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  1. Bondage Tape We've featured this before, but in recognition of the Professor's struggle to unravel himself on Sex Toys TV, and the continuing popularity of this indispensable accessory, we ask once more - is there any escape? For this Orgasm Army reviewer of our evergreen favourite bondage tape, the answer is clearly yes. Not that we've heard anyone else complain that they can get out of it - this reviewer's struggles must be a sight to behold. Maybe she should stick to some double lock police handcuffs - but in the meantime she's still managed to have fun with the tape. Read on…

    Orgasming the same time of your lover is often tricky, but here's a handy tip to help you on your way

    Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack Anal rookie? Before plunging in at the deep end - or plunging something deep in your end - you might want to consider a set of variably sized butt plugs such as the Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack. With these you're guaranteed a smooth and easy beginner's ride, with the heavier artillery waiting until you're ready for that fuller sensation. Don't just take our word for it, check out what this plucky Orgasm Army reviewer had to say…

    Wanna know how to give your girl like head like only girls can? Then read on…

    X-Factor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings 'You know the old adage that if only men had a vibrating penis then they'd be perfect?' Actually, no, they didn't teach that one in my school, but working at Lovehoney is the perfect way to continue my adult education! The following Orgasm Army review of the X Factor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings, as well as being the source of my shamefully thieved opening quote, is a paean to the joys of cock vibration - for boys and girls. Something for everyone, then…

    Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Here it is, girls: the most famous vibrator of them all

    Portia Da Costa's Suite Seventeen Portia Da Costa is one of the most popular Black Lace authors, with her latest novel Suite Seventeen adding a wide range of sex toys - everything from vibrators, nipple clamps and restraints to a slave collar - to her trademark sizzling sex play. It's the perfect read for Lovehoney fans, and the ideal introduction to Portia's impressive back catalogue, which also includes the bona fide classics Continuum and Gothic Blue. If you ever wondered what all the Black Lace fuss was about, Portia's books are a great place to start - and we're honoured to have her views on the craft that has made her famous.

    Cupids Couch Sex Sofa Fun with a capital F

    If sex is the last thing you do before going to sleep at night, it's no wonder your sex life is more than a little lack-lustre

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