years and sold over 2 million books with six titles as international bestsellers. Her first book, Hot Sex: How to Do It, was an instant worldwide success and is now available in 140 countries. Her most popular books include supersex, Quickies: Sex for Busy People and Hot Relationships.

    Tracey is the News of the World's relationships coach, she has a weekly column in Closer magazine and is resident sexpert for She now has her own range of sex toys and lubricants.

    You can send Tracey your Sex and Relationships questions and every week she will answer one on the Lovehoney sex tips blog.

    Julie Peasgood - Sex and Relationships Expert

    Sex and Relationships Expert Julie Peasgood

    Julie is an actress, TV presenter, author and resident sex and relationships expert on ITV1's The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

    In 2007, her first book, The Greatest Sex Tips In The World, was published, winning her the prestigious Best Erotic Writer Award from Scarlet magazine.

    Julie has two regular columns in Now and Yours magazines and she writes about sex for Metro, Cosmopolitan, Bella, Woman,The Sun, Scarlet, Men's Health Magazine, Slimmer Magazine, and the Durex website - blimey!

    Every week Julie answers your sex and relationship questions to help you make the most of your love life, right here on Lovehoney!

    Whatever's on your mind, write to Julie and get it off your chest!

    Bonny Hall - Lovehoney head buyer and Sex Toys TV presenter

    Bonny Hall - Lovehoney head buyer

    "I've worked for Lovehoney for more than 5 years. Day-to-day I'm responsible for placing orders with suppliers, finding new products to sell and making sure we've got some great offers for our sex toys sale and special offers section.

    "You can see me demonstrating sex toy on Sex Toys TV, Lovehoney's Internet TV channel. I was pretty nervous about doing it at first, but now that I've got over a few giggle-fits it's a lot of fun. The ejaculating vibrator is probably my favourite clip."

    Read Bonny's Lovehoney blog posts

    If you want to truly harness your orgasmic power centre, you really need to start working those abs!

    SLiquid Splash Feminine Wash

    Japanese Motorised Control Cock

    And now for something completely different! Prepare for your jaw to slacken and for your gast to be flabbered as you gape in awe at the Japanese Motorised Control Cock, one of the finest sex toys ever invented.

    Its dual-control orgasmic grinding vibrations will make you scream with delight – and with the vibrations pushing right to the tip of the cock you can be sure that no sweet spot will remain untouched.

    The soft-but-firm cyberskin finish is phenomenally realistic and, as it says on the box, 'Great penis!' 'Erotic need punch cannon!' 'I make you happy every day!'

    What more can you ask for?

    See the Japanese Motorised Control Cock in action!See the Japanese Motorised Control Cock in action!
    What better way to discover what this fantastic sex toy can do than see it in action? As our Sex Toys TV demonstration shows, the Motorised Cock is the Real Deal. Spend 10 minutes with this beauty and the neighbours will be banging on the walls!

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    Thinking About Toys

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I love toys. It isn't a job for me, peeps--I truly love the tarnation out of all that goes with improving my sex life…be that toys, books, or tips from friendly folks.

    It is inevitable, therefore, that when someone is talking to me, that they will eventually hear about my latest shipment or hear me pontificate on the differences between using a butt plug versus a very slim dildo.

    That is all well and good for me, you might say, but what happens if one's partner isn't as open to the idea of talking about double-pronged vibrators over dinner?

    Midnight Plus Size Peek A Boo Babydoll
    Midnight has produced a fabulous new range of super-sexy Plus Size babydolls and chemises.

    The gorgeous Midnight Plus Size Peek A Boo Babydoll (left) is made of teasing sheer lace and has a flyaway front, split cups and lace ties.

    For a seductive sheer chemise with underwired embroidered lace cups look no further than the Midnight Plus Size Lace Chemise & G-String, which has cheeky front side slits and a matching lace G-string.

    This classic salmon pink Midnight Plus Size Chemise & G-String features a delicate contrast ruffle trim in black, bow detailing, and elasticated shoulder straps. Includes matching G-String with black satin bows.

    Check out the complete Midnight Plus Size range here.

    Supersex In her landmark book Supersex, erotic guru Tracey Cox published five simple rules for engaging in kinky sex…

    Joyrider Vibrating Massager
    Fancy trying something a little bit different? This week at Lovehoney get a fabulous Joyrider Vibrating Massager worth £19.99 absolutely free when you spend £35. Its massaging nodules gently bring you a whole new kind of orgasm.

    Here's what Lovehoney customers are saying about the Joyrider Vibrating Massager.

    "It doesn't half pack a punch - I wasn't expecting it to be that powerful to be honest."

    "It gives a wonderful slow build orgasm."

    This offer has now closed. To see our latest free offer click here. Strictly limited to while stocks last.

    Do you get off on acting out saucy erotic fantasies? Then give the 'bored husband and the au-pair' a whirl…

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