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  1. Just as long as you're not dangling over the edge of your bed or swinging from the chandeliers, having sex when you're pregnant is safe for both you and your baby…

    Durex Sensation Condoms (12 Pack)

    Are you experienced? This Orgasm Army reviewer certainly is, having tried out a wide range of condoms before settling on Durex Sensation as the preferred type, even though she doesn't 'usually feel that much during sex'. Now that's dedication… The following review also introduced me to an acronym I hadn't come across before, PIV. Think about it…

    Give your lover an orgasmic double whammy by stimulating his sense of touch and hearing at the same time…

    Penis Butt Plug Medium

    We get a warm feeling whenever our broad range of stock and prompt delivery come to the rescue of a couple desperate for that unique DP feeling of satisfaction without having to recruit Fat Les from down the road. One of our plucky Orgasm Army reviewers shares her happy experiences with a Penis Butt Plug Medium below.

    82 per cent of women climax through masturbation alone, compared to only 50 per cent who masturbate through penetrative sex. In other words, it makes sense to learn exactly how to masturbate your girlfriend, so let her show you how by using the hand-riding technique…

    Lisette Ashton's The Black Masque

    The third in Lisette Ashton's hugely entertaining series of novels featuring private investigator Jo Valentine pits her against a vampire coven who seem more interested in other bodily fluids than blood.

    As if that weren't enough, Jo has problems at home, which she tries to deal with by taking her cheeky business partner Sam in hand - but has she underestimated Sam's masochistic tendencies?

    Fun Factory G-Twist Vibrator Funny how sexual fashions change. Ten years ago you wouldn't have heard much about squirting outside a handful of specialist films sold under the counter in dingy shops in Soho - in fact ten years ago you probably would have found most people telling you female ejaculation was a myth. But now it's a must-have experience, as women around the world try to work that G-spot magic. If this sounds like fun to you, you could do worse than following the advice of this Orgasm Army reviewer, who found a Fun Factory G-Twist Vibrator had her spraying in style…

    A modern twist on the missionary position, this is great for girls who like deep penetration or who love having their clit stimulated by hand while having sex…

    Have a V-gasm with the 100% vegan lubeHave a V-gasm with the 100% vegan lube
    Sliquid founder and lube inventor Dean Elliot explains why vegans have more fun!
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    Omazing orgasms from a cock ring for couplesOmazing orgasms from a cock ring for couples
    Spice-up shower-time with the waterproof Omazing Cock Ring. A great sex toy for couples.
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    Forbidden Flowers review OK, a book isn't a sex toy. Please don't sue us. But when a book is as good as Forbidden Flowers - and gets a review as good as this on Orgasm Army - it might as well be…

    "This is a book to read while on a leisurely train ride or when you're relaxing in a tub--it is more a contemplative examination of women's sexuality than an erotic panting page turner.

    Which is not to say this book isn't erotic - it is… this book is a glimpse into hundreds of women's most intimate thoughts, it would be impossible for it not to be. But the style of the book is thoughtful and more academic than the average erotic novel…

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