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  1. If your lover has a small penis and commonly refers to your vagina as being roomier than a wizard's sleeve, here's how to even up the difference

    Sex Casino Bedroom GamesBring Vegas to you with these hilarious and daring casino-based sex games

    Magic orgasms from a Magic Cock Ring!Magic orgasms from a Magic Cock Ring!
    See why the Lovehoney Magic Ring knocks spots off the competition!
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     See The Corkscrew Ring - and a Flying Dildo! See The Corkscrew Ring - and a Flying Dildo!
    The Professor spoils a perfectly good presentation. Again. But this amazing spiral cock ring is cleverer than the Prof!
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    10 Nights of Passion Now one thing I did not know is that the divorce rates for January are higher than any other - 50 per cent more, in fact, than any other month. January 7th - TODAY - is the busiest day of the year for matrimonial lawyers, according to the Metro. While most of us are resolving to eat more fruit, or walk more, or finally stop smoking, there are a lot of couples out there resolving to clear their houses out of unwanted spouses.

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    Steel Vaginal SpeculumGot a doctor-based sexual fantasy? Then we've got just the toy to help you realise it in the safety of your own home

    Rub your man's magic lamp in this position and three wishes will come true: orgasm, orgasm, orgasm!

    Bondage Tape
    Bondage tape - judging from the reviews over on Orgasm Army - is a very popular product that plenty of people pick up when they want to take baby steps into bondage. So why would I feature it as a Deconstruction blog post? Surely I could better use my time explaining those tricksy clit clamps or cock cages or nipple suckers?

    CString Invisible Underwear - top lingerie trend for 2007 The trend-hunting types at, er, Trend Hunter Magazine have named Lovehoney's CString invisible underwear as the top trend in lingerie in 2007.

    "Ladies, please welcome to the next generation of G-String. It's called CString, a bikini G-string without the straps," they said.

    So hurrah for the CString - and goodbye panty lines!

    Flirt Our First Bondage KitWanna try your hand at bondage but don't know which gear to buy? This starter kit is ideal for bondage beginners…

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