1. Tingle Tip Toothbrush Sex Toy - Proctor and Gamble are not amused To be perfectly honest, we didn't ever expect Lovehoney to be mentioned in the august pages of Fortune magazine, so we were overjoyed to be featured (for the right reasons) in their 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.

    Actually, it's Proctor and Gamble that we've got to thank - specifically their humourless and over-the-top 66-page response to our statement that sex toys like the Tingle Tip can turn an Oral B electric toothbrush into a sex toy.

    "Improper use of the trade marks BRAUN and Oral B in this manner is misleading to the public and could potentially result in injury," they said from behind their ash-grey faces.

    Still fun: Proctor and Gamble gives toothbush sex toys the brush-off

    Even though the name is quite vulgar, a tit wank is a great way to pleasure your guy if you're not up for penetrative sex

    Orgasm Bullet Vibrator Set

    So the holidays are over. We've nursed the hangovers, we've eaten more than an army, and now we brace ourselves for the inevitable… the January bills. Did we really need to buy ALL those presents? Probably not. But we all get caught up like crazed little elves and find ourselves in the same position every year. My grandmother would call it "tightening our belts". My friend, however, summed it up rather more sadly… "the month we can only dream of things like restaurants".

    Luckily, though, that doesn't have to mean no jolly sex toy presents. No, it doesn't! Because if there is one thing you can always get pleasure from (other than just a good vibe) it is a good sale (especially when that good sale focuses on good vibrators). Lovehoney has its Sex Toy of the Day going on, but even better than that is trawling through the sale items for all the things you put off getting this last year. And you can even feel righteous doing it - just look at their original prices!

    Best deals?

    Fiona Locke's Over The KneeBedtime stories aren't just for kids: grown-ups also love a saucy tale or too…

    Deanna Ashford's Templar Prize
    In an ideal world history lessons would be taught by Deanna Ashford, whose historical romances are peppered with sex scenes so hot that even the laziest students would start paying attention.

    Whether your tastes run to the slave markets of Ancient Rome (Barbarian Prize), the depraved aristocrats of wartorn Kabra (Wild Kingdom) or the courtly intrigue of Richard the Lionheart's crusade to the Holy Land (Templar Prize), Deanna's sure to set your pulse racing.

    As well as running her own website and writing a blog, Deanna's kindly found time to talk to us about this month's Erotic Book Club selection, Templar Prize.

    Templar Prize by Deanna Ashford

    Previous praise for Deanna Ashford: 'Each sensuous escapade jumps off the page with non-stop, titillating thrills … a satisfying, indulgent tale' Romantic Times, 4 stars (reviewing Barbarian Prize)

    If that hasn't piqued your interest, the following extract from Deanna's latest, Templar Prize, is sure to leave you hot under the collar:

    Templar Prize by Deanna Ashford Deanna Ashford's Templar Prize is the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Book of the Month for January. Kick off the new year with a special treat by buying it for just £1.99 during January, and don't forget to discuss it with other erotic fiction fans in the Erotic Book Club forums.

    At last free of a disastrous forced marriage, Edwina de Moreville accompanies Richard the Lionheart on a quest to the Holy Land to recapture Jerusalem from the Saracens. Recently reunited with her first and only love, Stephen the Comte de Chalais, she finds that their passion for each other is as strong as ever. But the path before them is shrouded in danger and betrayal.

    Storms at sea, cruel emperors, tyrant kings, renegade Knights Templar and Saracen noblemen all make their desperate situation even more perilous, until even Saladin has a part to play in their destiny.

    Share your thoughts on Templar Prize in the Erotic Book Club Discussion Forum - there'll be lots of lively debate.

    You can buy the featured Erotic Book Club Book of the Month, Templar Prize, for just £1.99 during January, saving you £5.60 on the cover price.

    Here are some questions to think about while you're reading the book…

    Have sex and nail a New Year's resolution all in one move…

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    Vibrating Egg

    One of the best things about Lovehoney is that they are always adding in new toys that have enough innovation to keep even a girl with a huge toy chest interested. Of course, it does damage to my bank account, but I am constantly updating my wishlist to include the cool new finds that pop up under the What's New links. A month ago or so, the toy that had my attention was the Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer. I had to give into my temptation with that toy and go ahead and order it myself, and I'm guessing it won't be a terribly different story with the White Heat.

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