1. As I talked about on Friday, being alone doesn't have to mean the end of your sex life. On the contrary, for women on their own, it can be a time when they finally nail down their elusive orgasm, learn what works for them, or increase their sexual responsiveness.

    Whether you want to have your first orgasm, start having regular orgasms, just enjoy touching your own body, or hunt down that sneaky g-spot orgasm, there are many things that you can do alone so much better than you can with a partner…

    Here then are 5 ideas and tips for enjoying your solo flight:

    Dreamgirl Unisex Drawstring Pants

    Wait till you feel the smooth, almost cool sensation of this fabulous material against your skin! New from Dreamgirl, these gorgeous drawstring pants are the ultimate in both comfort and sexiness.

    Ideal for him and her, they're easy to slip on – and off! They're an ideal gift for your partner – and why not treat yourself?

    Available in a great range of colours and sizes, you can view these new Dreamgirl Unisex Drawstring Pants here.

    Red hot and Dutch! A fantastic new range of top-quality silicone sex toys has arrived from the Netherlands – and they're selling like hot pies.

    Even Lovehoney's 'seen-every-vibrator-there-is-to-be seen' staff gaped in stupefied awe at the magnificent Feelztoys Eilium Silicone Clitoral Vibrator (pictured left), which has a tiny tip that delivers pin-point pleasure.

    Give yourself a real treat this Christmas.

    Give him a helping hand when he's giving you head


    Filed under "Ideas Birdie Isn't Sure Are Well-Thought-Out", we've had a plethora of car-sex-toy related news and products coming out. No, I didn't over-hyphenate out of excitement there… I really said Car-Sex-Toy. As in Toys. For Sex. Used in the Car.

    First Jeremy Clarkson, that adorably anti-American - um, what is the alliterative word I'm looking for here? - host of Top Gear, tried out the Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager. He didn't seem to get much out of it, but the woman he pulled out of the audience sure did.

    Then we had the News of the World reporting that the Rabbit Travel Vibrator was causing a ruckus amongst motoring groups when the Erotica Show in London gave them away in their goody bags. The Rabbit Traveller conveniently plugs into a standard car lighter socket and gives you 12 volts of… um… travelling goodness.

    Really, doesn't anyone just play I Spy or listen to the radio anymore? I'm glad for the possibility of making long car trips more enjoyable, but please remember to use these products only when you are the passenger, NOT the driver. If the idea of blood, mayhem, and death isn't enough to put you off, just imagine the embarrassment when you have to make that report to the police.

    I am thinking that this might make going out parking a whole lot more fun - someone needs to get in early and put up a drive-in movie theatre to take advantage of this new market…

    Have an Aquagasm with the new rabbit vibrator!Have an Aquagasm with the new rabbit vibrator!
    See why Lovehoney's fantastic sex toy technology guarantees an Aquagasm every time with the new waterproof rabbit vibrator.
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    Bang Bang Bunny vibrator: it's all about the ears!Bang Bang Bunny vibrator: it's all about the ears!
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    Don't get hung up on trying to fit your man's entire penis in your mouth. The head is the most important part, after all!

    Mind-blowing sex is all about the promise of a night to remember. Set the mood by sending your lover an email he'll never forget…

    With you and your man both seated for this position, sex has never been so comfortable…

    With more than 20 years' experience of writing erotica, and numerous best selling Black Lace titles including Gothic Blue and Continuum to her name, Portia Da Costa knows a thing or two about how to pen a seriously hot story.

    Her most recent title, Hotbed, was released in September of this year and Portia is currently working on two new titles, Gemini Heat and Gothic Heat, for release in 2008.

    Portia lives in West Yorkshire.

    We interviewed Portia earlier this year and caught up with her recently to ask more about Suite Seventeen…

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