1. Bondage Tape

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    For extra hot foreplay, simple bondage can be really fun.

    Wear a studded dog collar and stilettos ladies, then tie your lover to the bed head using anything you've got to hand: washing line, rope, string etc, or go for the ultimate, handcuffs or even bondage tape.

    Blindfold your lover with anything you have, then run different items up and down his naked body - I use things like a feather duster, followed by a scouring brush (Do be careful!), then a vibrator to rest on his balls… that's really good.

    Then ice, followed by your tongue - the mixture of cold and hot is a real winner. Just let your imagination run riot!

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    The BBC claims today that the extent of Internet fraud has been understimated.

    "An undercover investigation by BBC News revealed how easy it was to obtain stolen credit and debit card details on the internet," says the article. "Posing as computer hackers, two journalists infiltrated a website selling thousands of stolen card details which had been stolen online from small internet retailers. "

    We take security very seriously at Lovehoney. The Lovehoney Web site is tested every day by ScanAlert - the HackerSafe logo on the right of the page shows you that we meet the credit card payment industry guidelines for security and to protect your personal information.

    When you click the HackerSafe logo, a window will open which explains:

    "This site is tested and certified daily to pass the HACKER SAFE Security Scan. To help address concerns about hacker access to confidential data, the "live" HACKER SAFE mark appears only when a web site meets the HACKER SAFE standard.

    Research indicates sites remotely scanned for known vulnerabilities on a daily basis, such as those earning HACKER SAFE certification, can prevent over 99% of hacker crime."

    Our Help section explains more about the other steps we take to keep your personal details secure.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Mint Tingle Lube

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    This tip is for when your mouth is tired and you want to take a break without stopping.

    Lubricate the penis with a flavoured lubricant. Hold his penis firmly by the base of the penis with your thumb and pointer finger in a tight circle to force the blood to the head.

    Take your other hand and use your thumb and pointer finger to lightly slide up and down in a twisting motion. Then lightly run the tip of your tongue over the opening of his penis.

    Look at him lustfully as you lick the tasty lubricant off him. You will have him at your mercy!

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    Dreamgirl Black Diamond Opaque Halter Bustier Set

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    Surprise your partner with a sexy, slow, hands-on striptease show.

    Prepare well, get your music ready, making sure you've got a selection of songs that you love to move sexily to. Choose an outfit that is easy to take off (skin tight trousers are a big no-no).

    Skirts, dresses or anything with a zip or plentiful buttons should be easily slipped off. Hide some body lotion or baby oil in the area where you will perform for your partner.

    Whipped cream, ice cubes, chocolate sauce and champagne can all be options, too - but not all at once please :-)

    When your partner gets home or when you think the time is right, slip into your stripper outfit dim the lights, turn the music on and start moving provocatively in front of your loved one.

    Make sure it is a hands-on performance, let your partner help with stripping you down, but back off slightly when they get too greedy. You want to stay in control.

    When you are undressed uncover the body lotion (or your chosen liquid) put a bit on your bum and ask your partner to rub it in. Add lotion as often as you want - no part of your body should be left undiscovered!

    Licking whipped cream of my nipples has always been a great starter for more daring adventures during my stripteases.

    The new Number 1 Vibrator - Jessica Rabbit 2.0 It's only been on sale for a week, but already the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 has topped the Lovehoney sex toy best sellers. The weekly chart is like the good old-fashioned Hit Parade, except we count sales for sex toys for him, for her and for couples on Lovehoney, rather than sales of That That! CD singles or Arctic Monkeys downloads.

    The sex toy charts are automatically updated every week based on Lovehoney's sales figures, with no human intervention or Zimbabwean gerrymandering whatsoever. If you want to see what sex toys other people are buying and enjoying, it's the place to look.

    This week, the all-new Jessica Rabbit 2.0 is in with a bullet at number one, knocking the Waterproof Hummer Vibe off the top spot that it had held for 3 weeks.

    Who'll be at the top next week? Keep an eye on our Sex Toy Best Sellers to find out!

    Fredrica Alleyn's Cassandra's Conflict
    As if writing April's Erotic Book Club book of the month, Cassandra's Conflict, wasn't enough, Fredrica Alleyn wrote the very first Black Lace novel, guaranteeing her a prime place in the Erotic Hall of Fame. But she's still found time, very kindly, to answer a few questions for us about this landmark erotic novel.

    See the Erotic Station Sex Machine For Him!
    The amazing Erotic Station's pumping action turns your Onacup into the ultimate sex machine!

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    Feel the power of the Magic Wand Mini Vibrator.
    Don't be fooled by the size - the Lovehoney Magic Power Wand Mini Vibrator casts an orgasmic spell!

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    5 Reasons Why You Must Own A G-Spot Vibrator

    With this week's release of the frankly awesome new Jessica Rabbit 2.0 and last week's unveiling of the fantastic Tracey Cox vibrators, Lovehoney's all-new, super sexy G-spot sex toys may just have escaped your attention.

    So with this in mind let's cut to the chase and tell you 5 reasons why you cannot be without a G-spot toy in your collection:

    1. G-Spot Toys have a phenomenal curved tip that allows you to manoeuvre them to all your most orgasmic points of pleasure. Whether you're using it internally or externally, your G-spot sex toy will provide orgasm after orgasm.

    2. G-Spot Toys are available in vibrating and non-vibrating versions, depending on what you prefer. The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator has numerous speeds and patterns of vibration whereas the super sleek Love Labs G-Prober Smooth Glass Dildo is vibration-free but totally stimulating!

    3. G-Spot Toys are often waterproof. This is a good sign for those who only get 'me time' in the bath or shower and for those who are part of the 'female ejaculation' club.

    4. G-Spot Toys help you to discover your body and make you more aware of your sexual needs. If you're single then you can enjoy penetration without the need for a partner and if you're part of a couple then you can use a G-spot toy to show your lover exactly where this elusive hot zone is!

    5. G-Spot Toys are available in versions to suit each and every budget. The We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator fits in the luxury bracket but the Lovehoney Aquagasm G-Spot Waterproof Vibrator is great for those who like to keep it cheap and cheerful.

    Find out more about our range of G-spot vibrators here.

    Wow! The new range of men's fantasy underwear from Dreamgirl will leave her gasping for breath.

    The fantastic 5-piece Blue Diamond Playing Doctors set is much, much more than a pair of small pants!

    As well as the tight powder blue boxer-style shorts, you get to slip on a matching surgeon's mask and cap.

    And once you've pulled on the rubber gloves you can take her pulse using the stethoscope. Let's guess… she's panting heavily and her heart's beating furiously!

    More daring still is the almost illegally saucy Blue Diamond Bondage Chain Thong, which comprises of a slinky black faux leather pouch with an detachable front neck harness that has four chains that stretch around the front and back.

    Add the matching faux leather wrist cuffs and chain, and you've got a combo that will make her perspire profusely… to put it mildly!

    You can see all the latest new men's underwear here.

    Berman Center Dilator Set

    I have recently had the good fortune to speak on the phone with Dr. Laura Berman, of the Berman Institute, to get her opinion on all things sex toy related. She was just as warm and intelligent as you would assume from a woman who is head of one of the most couple-friendly, woman-centred sex toy companies. Look for the interview to show up next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would focus this week on four hidden gems from the Berman Institute line - no reviews have popped up for these toys yet, so they are just begging to become our next favourite toy.

    This week: Berman Center Dilator Set

    I thought the Dilator Set would be a nice following piece to yesterday's blog on the Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser. Because while we talk more and more about the importance of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with kegel exercises (I'm doing them right now! I kid, I kid. No, really, I'm doing them right now), but we tend to talk less about women who struggle to stretch more comfortably. Whether you are just naturally small, or if you tense up during intercourse for fear of pain (especially if you've experienced pain in the past), the Dilator Set can help you gently work up to having greater sensation and comfort - and for your peace of mind, you can do it in the privacy of your own bed, rather than trying it… out in the field, so to speak.

    The set comes with the small shaft with multispeed vibrations, three graduated sleeves going up to 4.5 inch circumference, and a nubbly little silicone sleeve that helps to enhance your internal sensations. That… is another phrase that I didn't really know how to reword in a way that sounded less clinical icky. Though, really, clinical icky is probably better than the more simplistic "helps you enjoy sex more".

    Huh. Actually, that is the far superior way to sum it up. So here you go: The Berman Center Dilator Set helps you enjoy sex more. Now doesn't that sound good?

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